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Alternative to Google Tasks? Choose from This Top 5 List

If you want to organize your daily tasks or projects, you should choose one best alternative to Google Tasks. To make your choice worthwhile, we have listed the top 5 available alternatives to google tasks. Let's have a detailed overview of each one.

Google tasks was launched to be one of the best to-do-list apps. Still, it is the best but only to a limited extent. In today’s world, enterprises, e-commerce, and large businesses have to deal with complex daily routine projects. They started demanding more features that Google Tasks cannot support. That is why they need one alternative to Google Tasks. There are many alternatives that provide free as well as paid plans to manage your tasks efficiently.  

In this article, we will show you the 5 best ones. But before that, let´s have a look at what exactly Google Tasks is.

alternative to google tasks

What is the Google Tasks App?

Google Tasks is used to make to-do lists by integrating the app with your Gmail account. After adding a task, it can be integrated into your Google calendar. Introducing Google Tasks was a significant contribution by google as it enables its user to manage, record, and edit their tasks whenever they want. For overdue tasks, it provides a feature of visual highlight. This tool will surely help you to manage your daily tasks efficiently and effectively.

Google Tasks

Key features

  1. Google calendar integration
  2. Gmail integration
  3. To-do list
  4. Calander sync
  5. Task management
  6. Task scheduling
  7. Sync across devices
  8. Sort tasks by date

Why Do You Need a Google Tasks Alternative? Rational Reasoning!

  1. Google Tasks is not suitable for advanced project management: Large businesses, enterprises, and other users switched from Google Tasks to other alternatives as they could not manage large projects. It only has to-do lists to manage simple tasks. It cannot work to assign tasks to colleagues, comment, and collaborate with them.
  • Missing reminder and search features in Google tasks: This is also one of the main reasons to consider alternatives to google tasks. Multiple features are essential to managing your daily routine tasks, like the reminder feature, the feature that will allow you to do the same tasks multiple times, and the feature to search your specific tasks out of multiple tasks or projects. These features do not come up with google tasks.
  • File attachment is not possible with google tasks: What if you want to share some documents while working in a team if you are using google tasks? Sorry, in this case, you cannot do that with google tasks. Here, the need arises for alternatives to google tasks.
  • Integration services with third-party tools do not come up with google tasks. As a task management tool or project management tool, it will be great if it can help you connect to other apps and work in one place.  

5 Best Alternatives to Google Tasks

As the demand for more powerful features than Google Tasks offers arose, it is a great opportunity for software development companies to design an application in the competition of Google Tasks.

As a result, more than 100 competitive applications and software were designed for multiple devices. Here we have listed the top 5 Google Tasks alternatives to assist you in choosing the suitable one for you. So, let’s get straight into it!

1. Monday.com – The Best Alternative to Google Tasks

A project management application and the best alternative to Google Tasks, Monday.com, makes it easier for teams to coordinate their efforts, manage complicated projects, and streamline processes.

Every aspect of Monday.com, from its pricing to customer service, has been created according to the customers’ needs. Technical features of the program are simply designed for a better understanding of the user. The detail of the project can be presented in visual form for clearer and more effective control of the project.

This platform provides you large space to collaborate and communicate with others. This feature enables you to get your project done more efficiently.  

google tasks alternative - Monday.com

Main Features

  1. Monitoring the individual and team workloads
  2. Managing the projects
  3. Tracking the tasks
  4. Intuitive user interface
  5. Integration and automation
  6. Easy communication
  7. Easy collaboration
  8. Reporting and analytical features
  9. Resource management


  • Integrated time tracking
  • Utilize Gantt charts to visualize project progress
  • Deadline control
  • Instant communication
  • Immediate access to new tasks and adjustments to old ones on to the dashboard
  • Training sessions in person and through videos


  • Difficult to  track project goals
  • Costly pricing

2. ClickUp

This software provides a collaboration space for all sizes of businesses and sectors. This cloud-based project management and collaboration software, ClickUp, will help manage your projects on any device. ClickUp combines chats, documents, tasks, and goal-setting. No matter how complex is your task, it can handle them with ease.

Additionally, it provides many perspectives, like a list view or board view, along with integrated spreadsheets and documents. ClickUp multiple integrations features enable you to boost team efficiency.

google tasks alternative - ClickUp

Main Features

  1. Workload and box view
  2. Multiple templates
  3. Large integration power
  4. Real-time editing
  5. Customization capabilities
  6. Team collaboration and communication


  • User-friendly interface that is simple to use in both online and offline modes
  • Fantastic customer service
  • Robust free version with countless users
  • With ClickUp’s Zoom Integration, teams can access video conferencing and screen sharing.
  • Task dependencies aid teams in completing tasks in the proper order.
  • Gantt chart feature that is simple to use to see the project progress
  • Numerous methods for viewing and managing jobs and projects


  • No support for white-labeling
  • Dashboards cannot be exported
  • Taking and processing new responsibilities with resistance

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3. nTask

If you are running a small business or an individual looking for an effective and cost-efficient application, then nTask is designed for you. You can easily assign tasks, create checklists, establish repeating tasks, generate progress reports, share files, attach files to tasks, and create checklists. Its Gantt charts feature allows the users to keep track of project schedules.

Using nTask, you can easily allocate resources, specify risks and issues, plan and track budgets for various projects, and track team members’ time spent on various tasks.

best alternative to google tasks - NTask

Main Features

  1. Manage any potential risks that might affect your project or tasks, develop plans to mitigate those risks, and then plot those plans on a risk matrix.
  2. Create tasks that will be repeated every month, week, or day.
  3. Chat with team members and share files, links, and photos to communicate and cooperate on tasks.
  4. Log time spent on particular tasks so that time sheets and billable and non-billable hours can be produced.
  5. Kanban board


  • Use Kanban board perspectives to maximize work and planning.
  • Creates a unique workflow for each status
  • Plan activities with intuition
  • Overall transparency is increased, all complicated information is made simpler, and team productivity is increased.
  • It makes project planning and management simple.
  • Chat features promote team collaboration and communication.
  • Tracking tasks effectively


  • Large files require e longer time to attach.
  • Not the best for a group of more than 50 teammates.
  • The app lacks advanced reporting tools.
  • The support staff occasionally takes longer than usual to react to tickets.

4. Any.do

Here is another one of the best alternatives to google tasks. Any.do is a web-based task management and to-do list app that syncs data with other programs for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, web browsers, and Mac OS X.

This cloud-based task management solution allows its users to view their notes from any location at any time by providing the facility to sync their information across all of their devices.

best free alternative to google tasks - Any.do

Main Features

  1. Prioritization
  2. Access regulations and permits
  3. Reminders for event management and calendar sync
  4. Genuine-time alerts
  5. Scheduling tasks
  6. Recurring Tasks


  • A sync feature that helps to work from everywhere
  • Tracking important daily tasks
  • Integration with multiple devices
  • Easily sync tasks with google calendar
  • Reminder feature
  • Super easy to manage tasks
  • Organize your tasks by grouping and tagging them


  • Less customization on colors, fonts, and layout
  • Difficult to follow up on complex tasks
  • There is no way to change the transparency of the widgets for Any. do.
  • The desktop version lacks some of the smoothness like as there is of the mobile version

Even so, Any. do’s mobile app alone is a strong incentive to try it, especially if you conduct most of your task management on a mobile device. So, shortly it is one of the best alternatives to google tasks.  

5. Todoist – The Best Free Alternative to Google Tasks

Todoist is one of the finest solutions to manage your work-life balance efficiently. It is a helpful, quick, and simple task management software. Todoist is used by millions of individuals to accomplish tasks.

Do you know one of the most attractive features of Todoist? Let us tell you, you can manage your tasks anywhere using Todoist, at home, in a classroom, or at a job, offline and online across different platforms and gadgets.

alternative to google tasks - Todoist

Main Features

  1. Prioritize and arrange your work.
  2. Collaborate with others on your tasks
  3. Use labels, themes, or color coding to categorize tasks.
  4. Using task comments and file-sharing features, you may interact and work with team members.
  5. Facets of project planning


  • It has a free version.
  • It can interface with the apps IFTTT, Zapier, and Google Calendar
  • The viewing arrangement is rather simple, includes a sidebar, and is easy to read.
  • Emails and data are exportable and importable


  • Non-ability to show task count by custom filters
  • Subtasks are difficult to add to parent tasks

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Which One is Better? Choose Wisely!

PricingFree: $0 forever
Basic: $8/month, per seat
Standard: $10/month, per seat
Pro: $16/month, per seat
Enterprise: Customized plan 
Basic: Free of cost
Unlimited: $5/month, per user
Business: $12/month, per user
Business Plus: $19/month, per user
Enterprise: Customized plan 
Basic plan: Free of cost
Premium plan: $3/month, per user
Business Plan: $8/month, per user
Enterprise Plan: Customized plan 
6 months: $4.49/month
12 months: $2.99/month
1 month: $5.99/month
Basic plan: Free of cost
Premium plan: 4/month, per user
Business Plan: $6/month, per user 
Key Features–Managing the workloads
–Tracking the projects
–Intuitive user interface 
–Workload and Box view
–Multiple templates 
–Chat with team members and share files
–Kanban Board
–Powerful project management 
–Genuine Time Alerts
–Scheduling tasks
–Recurring Tasks 
–Prioritize your work.
–Use labels, themes, or color coding to categorize tasks. 
Customers    -Freelancers
-Large Enterprises
-Medium Business
-Small Business         
-Large Enterprises
-Medium Business
-Small Business       
-Large Enterprises
-Medium Business
-Small Business            
-Large Enterprises
-Medium Business
-Small Business       
-Medium Business
-Small Business     
Rating        4.7      4.7         4.4    4.1 4.4

Final Words

So far, you must have analyzed each alternative thoroughly. The Google Tasks is suitable for you if you just want to work within your Google Apps. But of course, this would not be preferred by large businesses, enterprises, and individuals who demand large-scale integration and team collaboration. For them, just choose one alternative to Google Tasks wisely from the best five ones we listed!

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