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The Ultimate Project Manager Gifts List for All Cases

Looking for some unique gift ideas for project managers? Check our project managers gifts collection. Here is the list of best project manager gifts to opt for.
project manager gifts

To buy one project manager gift is easy. But it is not easy to buy one gift that project managers like. If you are looking for some unique and thoughtful project manager gifts? You are in the correct place. We understand your case.

So, here are some other project manager gift ideas that you can go for.

Now, let’s blow-by-blow and dwell on the details of these ideas.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Gifts for Project Managers

One needs to consider different factors when choosing a gift for a project manager. A few important ones to consider while thinking of some unique project manager gift ideas are:

  • The occasion you are buying a gift for
  • The nature of your project manager
  • What he or she likes or is in need of
  • Your price range

22 Best Project Management Gifts for Your Cases

Finding gifts is a very tiring and cumbersome task. However, to help you in figuring out the best gift for your project manager according to different occasions, here are a few categories that we will discuss:

  • General gifts for Project Managers
  • Christmas Gifts for Project Managers
  • Farewell Gifts for Project Managers

12 Best Gifts for Project Managers

Choosing Gifts for someone is one of the most challenging tasks. You need to consider various factors like his needs and your budget. So, after considering all the factors and nitty gritty, we have come here with a list of best gifts for project managers that suit their work nature and are affordable too.

1. Planner or NoteBook

When looking for the best gift for the project manager, a Notebook or a detailed planner is something that can never go wrong. It will help the project managers to boost their productivity and creativity. Moreover, they contain an organized division of pages, spreadsheets, and to-do lists, everything a project manager looks for.

And the most interesting part is that where a planner matches the personality of project managers the most, it costs only a few dollars, starting with $5.

One of gifts for project managers - Planner

2. Clock

Another gift that all project managers would love is a clock, particularly a sleek, modern table clock with no tickling. It is one of the most valuable gadgets for people living in digital environments as they are always concerned with time management.

A table clock starts at a price of $30.

One of project management gifts - Clock

3. Office Organizer

What can be a better gift than a low-maintenance office organizer where the project manager can place all the things in an organized manner? And we all know how much they love to keep things well placed and organized. To add a sense of nature and freshness, you can buy an organizer with space for flowers or candles in addition to tablets, pens, and other office-related stuff. A good office organizer will cost nearly $15 pr slightly more.

One of best gifts for project managers - Office organizer

4. Project Management Books

Project management Books are the best buddies of project managers as they give new ideas, expert advice, and tactics to excel in the field of management and scale growth. So, it is wise of you to give some good project management books as a gift. Some of the books you can go for are:

  • Building a second brain
  • A guide to the project management body of knowledge
  • Agile practice guide
  • The Making Of A Manager by Julie Zhuo

The price range varies according to the category. However, mostly it falls between $10 to $50.

5. Coffee Mug

You can also gift your project manager a cute, customized coffee mug that he can use in the office, at home, or during traveling. A cup of coffee is everyone’s best friend while working.

Mugs with cute photos or motivating quotes are present out there in the market. To add a touch of affection and uniqueness, you can go for customization too. A coffee Mug will cost you nearly $25.

project manager gift ideas - Coffee Mug

6. Calendar

There is no second thought project managers are highly organized and meticulous. So, a calendar is simply an old-school gift for project managers. It would help them mark important dates. A desk or table calendar is a comparatively more useful option. You can go for custom calendars with a short to-do list section as a thoughtful gift, and it won’t break your bank even. As far as the price is concerned, it costs nearly $20 to $30.


7. Passport Holder

If your manager is often on flights for meetings and office-related work, a passport holder is definitely a much-needed gift. It will help them keep all the passports, tickets, and cards organized, thus reducing the fuss of daily traveling and onboarding. It will cost only a few bucks. (less than $10)

Passport Holder

8. Portable Charger

In the era of remote working and active traveling, the last thing a project manager would want to happen is a dead mobile or laptop. So, you can gift them a portable Charger with a power bank that can help them power their electronics anywhere and at any time.

Although it is a bit expensive gift, costing more than $120, it is worth sending a gift.

Portable Charger

9. Backpack

If your manager loves to keep all the stuff with him everywhere, a compact, well-built backpack will definitely work for him the best. In this backpack, he could easily carry all the related work-related luggage, from a pen to a laptop. When eyeing the price range, a good quality backpack starts at $15.


10. A Foot Rest

Working hours after hours in a sitting position often leaves your back tired and swollen feet. So, why not give your project manager a footrest that will help to reduce back strain and improve blood circulation by shifting body weight? The starting price of a good footrest is $199.

A Foot Rest

11. Headphones

Another useful gadget you can give to project managers is noise-canceling headphones with an extended battery life of 6 to 8 hours. It would be a great way to comfort and ease them in attending the long business meetings without any disturbance. A wireless headphone will act as a cherry on top. The price range of good wireless headphones starts from $70.


12. Mouse and Keyboard

90% of the time, a project manager is toggling on the keyboard and mouse. So, why not gift a new, better-quality design mouse and keyboard to the project manager? An ergonomic keyboard is definitely a good option as it helps to reduce shoulder and arm pain. Wireless mice and Keyboards can also be taken as an option. They normally cost somewhere around $80.

Mouse and Keyboard

4 Funny Gifts for Project Managers

The life of a project manager is often very tiring, hardly leaving them with any time to enjoy and relax. So, why not give them some funny, stress-relieving gifts? Here are some funny gifts for a project manager.

1. Desktop Punching Ball

The job of a project manager is undoubtedly one of the most tiring ones. You have to spend the whole day guiding others, taking orders, assigning and completing tasks, and dealing with lots of other mess. As a result, they often get frustrated. In such situations, having a stress relieving tool is nothing less than a lifesaver. So, gift your project manager a desktop punching bag that he can hit when extremely tense or play with when not in the mood to do work.

It mostly costs $20 to $30.

Desktop Punching Ball

2. Monkey Noodles

Another stress-relieving and quite a funny gift are Monkey Noodles. They are long strips made of highly elastic material that you can stretch, squeeze, turn, or do anything. And the best part is that no matter how much you deform them, they return back to their original shape. It usually comes in a pack of 5 noodles and costs $5 to $10.

Monkey Noodles

3. Squishy Eye-Popping Frog

Looking for a fun toy to gift your project manager that can help to lift his mood and reduce his stress? Why why not buy him a squishy Eye-Popping Frog? It is funny stress relieving Frog whose eyes pop up every time you press or squeeze him.

It usually costs around $15.

Squishy Eye-Popping Frog

4. Relaxation Mini Waterfall Feature

The soothing environment of nature always leaves a relaxing and sound impact on one’s health and mind. So, giving a Relaxation Mini Waterfall Feature as a gift to a project manager is a very unique, different, yet distinctive idea. It will add a feeling of joy to the stressed office environment.

A good Relaxation Mini Waterfall Feature starts at $40.

Relaxation Mini Waterfall Feature

3 Christmas Gifts for Project Managers

Christmas is a very important festival that Christians celebrate in the best way.

So, here are some best project manager Christmas gifts that you can give to your project managers on this special occasion.

1. Holiday Explosion Box

Christmas is a great festival known to bring joy and happiness with it. Why not send an explosion box to your project manager this Christmas, enclosed with some really good and successful memories and photographs of him? You can also put a small gift inside it, like a custom pen. It costs somewhere around $20 and can go high as you customize it.

Holiday Explosion Box

2. Christmas Holiday Throw Pillow

Another option to go for is to buy a cute Christmas holiday with a Santa on it for your project manager and wish him a blessed Christmas. A Christmas Holiday Throw Pillow can cost around $20 to $50.

Christmas Holiday Throw Pillow

3. Christmas Snowman Ornament

Last but not least, you can also send a Christmas Snowman Ornament to the project manager at this happy event and wish him a good day. These ornaments are signified to celebrate the happiness of Jesus’ birth. Moreover, there is a large diversity to choose from.

Moving to the price section, one Ornament costs nearly $8 to $10.

3 Farewell Gift for Project Manager

Is your super talented project manager retiring soon? Or He or She may find a better chance to work? Here are some perfect farewell gifts for the project manager.

1. Plaque or An Album with Photos Of Coworkers

Farewell is one of the most challenging moments of life, let it be a retiring farewell or leaving farewell. So, what can be a better gift on this occasion than an album stuffed with memories and carrier success photographs which he can open and relive the lovely moments anytime he wants to? And it won’t cost you an arm or leg even.

Plaque or An Album with Photos Of Coworkers

2. Crystal Farewell Gift With Farewell Message

Farewell has never been easy. It’s full of mixed emotions. So, since it is the last time to show your love and respect to your project manager, Crystal Farewell Gift works out quite well. You can imprint a lovely, heart-touching farewell message and his picture on it.

A crystal farewell will cost around $250 or more.

3. Personalized Bobblehead

If you want to make your project manager’s farewell a bit more special, how about gifting him a personalized bobblehead on this occasion? It looks cute yet special. Moreover, he can put it on his room table or dining room, and whenever he comes across it, he will get flashbacks of his career.


Project Managers play a significant role in scaling the business to a high level. Therefore, it is our duty to make them feel appreciated for the efforts they put in. So, stop thinking, choose a gift for your project manager wisely from this ultimate project manager gifts list, and make him feel special.

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