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Sick of Microsoft Teams? See These Top 6 Teams Alternative Tools

Really do not like Microsoft Teams and want to replace it? You should check this blog post. It will list the 6 best Teams alternative tools with all details.

Microsoft Teams are used by many companies for remote collaboration. However, you may not be satisfied with it sometimes as it is not a powerful tool and has its own disadvantages. At this time, you may want to find one Teams alternative.

However, you may meet another problem in that there are too many alternatives and cannot make a decision. It is impossible for you to test them one by one. No worries, we can help you out with this guide. We tested all popular tools for you and pick the top 6 ones here. You can pick the desired one directly after going through their features and pricing. 

Teams alternative
Teams alternative

What is Microsoft Teams?

Before checking alternatives to Microsoft Teams, you should have a clear understanding of what Microsoft Teams is and what features it has. Otherwise, you cannot find a suitable alternative. 

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool that can help your teams communicate fluently. It has the below key features:

  1. Organize your teams with different channels. You can chat with your team directly. 
  2. Start a video meeting. You can share your content from your computer or record the video. 
  3. Edit the shared file with your teams at the same time. 
  4. Create a group chat with any members you want and start an instant chat with a video or phone call. 
  5. Schedule a meeting for your teams or check the meeting you need to participate in. 
What is Microsoft Teams
What is Microsoft Teams

Why Do You Need One Microsoft Teams Alternative?

You may find that Microsoft Teams is a tool that can work well for collaboration. And “Why do I need one Microsoft Teams alternative” will come to your mind if you do not meet a problem during using it. Here are the major reasons why a lot of users switch to other tools. 

  1. Work Slowly. 

Microsoft Teams will occupy a lot of CPU and storage. And when your company is big with many employees, you may have many conversations and files uploaded. It is very laggy and frustrating to work with if you have some urgent works that need to be done with your team members. 

  1. Ugly and Confused Interface

It is a strange way to chat with others in Microsoft Teams. It likes you are using a comment feature instead of the chatting app. When you search for something, it does not work as normal way. You will feel very confused when using it. 

  1. Limited Features

A lot of features that are important for the team are missing. For instance, you are not allowed to transfer ownership of a channel to another one directly once the original ownership leaves this company. You have to create one new channel which will waste a lot of time. 

  1. Continuous connection issues. 

When you use Microsoft Teams, you will meet the connection issues frequently. It will be very annoying. 

How to Choose One MS Teams Alternative?

When you choose one MS Teams alternative, you should focus on the below two elements. 

  1. Features

As you are seeking some apps that can replace Microsoft Teams, the alternative should contain features that can meet your requirements. Moreover, it is more powerful in many aspects and does not have the problems of Microsoft Teams.

  1. Pricing

If the Microsoft Teams alternative is free, that is perfect. It is also OK for the paid version. But it should be affordable and cost-effective.  

We collect the top 6 alternatives to Microsoft Teams here based on these two standards. Let’s have a look. 

6 Best Alternatives to Microsoft Teams

Google Meet – Best Free Video Meeting Alternative to Microsoft Teams

Google Meet is a free video meeting tool. It is a great video conference alternative for Microsoft Teams. And can work much better than Microsoft Teams. 

Microsoft Teams alternative - Google Meet
Microsoft Teams alternative – Google Meet

Key Features:

  1. No need to sign up or log in to start a video meeting. 
  2. Can work with Gmail and google calendar directly. You can find the Google Meet entrance in Gmail and Google Calendar. 
  3. Change the video meeting background with blur and prepared backgrounds.
  4. Caption tools can help you generate the caption title directly for those who cannot hear in your group.
  5. A built-in whiteboard is very helpful for brainstorming. 
  6. Share your screen with your team members. 

Pricing: Free

Webex Meeting – The Most Secure Video Meeting Alternative to Microsoft Teams

Webex meeting is another tool that can help you call, meet, and message your colleagues. It can work on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Mobile Phones. 

MS Teams alternative - Webex Meeting
MS Teams alternative – Webex Meeting

Key Features:

  1. Start, join and schedule a video meeting. 
  2. Secure your meeting with a password and lock your meetings. 
  3. Change the background of your video meeting with blur, built-in pictures, or via uploading a new image. 
  4. Present your screen to your members. 
  5. Record the video conference for later watching. 
  6. A whiteboard for your meeting
  7. Annotate and chat during a video conference


Free Plan with up to 50 mins meeting and up to 100 meeting capacity.

Meet Plan: $13.5 per user per month

Call Plan: $17 per user per month

Meet + Call: $25 per user per month

Zoom – The Most Powerful Microsoft Teams Alternative for Video Meeting

Zoom is powerful for video meetings and can work on Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Android, and iOS. It has a free version and paid version for you to choose from based on your needs. 

Alternative to Microsoft Teams - Zoom
Alternative to Microsoft Teams – Zoom

Key Features:

  1. You can join, create, and schedule a meeting.
  2. Chat with your team members during video meetings.
  3. Upload or share files. 
  4. Record the video conference. 
  5. Reactions can make the video meeting more interesting.


Free Version with Up to 100 attendances and 40 mins limit.

The Pro version is USD149.9 per year per user.

The business version is USD 199.9 per year per user.

Business plus is USD 250 per year per user. 

GoToMeeting – The Best Paid Video Conference Alternative for Teams

GoToMeeting is also a software that can work well for video meetings. It takes your security seriously and provides business-grade security services. 

Alternative to Teams - GoToMeeting
Alternative to Teams – GoToMeeting

Key Features:

  1. Meeting lock.
  2. Note-taking.
  3. Call transcription.
  4. Screen sharing.
  5. Convert slide to PDF.
  6. Smart assistant.
  7. Draw tools and whiteboard.
  8. Integrations such as slack, office 365, Google calendar, and Salesforce.


The professional version: $12 per organizer per month. 

The business version: $16 per organizer per month.

Rocket.Chat – The Best Open Source Teams Alternative

Rocket.chat is a great open software alternative for Microsoft Teams. You can use it for messages and calls. It supports being self-hosted which allows you to take control of your chat security. 

Teams alternative open-source - Rocket.chat
Teams alternative open-source – Rocket.chat

Key Features:

  1. Chat via channels, private groups, and direct messages. 
  2. Start a video call.
  3. File sharing.
  4. It is integrated with popular tools. 


Self-managed plan:

The community version is free. 

Pro version: USD3 per user per month. 

Saas plan:

Bronze plan: $2 per user per month.

Silver plan: $4 per user per month.

Slack – The Most Similar App to Microsoft Teams

Slack is a messaging app that can help you communicate with team members quickly. It also organizes your projects or groups with channels, topics, or direct messages. Its functions are similar to emails. 

Microsoft Teams free alternative - Slack
Microsoft Teams free alternative – Slack

Key Features:

  1. The public and private channels help you organize your channels and groups as you want. 
  2. Notifications settings allow you to receive notifications from channels per your requirements. 
  3. Add reactions and comments to the specific message. 
  4. Start a call and share your screen
  5. Integrations with Google Drive, Google Calendar, Poll, and more. 


Free with 10K searchable message history, 10 integrations, and 5GB file storage. 

Pro version: $6.67 per user per month

BUsiness + versions: $12.5 per user per month. 

Final Words

Whatever the reasons that lead you to switch to one Teams alternative, you can pick the desired one according to this guideline. Just understand what is your requirement for the alternative and check these 6 tools. Then, pick up one that is suitable for your business use. 

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