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10 Best Workflowy Alternative Tools (Pros and Cons)

This article will introduce you to the 10 killer Workflowy alternative tools that you should know all about. These tools will help you stay organized and get your tasks done within strict timelines.

There are multiple alternatives to the popular task management software, Workflowy. We will introduce you to the ten best ones that will enable you to keep all your tasks in check and on track. Furthermore, you can work in teams and collaborate on projects by picking one Workflowy Alternative from the list. Without further ado, let´s have a look at this list:

workflowy alternative

10 Best Workflowy Alternatives

Notion – Best Workflowy Free Alternative

Notion is one of the best Workflowy alternatives. It is one of the most complete and comprehensive platforms out there that combine all your needs and provide a one-platform solution to all. The Notion is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Web. The tool supports English, French, Japanese, and Korean languages.

Workflowy alternative - Notion


Available in free and paid versions. The available payment options as per the Notion website are as follows:

Workflowy alternative - Notion price

Customer Rating

According to GetApp, the Customer Rating for Notion is 4.8/5 for 701 reviews.

Notion GetApp Review

Key Features:

1. It is a collaborative tool where the team can work on a project simultaneously. 

2. Block theme for maintaining the database

3. Option of using public pages to share information with others

4. Customize your database according to your needs


1. Flexible for content storage

2. Merges all your tasks into one page

3. Great UI for easy navigation


1. The version control option is not very effective

2. Tables are not like in Markdown; simple tables are missing

3. Lacks privacy; The terms of service claim that all the data on the platform is ownership of the company.

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Todoist – Best Alternative to Workflowy

Todoist provides a great option for you to organize things. It can help you sort out your jumbled-up schedule. Furthermore, it can also help you in getting more things done in a small time. Todoist is available on Android / iOS / OSX / Windows / Web / Thunderbird / Kindle / Chrome / Firefox / Outlook / Gmail.

alternative to workflowy - Todoist


Available in free and paid versions. The details of the price packages can be viewed here.

Todoist price

Customer Rating

According to the customer rating available at GetApp, Todoist has been rated 4.6/5 based on reviews from 1.6k customers.

Todoist customer rating

Key Features:

1. Helps you remember recurring tasks.

2. You can set priority levels for tasks assigned to team members.

3. Option to view the tasks in multiple formats like the board, lists, timelines, etc.

4. Collaborative: you can delegate tasks to your team and keep a track of the progress they have made.


1. Multiple level lists are possible. You can create lists that have sub-tasks and sub-sub-tasks

2. To emphasize certain tasks, you can apply formatting like bold/italics/underline

3. Powerful search tool. You can search and filter your tasks in a very flexible and powerful way


1. Limited theme customization options available

2. The free version does not offer many options

3. Not compatible with Mac Mail. Makes it very frustrating for Mac Mail users

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Taskade – Easy Alternative to Workflowy

Taskade is a wonderful app to map your mind and capture your ideas while you still remember them. You can later connect the dots and make the best possible mind map from your notes. Taskade is available on Web, iOS, Android, Desktop, Mac, Chrome, Firefox, and Real-time.



Available in the free version as well as paid version. Details of the paid versions are available here.

Taskade price

Customer Rating

According to the customer rating available at g2 Taskade has a rating of 4.7/5 from feedback provided by 17 customers.

Taskade customer rating

Key Features:

1. Browser extensions are available to keep the tool activated on your browser

2. Provide connected lists of tasks/activities

3. Collaborative work environment where tasks and lists can be shared with others

4. Workspace customization is possible to make the workspace feel like home


1. Reminders, push notifications, and alerts, can be customized to notify the entire team.

2. Clean and simplistic interface for easier use and clarity of thoughts.

3. When working with groups, you can chat and message around with your peers.


1. Repeated task notification is difficult to set.

2. Some features are only available in the paid version. This makes it difficult to perform a few tasks.

3. Advance report creation is not possible without the paid version.

Google Keep – The Simplest Workflowy Alternative

Google Keep is a very versatile and flexible tool available in the market. Those who find it easy to work with the Google Suite will find Google Keep to be the best Workflowy free alternative out there. Google Keep is available on the browser.

Workflowy alternative - Google Keep


The tool is available for free.

Customer Rating

The Google Keep tool has a rating of 4.2/5 from feedback provided by 1.4 million users on Google Play Store.

Google keep review

Key Features:

1. You can add labels to your tasks to keep them organized

2. Convert notes into Google Docs

3. Option of drawing doodles is available

4. Reminders are linked across platforms


1. Clean and simple outlook with no cluttering

2. Integration is possible with other packages of the G-Suite by Google

3. Powerful search option to search through the tasks


1. The storage space is the same as that of Google Drive so you need to keep an eye out that you don’t store very heavy stuff on the Google Keep

2. It may cause errors sometimes when operating with iOS.

3. Cannot change the format of the text.

Apple Notes – Best Workflowy Alternative for Apple Device 

Apple Notes is the best Workflowy alternative available for Apple device users. It is a good way for iOS/Mac OS users to get their tasks sorted out and notes in one place.

Apple Notes


The tool is available for free.

Customer Rating

Apple Notes has a rating of 3.5/5 on the Apple Play Store evaluated from feedback provided by 2.5 k users.

Key Features:

1. Use Siri to add notes through voice

2. Option of organizing notes in folders

3. Notes are shareable

4. You can add multimedia and links to the notes


1. Possible to edit text format to emphasize certain tasks

2. Can attach files to notes and also search/sort by types of attachments

3. Already installed on the device so no download is required


1. No bulk export option is available. Has to be done through a complicated path.

2. Text and handwritten notes do not mix

3. Does not back-up automatically

Microsoft OneNote – Best Workflowy Alternative for Microsoft Users

When it comes to Microsoft users then the best alternative to Workflowy is Microsoft OneNote.

It is compatible with Microsoft devices and offers a lot of interesting features to keep your tasks organized and managed.

alternative to workflowy - Onenote


It is available for free.

Customer Rating

The Microsoft – OneNote Tool has a rating of 4.5/5 on GetApp based on the feedback from 1k customers.

OneNote customer review

Key Features:

1. Option available to add media, voice notes, and links to the notes

2. Tagging option available to keep the notes organized

3. Support for styluses

4. Linking capability to compatible platforms


1. Powerful search tool to find tasks/to-do lists.

2. Possible to take handwritten notes

3. Unicode math support is available


1. No option to hide rows in the tables

2. No integration possible with Outlook

3. Acts slow at times and can slow the system

Roam Research – The Best Alternative to Workflowy for Work

Roam Research is a simple yet powerful Workflowy alternative that gives you the power to make simple to-do lists and collaborate with others in real-time.  

alternative to Workflowy - roam research


Roam research is not available for free. The pricing options for Roam Research are as follows:

Roam research price

Customer Rating

According to producthunt, Roam Research has a customer rating of 4.3/5 from reviews provided by 1.1k customers.

Roam Research price

Key Features:

1. Block structure for storage of information

2. Full-text search feature

3. Offers bi-directional link for creating interconnected mind maps

4. Tagging database blocks is possible to create categories of blocks


1. Great for noting mind map and interlinked thoughts

2. Create structures lists with sub-level distinction

3. You can put time tags on the notes to make it real-time


1. Paid app and most features can only be used after payment

2. Takes time to learn

3. Certain bugs in the system make it annoying for the users

Another popular Workflowy alternative is Evernote. Evernote is a premium note-taking app that has multiple amazing features on offer.  Evernote is available on Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Alternative to Workflowy - Evernote


Evernote is available in free mode as well as paid versions.

Alternative to Workflowy - Evernote Price

Customer Rating

Evernote has a rating of 4.4/5 on GetApp from reviews provided by 7.4k customers.

Key Features:

1. Integrate your Google calendar with your upcoming tasks to keep a track of your tasks

2. Option of OCR search to scan printed document images and convert it to text format

3. Annotate images to communicate with contacts

4. Possibility to perform a geographic search to find notes created on a certain location


1. Powerful advanced search option makes it possible for you to search and sort your notes

2. Provides formatting features

3. The web-clipper feature allows you to capture the entire web page


1. Paid app and most of the features are available on the paid version

2. Not ideal for short tasks

3. It will take time to get used to

TickTick – The Great Alternative to Workflowy for Different Platforms

TickTick is an alternative to Workflowy and offers a lot of options that Workflowy offers. It is an ideal tool for people who do not want to spend a lot of time learning the platform features and want to jump right to the action.  Tick Tick is available on 10+ platforms.


The tool is available in the premium mode for a subscription fee of $ 27.99 per year at the Tick Tick website.

TickTick price

Customer Rating

As per GetApp, Tick Tick has a rating of 4.8/5 from the feedback provided by 78 users.

Key Features:

1. Add voice notes (convertible to text also)

2. Link your mailbox with the app to convert emails into to-do task lists

3. Location reminder available to get reminded in a certain location

4. Shareable task list for collaboration on tasks with your team


1. Remote task assignment and monitoring is possible

2. Intelligent to-do lists for providing smart alerts

3. Easy to use


1. The reminders do not prompt automatically

2. Customer service is not up to the mark

3. Estimation feature is not available

Any.do – The Best Workflowy for Personal and Work Tasks

Any.do is a task management tool that is a good alternative to Workflowy. The software is a web-based solution that provides you with the features required to keep your tasks organized.

alternative to Workflowy - Any.do


Any.do offer the following packages:

Any.do price

Customer Rating:

It gets 4.4/5 with 125 reviews in GetApp.

Key Features:

1. Link email to Any.do to create tasks directly from the email.

2. Integration possible with calendar to keep a time-view of your tasks

3. Label option is available to categorize your tasks

4. Focus mode available to increase productivity on outstanding tasks


1. Provides alerts and notifications for overdue/approaching tasks

2. Powerful search allows you to search across various notes

3. User Interface is easy to use


1. There are issues with creating the sub-tasks as the feature might not function

2. Cost is a bit on the higher side

3. Not all features of the platform are very ideal for business applications

Final Words

So, depending on your own needs, you can choose the best Workflowy alternative that suits your need. In case you need to just keep a to-do list with you for managing your personal tasks, then the basic and free versions of the software are good enough. However, for professional applications, the high-end alternatives to Workflowy are better for you.  

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