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How to Create an Anonymous Link for WhatsApp? (In Seconds)

Want to create an anonymous link for WhatsApp? Check out this tutorial to learn the simplest hack for generating a secret message link for WhatsApp.
anonymous link for whatsapp

WhatsApp end-to-end encryption has made it the most popular messaging tool to connect with friends and family across the globe. Other than chatting with your contacts or sharing files, you can also share anonymous links with them and get anonymous responses, like getting honest opinions, answering a poll, etc.

In this guide, we will explain in detail how to create an anonymous link for WhatsApp. So, let’s get started right away.

Part 1. Why Do You Need to Create Anonymous Message Link for WhatsApp?

Anonymous messages can be shared on different social media platforms, including WhatsApp. You can create an anonymous message link for WhatsApp for different purposes.

Here’s the list of reasons why you may need to send anonymous messages on WhatsApp:

  • To collect genuine reviews and honest feedback for your products and services.
  • To express opinions openly without fearing backlash or legal prosecution.  
  • To share confidential or sensitive information such as financial documents or medical reports.
  • To stay anonymous while communicating with others online.
  • To prevent unwanted messages and spam when sharing a link in a group with many participants.

In short, there are plenty of reasons that can urge the need to create a secret message link for WhatsApp. However, there are also some problems with creating anonymous links.

You have to rely on third-party tools to create anonymous links, so you have to remain cautious. Some third-party services might misuse the information and do not ensure full anonymity.

Besides that, you cannot create a “real” anonymous message link because of the way WhatsApp operates. You have to share the link through your WhatsApp account, so you cannot hide your identity completely. However, the responses you get will be anonymous, not mentioning the name or number of respondents.

Part 2. How to Create Anonymous Message Link for WhatsApp

WhatsApp doesn’t offer any feature for generating unknown message links yet. There is no option that you can simply tap and enable anonymous message links on WhatsApp. Also, you cannot hide your phone number in the app when sending messages.

You can make use of some third-party sites or tools that can create such links for WhatsApp without requiring any registration. SocialFun is one such platform that can be used to create anonymous message links on WhatsApp free of cost.

We have used it in this tutorial to generate a secret link for WhatsApp. It is easy to use and requires no subscription or payment.

Here are the steps you should follow to create an anonymous message link for WhatsApp:

  • Navigate to the browser on your device and search for the anonymous message generating tool of your choice like SocialFun.
socialfun website to create anonymous link for whatsapp
  • After the website loads, type your name (or whatever message you want) in the box given on the home page. Also, check the privacy policy and terms and conditions to proceed.
 type your name in socialfun
  • Hit the “Get Your Link!” button to access the anonymous link generated by this tool.
get our link in socialfun
  • Now click on the “Copy Link” button to copy the anonymous link.
copy link in socialfun
  • Next, launch WhatsApp on your device.
launch your whatsapp in mobile
  • Open the chat or group where you have to share the secret message link. In the text area, paste the link you copied earlier generated by the tool and press Send.
paste copied link in socialfun
  • To add the Secret message link WhatsApp status, navigate to the Status option, set the background, paste the anonymous message link, and share your status with the contacts of your choice.
add secret whatsapp link in status

After your contacts open the anonymous message link and interact with it, their response will be recorded by the website. You can check their response by visiting the site and logging in to your account (if required). Some websites also collect responses and share them via email with the person who created the link.

This way, you can create any kind of anonymous link for WhatsApp. Whatever method you choose, it is critical to use a reliable tool for message generation. Any substandard or low-quality tool may misuse the information or send fake links to your contacts.

Part 3. FAQS About Secret Message Link for WhatsApp

Q1. What is Secret Message Link?

A secret message link lets you share and receive feedback, confessions, compliments, questions, and recommendations without letting you or others reveal identities.

Q2. How Can I Trace an Anonymous Message on WhatsApp?

When you receive an anonymous message on WhatsApp from an unknown number, you can try a few ways to trace it:

  • Enter the number in True Caller to know the owner’s name/location.
  • Search the number on social media platforms like Facebook.
  • Call the number.

Q3. What Are The Best Tools to Make Secret Message Link for WhatsApp?

There are many tools to generate secret message link for WhatsApp. SocialFun, Gafla, Secret Message, and WhatsLink are some popular choices. However, make sure to select trustworthy and secure tools to guarantee data safety and privacy on the platform.

In The End

Anonymous links on WhatsApp are gaining hype among users for doing fun activities through the app. Although no such feature exists in the app itself, you can use reliable third-party websites or tools to generate and share these secret links.

In this guide, we have discussed in detail how to create an anonymous link for WhatsApp using SocialFun. However, you can use any other tool of your choice and easily create anonymous links. So, keep this guide as your reference and start creating secret message links for WhatsApp.

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