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Can You Share Multiple Screens on Teams?

Looking for tips to have more interactive meetings on Teams? Stick with this guide to learn how can you share multiple screens on Teams using different ways.
can you share multiple screens on teams

The pandemic brought major shifts in communication, replacing physical meetings with virtual setups. From the academic to the commercial industry, Microsoft Teams has taken over remote collaboration.

MS Teams has a “Screen Share” feature, which allows users to share their computer screen during meetings, promoting better interaction and collaboration. But can you share multiple screens on Teams? Let’s dive deep into this point and discuss the possibility on how to share multiple screens on Teams using various methods.

Part 1. Can You Share Multiple Screens on Teams?

Microsoft Teams lets multiple users join and share their screens in the meeting. However, only one member can share the screen at a time, restricting other users from using this option simultaneously.

Besides that, MS Teams allows the presenter to switch between different windows while sharing his/her screen. However, the presenter is only able to share multiple screens by switching between them manually.

So, Microsoft Teams officially has no feature to support sharing multiple screens simultaneously. It is one of the most requested features by the community and may be planned for a future update.

To display multiple screens at once in Teams meetings, some users have discovered tricks to make it happen. In the next section, we will cover useful tips and tricks to guide you on how to share multiple screens on Teams.

Part 2. How to Share Multiple Screens on Teams?

Microsoft Teams brings various features like audio, video conferencing, file sharing, and screen sharing to enhance productivity. With screen sharing, any member can share the screen with others in meetings. However, you cannot directly share multiple screens on Teams. So, if you still want to share multiple screens, try the below methods and learn how to share multiple screens in Teams meetings:

1. Via Split Screen Feature

Windows has a split screen feature that allows more windows (files or apps) to appear on the screen simultaneously. So, when you are sharing your screen in a meeting, you can use the split screen feature to share multiple screens.

Follow the below steps to learn how to share multiple screens on Teams with the split screen feature:

  1. Open the files or apps that you want to share on your screen.
  2. Press the Windows button and the Left arrow or Right arrow key to split the screen. Repeat it a few times until you get the required adjustment.
Share Multiple Screens on Teams Via split screen on windows
  • Go back to the Microsoft Teams meeting and click Share. In the presenter mode, you can choose Standout mode if you want to show your video on the screen as well or pick Content Only mode. Now, press Screen to share your screen.
share split screen on microsoft teams
  • Adjust the space an app takes on your screen using the slider. Other than splitting the screen into two, you also split the screen into four sections for four different files/apps.
share multiple screens on teams

This way, you can share multiple screens in Teams meetings with the smart use of Windows built-in split screen feature.

2. Use Another Device

You can try using a different device as a secondary setup with your main device to share multiple screens simultaneously on Teams. For this setup, you will need two devices and a docking station or HDMI cable.

Before proceeding to the steps, plug in your docking station and turn on both devices. The screens will be duplicated. Afterward, follow the below steps to share multiple screens on Teams with another device:

  1. Disable duplicate screens by pressing the Windows button and P key simultaneously. Enter the Extend mode for the two devices to have separate screens.
  2. Right-click on the screen of the secondary device attached to the docking station. Click on Display Settings from the drop-down list that appears.
display settings in windows
  • Click on the Identify button to identify the two devices. You will get the identification numbers displayed on the screens of the two devices. You can also set their configuration to match real-life orientation in the Display Settings.
identify the two devices in windows
  • Open the content you want to show on your screen and launch the Teams app. Now, click on Share and drag the window you want to display on the screen from one device to another.
click share on teams
  • Set the app on top of the window of the main device.
set the app on top of windows

This way, you can use your other device to share multiple screens on Teams.

3. Via Virtual Display

To share multiple screens on Teams, another way is to create virtual displays. However, you will have to switch manually between the displays as they can’t be shared simultaneously.

By using this technique, you can pre-arrange and organize the documents and apps you want to share so that you can quickly change the desktop window by pressing some keys.

Follow the below steps to learn how can you share multiple screens on Teams with virtual display:

  1. Hover on to the Taskbar and click on the Task View.
task view in windows
  • If the option is not visible, you can enable it by right-clicking on the Taskbar and selecting the Show Task View button.
share task view button on windows
  • To create a virtual desktop, click on New desktop. You can specify the number of desktops you want to create for virtual screens.
click on the new desktop in windows
  • Open the files and apps that you want to share. Return to Teams and start/join the meeting. Next, press Share, pick Content only in the presenter mode, and click on Screen.
  • Press Windows + Ctrl + Right or Left arrow key according to the direction you want to move your content in and switch between the desktops.
windows ctrl right or left to switch screen in windows

Using this technique, you can create a virtual multi-monitor setup for an unlimited number of windows.

4. Via OBS or Other Screen Recorder

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is an open-source tool for live streaming and offline video recording. However, you can also use it to share multiple screens. Follow the below steps to learn how to share multiple screens in Teams meetings via OBS:

  1. Start OBS and add a new scene.
  2. Click on the + button available under the Sources and select the Display Capture option.
  3. Now, pick your first screen and add it.
  4. Repeat the second step again and pick your second screen.
  5. In the Sources column, right-click on each screen. From Transform, choose Flip Horizontal.
choose Flip Horizontal in obs
  • Next, download and install the Virtual OBScam plugin on your device.
  • Now, restart OBS.
  • Go to Tools and then open Virtual Cam in OBS. Afterward, press Start.
open virtual cam in obs
  • Launch Microsoft Teams.
  • Start a new meeting and press the cogwheel icon against the camera switch.
  • From the camera drop-down, choose OBS camera.
obs camera
  • Now, initiate the meeting. You can switch between a screen by clicking the eye icon against the screen in OBS to hide it.
switch between a screen in obs

This way, you can use OBS and share multiple screens simultaneously.

Final Words

Microsoft Teams provides an ideal platform for effectively collaborating with clients, colleagues, and students. Its Share Screen feature is very handy for sharing your system screen and presenting your information virtually. However, Teams doesn’t allow sharing multiple screens at once.

Above, we have discussed multiple ways on how can you share multiple screens on Teams. So, we will wrap up by recommending you try the above methods and pick the most suitable one.

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