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How to Check Discord Server Age? Beginners’ Guide

If you want to join a new Discord server but don't know how to check its age, this article is for you. We'll show you the easiest way to reveal the creation date of any public server on Discord.
check discord server age

Do you want to join a new Discord server but don’t know how to check the server’s age? Or maybe you joined a Discord server much older than you expected? In either case, you’ll start looking for the answer to the question “How to check discord server age”. All the discord servers have the creation date, like their date of birth.

In this blog post, we’ll provide easy beginner’s guides on how to check the age of a Discord server.

How to Check the Age of a Discord Server?

Checking the Discord server age is quite simple. Below are two ways you can follow.

Way 1. How to Check Discord Sever Age Using Hug.moe

Enable Developer Mode

  • Login into your discord account and navigate to the user settings by clicking on the gear icon next at the bottom left of the discord window.
Discord settings
  • Locate the Advanced option on the left side of the bar, which will open further settings. Turn on Developer Mode.
Enable discord developer mode

Turn off the Streamer Mode

  • Now, click on the Enable Streamer Mode to disable it.
Enable steamer mode in discord

After performing both steps outlined above, you can now easily check the discord server’s age.

Check the Age of Discord Server

  • Select the servers from the left sidebar. Now head toward the browser’s address bar and check the numbers highlighted in the below picture. It is the server ID number. You need this number to check the discord server’s age.
Discord server id
  • Copy the server ID number and visit the Discord server age checker. Paste the server ID number of which you wish to check the age.
hugo.moe website
  • Click on the Check Date option, and the site will look for the desired information. It won’t take more than a few seconds to find it. The site will show you the result containing the date when the server was created and the other server’s information.

Way 2. How to Check Age of Discord Sever Via Discord.id

1.You also need to enable the developer mode by following the steps we mentioned in the way one.

2. You also need to get the Discord server id here. You can follow the method introduced above or just right-click on the Discord server icon and click on the “Copy ID” button to copy the server ID.

Copy discord server id

3. Visit discord.id, paste the server ID here, click “Lookup” and you will find the created date in the result.

check discord server id in discord.id

These are how you can check the discord server’s age. Even though you have the mobile phone with you and if you know the server ID number, you can easily track down the server’s date of birth. All you need is the server ID number and a browser to run the Discord server age checker tool to provide you with the relevant information.

Bonus Tips 1: How to See Who Created a Discord Server?

Besides checking the discord server’s age, you may also be interested in finding out who created it. Fortunately, there is an easy way to find this information too. Follow the steps below to find out who created a discord server.

Way 1

  • 1. Login into your discord account and select the server of which you want to know who created it. You can choose the server by clicking it from the left side panel.
  • Selecting the server will show up on the member page displaying the members of the server. Here you can also see the member with the Crown icon indicating the creator of the discord server.
discord server owner

Way 2

  • If you cannot find the member who has the Crown icon and you can check the server user management, you can also do it. You can click on the “v” after the server name to find the server settings, and click on it.
Discord server settings
  • Find “User Management”, click “Members” and you can find the server creator with crown here.
Discord server user management

Way 3

If you cannot find it via the above methods, you can contact the server admin and ask them for the creator’s information.

Bonus Tips 2: How do I Find Out When I Joined a Discord server?

You may also want to know when you joined the discord server. This information can easily be obtained by following a few simple steps. In order to find when you joined the discord server, your server must have a stat bot. If not, follow the steps below to do so.

  • Visit this site. Once it loads up, invite the stat bot to your server.
stat bot website
  • Next, select the server you want to invite the bot. Make sure you have entered the right server information, as it doesn’t ask for confirmation before sending the invitation.
  • Resolve the captcha on the site, which will lead to the final step of inviting the bot to the selected server.
  • Once done with performing the steps on the site, move to the discord app and open up the server you invite the bot. Confirm the bot is on the server.
confirm stat bot in discord
  • Once confirmed, enter the “s?user” command in the server’s messaging box and send it. The server sends the request to provide information regarding your account, including when you joined it.  
Information for when I joined a discord server


Discord servers have an age, just like people and websites. You can quickly check the discord server age by using two free great tools. The older the server, the more likely it is to be safe and trustworthy. Do you know any other tips for choosing which Discord servers to join? Let us know in the comments below!

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