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How to Clear Teams Cache? (Detailed Guide)

Nothing's more irritating when your Device slows down the more you use it. If your Teams App is running slow on your device, cleaning the cache will help. And if you don’t know how to clear Teams Cache, follow this guide.
clear teams cache

All the programs, including Applications like Microsoft Teams, build caches to store temporary data and other items that you have recently accessed. But if the cache stored on your device becomes outdated or corrupted, it will slow your software and take up more space on your system.That’s why it’s safe to clear cache files, and in this guide, we will show you how to clear Teams cache. Don’t worry about clearing Caches from Teams; you won’t lose chat history.  

What Does Clearing Teams Cache Do?

Clearing Cache from your App means deleting the information stored on your device automatically whenever you open your Teams App. When you feel like your device storage is becoming low or notice it is performing slower than usual, you have stored too much cache in your system. Clearing the Teams cache will free up your system space, and your App will work faster.

However, since the process is automatic, your device will begin to redownload the cache whenever you open the Teams Apps. That’s why it is important for you to regularly clear Teams caches to free up the space on your device.

Does Clearing Teams Cache Delete Chat History?

As we have told you before, clearing Teams cache won’t delete any chat history because Chat history is stored online in Office 365. But before clearing up the Cache of your Teams App, creating a backup of your important data wouldn’t be a bad idea.

How to Clear Microsoft Teams Cache Via Deleting Cache Folder?

Now we don’t waste any more time, and we will show you how to clear Microsoft Teams cache on your Windows, Mac, Android Phone, Linux, and iPhone.

1. Clear Teams Cache on Windows 10/11

If you are using Windows 10/11 and want to clear Teams Cache, then follow these steps to clear all the Teams Cache on your device.

  • Close your Teams Application before clearing up Cache, and then press Windows + R keys to open Run.
  • Type this command %appdata%\Microsoft\teams and then click on the Ok button.
Run appdata to clear teams cache
  • A new folder will open; you must delete the following folders, TMP, Local storage, Cache, Databases, GPUcache, IndexedDB, and blob_Storage.
Clear Teams Cache on Windows
  • Don’t delete any other folders because they are unrelated to Teams Cache, and deleting them wastes time.
  • Once you have deleted the following folder, all the stored Cache will be gone from your Windows. Make sure to delete Cache folders from your device regularly.

2. Clear Microsoft Teams Cache on Mac 

If you are not a Windows user and want to clear Microsoft Teams Cache on Mac, then you must follow these steps.

  • Launch your Mac, right-click the Microsoft Team icon, and select the Quit option to close the App completely.
  • Now open the Finder and click on GO, then select the Go to Folders option from the drop-down menu.
Go to Folders option on Mac
  • A new Search box will appear on your screen; type this command: ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams and submit.
  • Then select all the files and control-click, and select move to trash.
Move Teams cache to Trash on Mac
  • All the Teams Caches are deleted from your macOS.

3. Clear Teams Cache on Android

In MS Teams App for Android, you can easily clear Teams caches within the App. Follow the below instructions to clear Teams Cache from Android Smartphones.

  • Launch the Microsoft Teams App and then tap on your profile icon.
  • Select the Settings option and Go to Data and Storage.
  • Scroll down and select the Clear App Data option available under Storage Section.
  • The app info screen will open; now tap on Storage & Cache and Clear Cache.
  • Navigate Back and tap on the Clear Temporary Files option.
  • Finally, tap on Reset database to clear all Teams cache on Android phones.
Clear Teams Cache on Android

4. Clear Teams Cache on Linux 

Clearing the cache in Linux is the same as we do in Windows. However, remember that you have to add some commands to clear the cache. If you are using MS Teams in Linux, here are the steps which you can follow.

● First, close your MS Teams application and terminate the process. 

● Next, go to the Teams cache directory, and for that, open the terminal window and type the following command

cd ~/.config/Microsoft/Teams/Cache

● After entering into the cache directory, again type the following command.

               rm -rf *

The above command will delete all your folders and files available in the cache directory.


5. How to Clear Microsoft Teams Cache on iPhone

Like Android, iOS also lets you delete Teams Cache within the app. Follow the below steps to clear Teams Cache on your iPhone.

  • Launch the Teams App on your iPhone.
  • Then select your profile icon and choose Settings.
  • Select the Data and Storage option and tap the Clear App data option.
  • This will clear all the Teams cache on iPhone.
Clear MS Teams cache on iPhone

How to Clear Microsoft Teams Cache Via PowerShell?

If you don’t want to manually delete all the Cache folders, then there is another easier way to clear Teams Cache on Windows. You can easily delete all the Teams Cache via PowerShell.

Simply follow the below steps to clear Teams cache with the help of the PowerShell App.

  • Click on Start and search for PowerShell, and Choose Windows PowerShell to launch the App.
Launch Windows Powershell
  • Now Copy this Code https://gist.github.com/pknowledge/3e56ecab7eccc1e425893de0fb6def30
  • Paste the code in PowerShell and save it on your Desktop under any name.
  • Minimize the PowerShell Window, go to Desktop, right-click on a saved file, then choose the Run with PowerShell option from the drop-down menu.
Run saved file with Powershell
  • Wait for a While, and then the program gives you some terms, so Press Y and then enter to agree with it.
Press Y on PowerShell
  • Now it will start the process of cleaning the cache from your Windows.  

Final Words

Guys, in this post, we mentioned different methods to clear Teams cache on all devices, such as iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux. In Addition, we have also mentioned the methods to clear up Cache on your Windows via PowerShell if you don’t want to manually delete all the cache folders.

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