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5 Best Discord Alternatives with Screen Share

If you are looking for Discord alternatives with screen share for some reason, then in this guide, we have mentioned the best Discord alternative applications. Read this guide until the end to choose the best alternative.
discord alternatives

The two most important reasons why people use Discord are Fancy design and their love for gaming. But sometimes Discord fails to provide you with what you want; that’s why it’s a good idea to look for other options to replace this platform.

Here are the top 5 Discord Alternatives with screen-sharing features that you can try this year.

1. Slack – The Best Discord Alternative with Screen Sharing

discord alternative - Slack

Slack is a great instant messaging and video conferencing platform for individuals and teams to stay connected through chats and video calls. We can say that Slack is the best App for collaboration and is one of the best discord alternatives. One of the coolest features of this platform is screen sharing during a video call.

How to Share Screen With Slack?

Here are the steps to share the screen with Slack while on a video call.

  • Start a video call on Slack.
  • When you are on a video call, click on the share screen option available on the screen.
click screen sharing option on slack
  • Now an option will appear to choose a monitor to share. Then select the screen you want to share with the participant.
  • Once you have done sharing your screen, click on the share screen option again to stop sharing.
stop screen sharing on slack

Following these steps, you can easily share your computer screen with anyone while on a video call.

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2. Google Hangout – Best Free Discord Alternative With Screen Share

Google Hangout

Hangout allows its user to have DM or large group chats with Gmail users. The only difference between Discord and Hangout is that it needs a Gmail account, and Discord can be registered through any kind of Gmail. Hangout is less complicated than Discord, and this Platform is free to use.

Here are the top features of Hangout

  • Very easy to use
  • Allows text messages, audio or video calls
  • Less complicated as compared to its alternatives
  • Free to use

How to Share Screen With Google Hangout?

Screen sharing with Google Hangout is quite simple. Here are the steps.

  • Launch the Google Hangout on your browser
  • Start a video call and select the share screen option in the top right menu.
  • Then select the window you want to share with the participant.
  • To finish the process, click on share to start the screen sharing.
Share screen on Google Hangout

Once you have finished screen sharing, click on the screen sharing button to end the sharing.

3. GoTo Meeting 

GoTo Meeting

GoTo Meeting is a web-hosted service that allows its users to have online meetings and video conference calls. This company is owned by LogMeIn and was released in 2004. One of the top features of this software is screen sharing; you can easily share your screen during a live meeting or video call.

If you are looking for the best screen-sharing alternative to Discord, this is the app you are looking for.

How to Share Screen With GoTo Meeting?

Here are the steps to share the screen with GoTo Meeting.

  • Go to gotomeeting.com.
  • Sign in with your account through your email address and password.
  • Then select the Meet Now option to launch the meeting.
  • While on a video call, you can share your screen by clicking on the screen icon available on the toolbar. Then choose the screen you want to share.
  • Once you have selected the screen you want to share, click on the share option, and your screen sharing will start.

4. Skype

If you are looking for software with a simple interface or audio or video call without advanced features, then go for Skype. This software is the first one to introduce video calls. Since then there are many other advanced video call software has been introduced.

But still, many users prefer Skype over other software because this software has a built-in screen share feature that works perfectly.

Here are some key features of Skype

  • Allows HD audio and video calling
  • The built-in screen-sharing feature
  • Offers call recording and live subtitles
  • With Skype, you can easily have private conversations

How to Share Screen With Skype?

Here are the steps to share a screen with Skype without any difficulties.

  • Open Skype on your desktop and start a video call.
  • Now press the screen share button available in the bottom right corner.
Click share screen button on skype
  • Then Skype will ask your permission if you want to share your computer audio or not.
  • Once you have permission, a yellow border will appear around your video call. That will show that your screen is shared successfully.

5. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft introduced video call software named Microsoft Teams which is one of the best discord alternatives. This app combines video and audio calling software for team collaboration. This platform allows users to communicate with others through audio or video calls and share files via SharePoint.

It also provides users a share screen feature to easily share their screen without facing any trouble.

How to Share Screen With Teams?

Here are the steps to share the screen with Microsoft Team.

  • Open your Team app and then sign in to your account. Start a video call or a meeting.
  • Then click on the share button, which is located next to the Leave button
share screen on teams
  • After selecting the share button, a menu will appear with portions of screens. Select the screen you want to share on a video call.
  • Screen sharing will start. A red border will appear on the sides of your screen to tell you that your screen is now being shared with others.

Final Words

And there you have folk! These are our top 5 picks for Discord Alternatives with screen sharing. All these alternatives we have mentioned in this guide have built-in screen-sharing features so that you can easily share your screen on a video call without facing any difficulties.  We have also mentioned the steps to share the screen with these alternatives to make it easy for you. Hope this guide will help you to choose your favorite one. Good luck!

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