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How to Cancel a Teams Meeting? (Easy and Fast)

Are you looking for a handy solution to cancel a meeting in Teams? Check out this guide to find the practical tips on how to cancel a Teams meeting and inform the attendees.
how to cancel a teams meeting

Microsoft Teams is a virtual workplace for business professionals and students to communicate and collaborate through meetings. Users can schedule meetings on Teams and even let participants reserve the slots.

Besides that, organizers can easily cancel these meetings on Teams and can give delegate access to anyone to cancel or edit meeting schedules on their behalf.

In this guide, we will discuss in detail how to cancel a Teams meeting flawlessly and uninterruptedly.

How to Cancel Teams Meeting? (Step by Step)

Canceling a meeting is just as important as scheduling it on Teams. When meetings are canceled on Teams, all participants are notified about the change in the event. It helps them plan other tasks and set their priorities accordingly.

Fortunately, Teams has a super easy method to cancel the meeting you have planned. You just have to follow a couple of steps to cancel the meeting and notify the users invited to the meeting.

To easily cancel a meeting in Microsoft Teams, follow the steps given ahead:

  1. Launch your Microsoft Teams app on your PC and go to the Calendar tab on the left navigation menu.
calendar in teams
  • Navigate to the meeting you would like to cancel and click on it.
find the meeting you want to cancel in teams
  • Click on the Edit option from the pop-menu that appears on the screen
click edit to edit teams meeting
  • Next, click on the Cancel Meeting button in the top left corner of the window that opens up.
cancel meeting in teams
  • Click on the Cancel Meeting button in the confirmation prompt that appears shortly after your selection. You can even add a cancellation note for the meeting participants if you want.
add cancelation note to cancel meeting in teams

After following these steps, the meeting will be deleted from your calendar, and all the participants will be notified about the cancellation. However, you can only cancel the meeting if you are using Microsoft 365.

In case you are using Microsoft Teams free, you will have to send cancellation messages manually to all the people you shared meeting invites earlier. Plus, make sure you delete the event so that no user can join the meeting.

To delete the event as a Microsoft Teams free user, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Meetings tab
  2. Click on the three horizontal dots icon (more options)
  3. Select Delete from the list of options
delete meeting in teams

This way, you can handle how to cancel Teams meeting easily. You can simply follow these instructions to cancel and delete your Teams event without any complication.

How to Cancel a Meeting in Teams If You Are Not The Organizer?

To cancel a meeting in Teams, you first have to be the organizer sending meeting invites. If you are not the organizer who sent the meeting requests, you can’t cancel or update the meeting in Teams.

However, if you are a delegate, you are allowed to cancel or update Teams meetings on behalf of the actual owner of the Calendar. A delegate can make calls, manage permissions, and update meetings in Teams.

Here is the list of steps to cancel a meeting in Teams if you are not the organizer:

  • Start your Teams app on your device.
  • Open the Calendar event
  • Select the Meeting and click on the Edit button next to Join.
  • From the meeting details, click on the Cancel Meeting button
  • Send the Meeting cancellation notes to notify the attendees and avoid any confusion. State the reason for the meeting cancellation to inform them. Finally, hit the Cancel Meeting button.

By following the above procedure, you can easily address how to cancel a meeting in Teams if you are not the organizer. Once done, meeting cancellation will be sent to the participants from you being the delegate on behalf of the calendar owner.

How to Cancel Teams Meeting in Outlook?

Whether you want to update the meeting invite, reschedule the meeting, or simply cancel the upcoming Microsoft Teams event in Outlook, it should be done professionally.

For instance, if you want to cancel a Teams meeting in Outlook, you must send a cancellation message to all attendees. Also, you can get your event canceled by a third party delegated by you to manage the Teams operations.

When you give access to someone as a meeting organizer to delegate on your behalf, they can change the timings, edit the invites, or cancel the meeting.

Here are the simple steps for canceling Teams meeting in Outlook as an organizer:

  • Launch the Microsoft Outlook app on your device or visit Outlook.com 
  • Sign in to your Outlook account using your credentials
  • After successfully signing in, go to your Outlook Calendar and search for the Meeting you want to cancel.
  • Right-click on your chosen Meeting under the scheduled date on your Calendar.
  • Select Cancel Meeting from the options list.
  • In case you haven’t invited anyone to the meeting yet, click on Delete. But, if you are canceling a meeting as a delegate, press Delete Meeting.
delete teams meetings in outlook
  • Alternatively, you can select the meeting from your Outlook calendar and press Cancel Meeting on the top ribbon of your screen.
  • A cancelation prompt will appear shortly on the screen with an optional cancelation note for the attendees. It is advised to add an explanation of why the meeting got canceled.
send cancelation note when canceling teams meeting in outlook
  • Hit Send Update/Send Cancelation after you are done writing, and all attendees will receive the cancelation note on their respective accounts.

In this way, you can easily cancel a Teams meeting in Microsoft Outlook. Regardless of the version of your app, the basic steps will remain the same. Therefore, just follow the step-by-step instructions to achieve the functionality.

Final Words

Microsoft Teams offers useful features for individuals, academic institutes, and organizations. Teams meetings are equally popular among students in academia and business professionals in industry for virtual communication and collaboration. Moreover, MS Teams has a simple structure to edit, reschedule, or cancel your meetings without any hassle.

This informative guide discussed in detail how to cancel a Teams meeting with easy-to-follow instructions. So, follow the steps discussed in this guide, depending on if you are an organizer or delegate, and cancel the Teams meeting without any hassle.

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