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How to Clear a Discord Channel? A Step-by-Step Guide

Confused about how to clear a discord channel? Look no further; this guide will help you to know how to clear a channel in Discord automatically or manually.
how to clear a discord channel

Discord was developed as a VOIP application in 2015. Today, it is more common among gamers and used mainly for streaming and interacting with other gamers. Discord has a chatting option, too, and you can interact with the people on the servers. These serves are further divided into channels, and if you are an admin of a server, then we know how annoying it is to see a long list of messages.

If you want to get rid of the messages but don’t know how to clear a discord channel, then don’t worry. The solution is simple. This article will show you how to clear the discord channel manually or automatically. Continue reading to learn more.

How to Clear a Channel in Discord Manually?

You can clear the channel manually with ease if you want to get rid of the specific messages or all messages.  

How to Delete Messages One By One?

Here is how to delete messages on the Discord channel one by one

On Desktop:

Step 1: Open the Discord Channel

Open Discord on your Desktop and then open the Discord channel from which you want to clear the messages.

Step 2: Select the Message

Select the message you want to delete and click on the three dots on the right of the message you want to delete.

select discord message

Step 3: Delete the Messages:

After clicking on the three dots, a menu will appear. Scroll to the bottom and select the ‘Delete Message’ option.

delete messages in discord

Repeat the same process for all the messages you want to delete.

On Mobile:

Step 1: Open the Discord App

Open the Discord app on your Mobile on which you want to clear the Discord channel.

Step 2: Open the Discord Channel and Select the Message

Open the discord channel on which you want to delete the messages and select the message you want to delete. Tap on the three dots in the right corner of the message.

Step 3: Delete the Message

After you tap on the three dots, a menu will appear. Click on the ‘Delete Message’ to delete the message.

How to Clear All Messages in a Discord Channel?

If you are looking for how to clear all messages in a discord channel, then, Unfortunately, no direct method can help you clear all the messages in a Discord Channel. But if you are tired of them, we have a solution for you. That is to clone a discord channel. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Open the Discord Channel

Open the Discord Channel that you want to clone.

Open discord

Step 2: Click on the Clone Channel Option

Click ¨+¨ button after the Channel name and a menu will appear. Click on the ‘Clone Channel’ and your channel will be cloned in a go.

Clone discord channel

You will be given the option to set the clone channel name, which you should name differently to avoid confusion.

Name cloned channel

Step 3: Delete  the Parent Channel

You can delete the parent channel from which you cloned a channel. After deleting the Parent channel, you will get rid of all the messages in one go.

How to Clear the Discord Channel Automatically?

You can also automatically clear the Discord channel with the help of the bot MEE6. With this bot, you can delete a channel’s messages in one go.

Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Open the MEE6 Website

Open the MEE6 Website on your Desktop and click on the ‘Add to Discord’ option.

how to clear a channel in discord using mee6 website

 After clicking on the Add to Discord option, you need to click the “Authorize” button to grant the authorization to the MEE6.

Authorize the mee6 to discord

Step 2: Set the MEE6 in Discord

After that, a menu will appear, click on the ‘Set Up MEE6’ option, and the MEE6 will take you to the dashboard.

Set up mee6

 Step 3: Click on the Moderator Option

Click on the Moderator Option, and a confirmation option “ENABLE THE PLUGIN” will appear. Click on the Yes option.

Moderator option in mee6
Enable the Mee6 plugin

Step 4: Assign a role to MEE6

After installing the moderator plugin, assign a role to MEE6 as a bot on the channel from which you want to delete the messages.

Assign a role to mee6

Step 5: Give Command

After adding MEE6 as a bot, go to the channel to see if the MEE6 has been added. If the MEE6 is added, give the command by pressing “!Clear (the number of messages you want to delete)”. For instance, if you want to delete 50 latest messages, you should type “!clear 50” and press enter to take it into action.

After giving the command, all the messages will be deleted.

Final Words

So that’s all about how to clear a discord channel. After reading this guide, we hope you know how to clear the messages from your discord channel one by one or all in one.

The solutions are quite simple, and the bots have made it easier as you only need to give the command as  ‘!clear’“number of the messages you want to clear” and boom! All the messages will be gone.


Q1. How to delete discord chat for both sides

It is not possible to delete discord chat for both sides on your own. You can delete it on your side and then, you need to contact the other side to delete it.

Q2. How do I use Discord chat?

You can do chatting in Discord by joining servers and groups. For a direct message, you have to click on the Discord icon and choose friends from the list given. The list will show you usernames, and when you click on the name, a chat box will open between you and & that username.

Note: You can only chat with those that are on your friend list.

Q3. Why do people use Discord?

People use Discord for different purposes like streaming games, chatting, or calling to maintain effective communication. It is most popular among gamers, but it is also popular among teams who are looking for robust software to maintain effective communication.

Q4. Is Discord for gamers only?

No. It is undoubtedly more popular for gamers but can be used by people and teams looking to maintain effective communication by chat or calls.

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