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How to Create A Team in Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a highly secure platform that enables organizations to communicate with each other. However, to take advantage of all the features, users first need to create a Team. So, here is a detailed guide on how to create a team in Microsoft teams.
how to create a team in microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams is a popular communication and team collaboration platform that gained massive popularity during the pandemic. It allows users to work in a team with advanced features like app integration and internal file storage that can be accessed by all the members of a particular team. So, knowing how to set up a team on Microsoft Teams is extremely important as it will define your overall experience with the software. So, to help you get started, here is a detailed guide on how to create a team in Microsoft teams.

How to Create a Team in Microsoft Teams?

One important thing to consider before attempting to create a new team on Microsoft Teams is to check whether you have the required permission from the admin. Only a default Microsoft Teams administrator can create a new team; by default, a member or external user is not allowed to create a team. However, administrators can also set permissions to allow members to create teams. So, before continuing, make sure you have all the required permissions.

A step-by-step guide on how to create a new team in Microsoft teams

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Teams and login into your account.

Step 2: Next, from the left-side menu, select “Teams” and tap on the blue “Create team” button on the right-hand side to open a new window with available cards.

create a team in microsoft teams

Step 3: Now, from this dashboard, you have several options to create a team. You can select a premade template that automatically selects the labeled channels for you. But if you do not want to use a template, you can also create a team from scratch.

how to create a new team in microsoft teams

Step 4: Select a name and the privacy level of your team. You can either set it to Private or Public.

Name team in Microsoft Teams

Note: Public teams do not require permission to join; however, private teams are restricted and need to administer permission to join.

Step 6: The final step is to tap on the “Create” button, and your team will be set up.

Why Can’t I Create a Team on Microsoft Teams?

If you cannot create teams, the most likely reason is a lack of admin permission. As we mentioned earlier, only an administrator within Microsoft Team is allowed to create teams. However, an administrator can give other users permission to create a Team on Microsoft Teams. So, if you need help creating a team, check whether you have admin privilege. You may also reach out to an administrator to grant you permission through Microsoft 365 admin center.

How Do I Get Permission to Create a Team in Microsoft Teams?

If you are an admin, you already possess the required permission to create a team in Microsoft Teams. However, if you are a general user, an admin can still give you access by following the steps below.

Step 1: First, check if you have admin access, you can head over to the admin center at https://admin.microsoft.com, and if you are greeted with a pop-up message saying you are not an admin, you may want to ask an administrator to give you access first. You can check out this article to learn more.

sign in microsoft teams

Step 2: Once you have confirmed that you are an admin, Open your Microsoft Team Account, tap on teams from the left admin panel.

Step 3: Find the “…” button and choose to Setting button to manage the team.  

Manage Teams in Microsoft Teams

Step 4: Finally, from the setting tab, you can tap on the check/uncheck to give or remove permission.

Final Words

Creating a Team in Microsoft Teams is fairly straightforward, and this article today discusses in-depth on how to create a team in Microsoft teams. However. It is important to understand that not anyone can create a team in Microsft Teams, and you will need admin access for it to work.

FAQS About Microsoft Teams

Q1. How to create Microsoft teams meeting link for guest

There are several ways to create a meeting link in Microsoft Teams. You can find the “Schedule a meeting” tab in the chat, using which you can directly create meeting links with guests. You can also open your calendar using the “Microsoft Teams scheduler”, give your meeting a name, enter email for guests and directly click on New Meeting.

Q2. How to create a poll in Microsoft teams?

To create a poll, first open Microfost Teams and head over to the calendar. Next, find the meeting for which you want to create the poll and tap on “Chat with participants”. Now tap on the + icon and select Forms, and click on save. A new poll tab will now be open; you can further edit it by adding options or customize it by adding ratings and polls.

Q3. How to create a shared calendar in Microsoft teams?

To create a shared calendar in Microsoft Teams, head over to the files that you can find on the top of your Team menu. Next, tap the “Open in Share Menu” and head over to home > new > app. Now name your calendar and copy the URL. Now back to Microsoft Teams and tap on the “+” icon under the navigation menu, and then tap on the “Add a Tab” option. Here you will find a list of different tabs, find and tap on “Website”, add a name and paste the URL that was copied earlier. Now click on save, and the calendar will be added to your Microsoft Teams.

Q4. How to create a shared folder in Microsoft Teams?

To share a folder in Microsoft Teams, first, open the desktop or web app and go to the files tab on your preferred channel. You can either create a new folder by taping on the New > Folder option and entering a name. You may need to authenticate and sign in to your Microsoft account if you haven’t already. Once the folder is created, open your SharePoint by browsing File > Sharepoint, and a new window will open from where you can click on the three dots and share the files directly with a specific group or people.

Q5. How to create an attendance form in Microsoft teams?

To create attendance in Microsoft Teams, first head over to forms.office.com and enter your account credentials. Next, tap on New form and set up your attendance form. You can customize it according to your preference. Once you have set up your form, you can tap on share and copy the URL. Now back to your Microsoft Teams dashboard, choose the team where you want to create an attendance form, tap on the + icon and find “Forms”. Find the attendance form you just created and tap on it and click save.  

Q6. How do I create a survey in Microsoft teams?

To create a survey in Microsoft Teams, navigate to the team where you want to set up your survey. Next, click on the + tab and click on forms. Here you can name the form and customize the questionnaire for your survey. Once completed, press the same button to complete the process.

Q7. How to create a group chat in Microsoft teams?

To create a group chat, Open your Microsoft Teams, and from the activity tab, press on chats. Here you can find the list of people you chat with. Now, to create a group chat, tap on the chat icon on the top right of the dashboard. This should now open a new window where you can add members to create a personalized group chat.

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