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How to Delete GroupMe Messages? All Effective Methods Are Here

Have you ever wondered how to delete GroupMe messages to avoid unwanted complications? You are certainly not alone, and you better act fast before everyone sees your text. So, to help you out here is our guide on deleting GroupMe messages.
how to delete groupme messages

GroupMe is a popular instant messaging app that aims to connect people within groups to communicate between them effectively. Microsoft developed GroupMe and offered an array of great features, making it unique compared to other instant messaging apps. But one feature that stands out from the rest is being able to delete any unwanted message you send on GroupMe within the first 60 minutes of sending the text. This is a real lifesaver if you have a nag of sending inappropriate texts to your friend that you no longer want others to see. So, to help you out here is a detailed step-by-step method on how to delete GroupMe messages.

How to Delete a Message in GroupMe Before 60 Minutes? (For Everyone)

If you do send a message by mistake on GroupMe, it is best advised to act fast, as you only have a grace period of 60 minutes in which the text can be deleted. During this period, sent messages can be removed from everyone, including both the sender and receiver. So here is a detailed step-by-step on how to delete messages from Groupme.

Step 1: Open Groupme and tap on the chat you want to delete.

Open Groupme messages

Step 2: Once you find the message you want to delete, tap and hold on to the message or click the three-dot (…) you see when you hover over the text. See the picture below for reference.

Find delete button in Groupme

Step 3: Now select Delete, you will have a pop-up confirming, press Delete again. This should remove the message from both the sender and receiver.

How to Delete a GroupMe Message After 60 Minutes? (Only For Your Device)

Once you move past the 60 min grace period, you will not be able to delete any messages from the receiver. However, you can still hide Groupme messages from your end, so it is not visible on your chat history. But note that this method only works to hide messages on your device, and the message sent can still be seen by the receiver.

Here are two ways you can delete GroupMe messages After 60 Minutes.

Way 1. Via Hiding

Hiding a GroupMe message will remove it entirely from your chat history, so it is no longer visible. However, the receiver of the message can still see the text. Here is how you can hide messages on GroupMe on different devices.  

How to Delete GroupMe Messages on iPhone?

If you are on an iPhone, you can easily hide any GroupMe messages by going into the settings. However, note that the process can slightly differ if you are using an iPad, and currently, it is not possible to hide GroupMe messages if you are on the app’s web version.

Also, you can log out of your GroupMe account to quickly remove all your messages. This is particularly handy if you must act fast and hide all your account activity. But if you want to delete an individual text message, here is a detailed guide to help.

Step 1: Open GroupMe messages on your iPhone and tap on the chat you want to remove.

Step 2: Now, tap and hold on to the message you want to delete.

Step 3: Select the “Hide” option from the list.

Hide groupme messages in iPhone

Your text sent will not be hidden from your end. However, the message will still be accessible to everyone else in the group.

How to Delete GroupMe Messages on Android?

Deleting a GroupMe message on Android is impossible after the 60-minute grace period. However, similar to iOS, you can hide your GroupMe messages from your end by following the steps below.

Step 1: Open GroupMe messages on your Android device and tap on the chat you want to delete.

Open GroupMe messages on Android

Step 2: Press and hold on to the text you want to hide.

Step 3: Now, a pop-up should appear, and you can select “Hide messages” from the list.

hide groupme messages on Android

Your text should now be hidden. But note that this does not delete your GroupMe messages and is still visible to the receiver.

How to Delete Messages in GroupMe on Windows?

GroupMe offers a windows version of their app, and if you are using it on your windows device, here is a quick way to hide messages on windows.

Step 1: Open the GroupMe app on your windows computer. Make sure you open the app and not the web version on the browser.

Open GroupMe on Windows

Note: It is not possible to hide messages on the web version.

Step 2: Click on the text message you want to hide or delete.

Step 3: Right-click and choose hide messages, similar to what you would do on mobile devices.

That’s it, your messages should now be hidden, but like other devices, your messages should still be visible to others.

How to Delete Messages on GroupMe on Mac?

GroupMe is a text messaging service by Microsoft, so it makes sense why there is no official Mac app for GroupMe. You can use the web version of the GroupMe app on your mac device, but there is currently no way to hide messages on the web version.

Way 2. Via Clearing Chat History

If you want to delete multiple messages, it may be time-consuming to delete individual texts. A better way is to clear your entire chat history, so it is no longer visible on your end. However, note that this text receiver will still be able to see the messages.

Here is a detailed step on how to delete GroupMe messages by clearing chat history.

Step 1: Open the chat you want to clear and tap on it.

Open GroupMe on Windows

Step 2: Next, tap on the chat avatar, and from the dropdown menu, select setting.

Step 3: Tap on Clear Chat History. You may have to confirm your choice by clicking on the Clear again button in the pop-up box.

Final Words

Most young millennials prefer sending a text over making a phone call. And having the option to easily delete any unwanted text can be a real lifesaver. Our guide on how to delete GroupMe messages today should help if you need clarification on the topic. However, note that GroupMe messages can only be deleted in the first 60 minutes of sending the text. After that, you can only hide the text from your end, but it will still be visible to the sender.


Does deleting a GroupMe account remove messages?

No, deleting the GroupMe account will not remove your messages and will be visible to the receiver. However, following our guide above, you can delete text messages in the first 60 minutes of sending the text.

How to see deleted GroupMe messages?

To show a hidden message, click on the chat avatar > Setting > “Unhide hidden messages.”

Does blocking someone on GroupMe delete messages?

No, blocking someone will not delete or hide your GroupMe messages.

Why did my GroupMe chats disappear?

It is possible for the sender of the message to delete your GroupMe message in the first 60 minutes after the text was sent. So, your GroupMe chats may disappear because the sender deleted them.

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