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How to Hide Phone Number on WhatsApp? (Effective Way)

Want to hide your WhatsApp phone number for privacy or personal reasons? Check out this guide to learn the most effective and foolproof techniques on how to hide phone number on WhatsApp.
how to hide phone number on whatsapp

WhatsApp account requires your valid phone number. You cannot hide your number from WhatsApp, but hiding it from your contacts is possible. Stick to this guide to learn how to hide phone number on WhatsApp.

Part 1. Can You Hide Your Phone Number on WhatsApp?

No, there is no direct feature to hide your phone number on WhatsApp. You need your legitimate phone number to create a WhatsApp account and log in to your account.

Entering your original phone number is mandatory for registering on WhatsApp and this number is visible to all your WhatsApp contacts.

However, the growing cyber threats and crimes put your online protection at risk. Fraudsters and hackers can use your original phone number for blackmailing or scamming. Therefore, some people are not comfortable showing their phone numbers to other users for privacy reasons on WhatsApp. This makes them wonder, can I hide my phone number in WhatsApp?

Although there is no direct way to mask WhatsApp phone numbers, the next section discusses the alternative way to hide the WhatsApp phone number.

Part 2. How to Hide Phone Number on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp doesn’t allow hiding your phone number from its system. You can’t join the messaging platform without using your original phone number. Also, you must enter an operational number for account registration to receive verification details.

With no WhatsApp hiding phone number option, you can use some tricks to mask your number from your contacts. One such option is using an app to get a virtual phone number.

Many different apps are available online to get a virtual secondary number. You can use the Google Voice app to get a phone number to change your number and get a virtual number.

Google Voice helps you replace your original phone number with a dummy number to hide it from your contacts. Plus, it lets you make calls, send text messages, and reroute calls to your real phone number.

With Google Voice, you don’t need to purchase a new SIM card or phone plan. You can use it free of cost to generate new numbers.

To get a virtual number with Google Voice, follow the steps given below:

  • Navigate to the Google Play Store and type Google Voice.
  • Install Google Voice on your device by clicking on the Install button.
install google voice
  • After successful installation, launch the Google Voice app. If you are a new user, you will have to set your login credentials. However, if you already have an account, you can tap Continue.
log in to google voice
  • Read the terms and conditions of the app and press the Accept button.
  • Next, choose a location for your new phone number to be associated with. You can pick from the list of different locations by selecting your preferred city name or area code.
  • Tap the Select button to choose a location from the search list.
tap select to choose location in google voice

After selecting the preferred location, follow the instructions to proceed. You will be assigned a new phone number to send and receive text messages and place calls through the Google Voice app.

Part 3. What is the New Feature “Hide Number in WhatsApp”?

While searching how to hide phone number in WhatsApp group or individual chats, you may hear about a new feature of WhatsApp to hide number.

Basically, WhatsApp has introduced a new feature for iOS and Android devices to hide number. With “Phone Number Privacy“, users can mask their real phone numbers, but only with the community members.

WhatsApp community feature allows users to create groups and discuss topics. It provides a one-way communication platform which is ideal for public figures and brands. Normally, after you join a community, your phone number is accessible to all other members when you send a message or react to a post.

After you enable the Phone Number Privacy option, your phone number is not visible to any other community members.

If you are a member of a community already, you can still turn on the phone number privacy by navigating to the community information page and choosing the “Phone Number Privacy” option.

Your phone number will be hidden from all community members after you enable the phone number privacy, but the people from your contact list will still be able to see your real phone number. Also, if you have a phone number of a local saved in your contact list, you can still see their phone numbers.

Part 4. Is there a secret mode on WhatsApp?

No, WhatsApp does not offer any secret mode for users. It has recently added a “Chat Lock” feature to add an extra layer of privacy and security for your intimate conversations.

Chat Lock in Whatsapp

When you lock a chat, it moves out of the inbox thread and goes behind its own folder, automatically hiding the chat contents even in notifications. Locked chats are only accessible through device passwords or biometric verification, such as fingerprints.

You can simply lock your private chats by tapping on them and selecting the lock mode on WhatsApp. To show these chats, you can pull down your chats window slowly and type the password of your phone or biometric verification.

The Chat Lock feature will be updated in the future to create a customized and different password for your chats than your phones.

Overall, this feature is excellent for keeping your conversations private by storing them in a separate folder when sharing your phones with other people. It ensures multi-layer privacy protection for your sensitive and confidential chat messages.

Wrapping Up

WhatsApp is a secure and private messaging platform, but it has no functionality to hide your phone number in general conversations. However, this guide has thoroughly explained how to hide phone number on WhatsApp using third-party apps, such as Google Voice. So, get a virtual phone number, create a WhatsApp account with it, and have more privacy you need.

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