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How to Keep Teams Status Green or Active?  A Step-by-Step Guide

This blog covers some effective methods on how to keep Teams status green or active. You’ll learn how to manage your Microsoft Teams status green all the time like a pro.
how to keep teams status green

Do you find yourself struggling to keep your Microsoft Teams workspace active and green? You’re not alone. Many businesses rely on Microsoft Teams as their main platform for collaboration, but it can be difficult to be online 24/7. If your status is Away you’re likely to lose your important clients.

However, it can be pretty difficult to keep your status green all the time. No worries, we have solutions here. Here’s the ultimate guide on how to keep Teams status green.

How Long Does Teams Stay Green?

Microsoft Teams stays green for as long as your activity is detected. This means that if you are constantly active on the platform, it will stay green for longer. But, if you take some kind of break from using Teams, the status will go away after about 5 minutes.

However, some users have also noticed if Microsoft Team is running in the background, it will still consider it as you aren’t active, which is a bit annoying, making it quite a challenging requirement to stay active.

How to Keep Microsoft Teams Active All The Time?

When it comes to keeping your Microsoft Teams status active all the time, unfortunately, there isn’t any such feature it offers. However, different ways have worked to be quite effective that you can use to keep your team status green. Here are the 4 different ways on how to keep Microsoft teams active all the time.

Way 1. Avoid Your Computer Going to Sleep or Power Off

The simplest and most effective way to ensure your Microsoft Teams status is always green is to ensure that your computer or laptop stays awake and active. This can be done by preventing it from going into sleep mode or powering off. You can do this by changing the settings in the Power Options of your device.

Here are the simple steps to prevent your computer from going to sleep or powering off mode.

  1. Go to the Start Menu, search the Control Panel and open it up.
Control panel on Windows
  • Locate Power Options and double-click on it.
power options on Windows
  • Select Change when the computer sleeps from the left navigation pane.
Select change when the computer sleepd on Windows
  • Next to Put the Computer to Sleep, select Never for On battery and Plugged In .
Put the computer to sleep on Windows
  • Lastly, click on the Saves Changes, and that’s it. Now, when you are inactive on the computer, your Teams will still stay active or green after 5 mins.

Way 2. Keep Your Mouse Moving

Another simple way to keep your Microsoft Teams status active is to move your mouse every few minutes. You can even set up a small program that keeps your mouse moving while you are away. You must be careful when setting up such programs and ensure they don’t interfere with any other tasks or activities you do on your computer.

Here are some of the programs name that can help you keep your mouse moving:

  • Mouse Jiggler
  • AutoMouse
  • Free Mouse Clicker
Free mouse clicker

Way 3. Start a Meeting For Yourself

This is a great way to keep your Microsoft Teams status green all the time. All you need to do is start a meeting from within Microsoft Teams with yourself and keep it running in the background. This will help you stay online on Microsoft Teams without any interruptions. Here’s how to start a meeting for yourself to keep the teams status green:

  • Go to the Calendar of Microsoft Teams located on the left navigation pane.
Calendar in Teams
  • Click on the Meet Now button in the screen’s top right corner on-screen instructions to start the meeting with yourself.
meet now in teams
  • Minimize the meeting window, click on your Profile icon in the top right corner, and set the status to Available.
Set Teams Status to avaliable
  • Now, you’ll stay active as long as the meeting runs in the background, and people can still call you.

 Way 4. Use Mobile App and Keep Your Phone Always On

Another great way to keep teams status green all the time is by using the mobile app of Microsoft Teams. This method works perfectly if you have a spare phone. Otherwise, you can also do it with your primary phone, but you’ll need to keep the Microsoft Teams app running all the time.

Here’s how to stop teams from showing away when idle using the mobile app.

  • Install the Microsoft Teams app on your phone from the official app store.
  • Log in with your Team’s accounts.
  • Navigate to your Phone’s settings and set the lock screen display settings to make sure it doesn’t turn off after every few minutes. This will prevent your Team’s status from showing you Away.

Final Words

Keeping your Microsoft Teams status green all the time can be quite a challenge, but there are several ways that you can use to make sure it always stays green. This guide is all about how to keep teams status green. From ensuring that your computer doesn’t go to sleep or power off to using the mobile app, you can make sure your status stays green all the time. However, remember that these methods will require effort to ensure your status is always active.

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