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How to Know if Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp? (Without/With Messaging)

Learn how to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp with 6 proven ways discussed here. Each way is described with complete steps for you to try.
how to know if someone blocked you on whatsapp

WhatsApp has this feature where if you don’t want to stay in contact with someone, you can block them. This way, the contact number will not be able to reach out in any way apart from using another WhatsApp number. When someone blocks another person, the one blocked gets no notification about it. So, it may leave you wondering how to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp.

In this guide, we will share 6 different ways you can try to know about it. The list includes ways where you need to message them and ways without messaging them.

Part 1. How to Know If Someone Has Blocked You on WhatsApp Without Sending a Message?

First, let’s discuss different ways to know if you are blocked without sending the blocker a message on WhatsApp. There are 5 different ways, some of which provide certain answers while some leave you guessing the situation, and below are the details about each method.

Way 1. Adding The Person to a Group or Creating a New Group

The first method to know is by adding the person to a group or creating a group on WhatsApp. You may try adding them to an existing group, but the best method is to create a group with them and nobody else knows.

Now, if the other person has blocked you, then you will not be able to add them to a group. However, if they are added to a group by you, then it is a clear indication that they do not block you.

Steps: Open the WhatsApp application, and in the “Chats” tap, you will click the “Message” icon from the bottom right. Select “New Group” and checkmark the contact that you think has blocked you. Tap the “Next” icon > name the group> “Done” icon. If you are notified that the person cannot be added during the process or you are the only participant after creation, then you are blocked by them.

create new group whatsapp

Way 2. Call The Person

You can call the person you think has blocked you, but it will only help you in making certain guesses. When you call a person who has blocked you, you cannot go through, and there is no any “calling” or “Ringing” status on your screen. The information you get with this method is the same as what happens when their network is unavailable. So you can only guess they may block you.

Below is the guide to try this method of checking if you are blocked or not.

Steps: Open your WhatsApp Chat with that person and tap the “Call” button. It will initiate a call with them. If you are blocked, you will see a sudden stop on the screen without any info. And if it goes to “Ringing” status or stays at “Calling.”, you are not blocked.

call to the blocked person on whatsapp

Way 3. Check the Status

When someone has not blocked you, their WhatsApp status updates are visible to you. When the person updates their status frequently, but now, there is no update, it could be a sign that they have blocked you. It still does not give any certain answers since they may not have posted anything on their status update WhatsApp.

Steps: Click the “Updates” tab in the WhatsApp application and check for the person’s status update. While you look at available updates. If the update is not available, then it means that they have blocked you or they haven’t posted anything.

check updates of whatsapp

Way 4. Check the Person’s Profile

Checking their profile is another way of checking if they have blocked you or not. What happens on WhatsApp is that when someone blocks you, their profile picture and about info sections become unavailable to you. So, that’s what we will check in this step to see if you are blocked.

Steps: Open the chat with that person on WhatsApp and open their profile details by tapping their contact’s name from the top. Now you will see a display picture and information about it. If these are unavailable to you, then they either have removed these, or they have blocked you.

profile of whatsapp

Way 5. Compare the Person’s WhatsApp Info in Your phone with Another Co-contact Phone

While the method of creating a group with them gives a clear idea of your blocked status, other options above may keep you guessing.

The only option to get a certain answer for all those options is by using someone’s WhatsApp contact on their phone. The person must be a co-contact with both you and the person who may have blocked you.

Using this method, you can compare options like profiles, status updates, and even calls. If the results are different for you and the co-contact, then you are surely blocked. We will try using the call option here with the steps below.

Step 1: Open chat with that person and try to call and text them. The call will not go through if you are blocked.

call with blocked contacts on whatsapp

Step 2: Now do the same with your co-contact who you are sure isn’t blocked by them. If the calls are received from your co-contact by the person, then it clearly indicates that you are blocked.

However, if your co-contact’s calls show the same result as yours, then it could be an issue with their network or their phone being switched off.

call with someone on whatsapp

Part 2. How to Check If a Person Blocked You on WhatsApp Via Messaging?

You can try the method of messaging someone on WhatsApp to check if they block you or not. First, send a direct message and check its delivery status. Secondly, send a message to a group where that person already exists or use a contact’s phone to text them.

Steps: Open chat with that person and try to text them. The message will stay on “Sent (single tick),” and it will never be “Delivered (double ticks)” if you are blocked. Now, you may try sending messages in groups or ask a co-contact to text them. If theirs’ is delivered, then you are blocked; otherwise, it is most probably a network issue.

Part 3. FAQS Related to How to Find If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp

Q1. If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp, Can You See Their About?

No, when someone blocks you from their WhatsApp account, you cannot see their about information. The other things that you cannot see are their profile picture and status updates.

Q2. Can I See the Online Status If I Am Blocked on WhatsApp?

No, when someone blocks you, you cannot see their online status and last seen. However, if you are not seeing these, it may also mean that you are not blocked, but they have turned off these features on WhatsApp.

Q3. If Someone Blocks Me in WhatsApp, Can He Still See My Status Updates or My Online Status?

No, when they block you, they won’t see your status updates or online status. Remember that you won’t get any notification when the contact blocks or unblocks you.

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With all methods discussed here, we hope that you have learned multiple ways how to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp. While this situation can be very confusing since you can be unsure about blocking or network issues, the methods we shared can help you detect where the issue is. So, now you will never be left stranded with uncertainty about another person’s connection status with you.

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