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How to Know If Someone Deleted Their WhatsApp Account? (With/Without Asking)

Did your friend delete their WhatsApp account? Here are effective ways to know if a person deleted their WhatsApp account with/without asking
how to know if someone deleted their whatsapp account

We live in a time where technology is used now more than ever. Every person is more connected to the web than ever before. Children and adults alike rely on technology for their social outlets. There is a variety of different apps, like WhatsApp, that people use to keep in touch and form relationships. Maybe you’ve been chatting with someone and out of nowhere you lose touch and don’t hear from them anymore. Well, there is a way to know if they deleted their WhatsApp account. We will discuss effective ways on how to know if someone deleted their WhatsApp account below.

Part 1. How to Know If Someone Deleted Their WhatsApp Account? (Via Asking The Person)

The first, obvious way how you can know if someone deleted their WhatsApp account is by simply asking them! There are numerous other messaging apps people use to keep in touch. You can download a different messaging app, like Facebook Messenger or another texting or social media app, and find your friend on there. You can reach out through these different platforms and tell them you haven’t seen them on WhatsApp, and find out if they deleted their account. Even if their account is deleted, you can still utilize these other apps to stay in touch going forward.

Of course, you can also ask your friend if they deleted their account the next time you see them in person. Maybe they work or go to school with you and you see them frequently. You can always ask them when you see them face-to-face if they deleted their WhatsApp. Unfortunately, not everyone has a way to ask their friends in person, so luckily there are other ways to know if the account was deleted without having to ask.

Part 2. How to Know If Someone Deleted Their WhatsApp Account? (Without Asking The Person)

What if you can’t ask them or they don’t have any other messaging apps? Below we give a step-by-step guide of effective ways to know if someone deleted their WhatsApp account without having to ask. These steps and screenshots are shown from an Android device.

1. Check if The Person is in the “Invite to WhatsApp” List After Taping the “Chat” icon

If a person deleted their WhatsApp account, their phone number would show in the “invite to WhatsApp” list. You can view that list by panning to your “Chats” tab at the top of the app. Below is how the chat tab looks.

chats tab in whatsapp

You can attempt to start a chat with your friend and their contact will show if they have a WhatsApp account. To start a conversation and bring up your contact list, you will go to your “Send Message” chat icon on the bottom right that looks like this:

send message in whatsapp

Your contact list should appear and you scroll through your friends’ names to find the person’s account. If you find their name and there is a green “Invite” option to the right of their name, then that means they no longer have an account, as is shown with the contact below:

invite in whatsapp chat

2. Check if The Person is in the “Invite to WhatsApp” List After Tapping the “Call” icon

Just like above, if a person deleted their WhatsApp account, their phone number would show in the “Invite to WhatsApp” list under the call section. The call tab can be found on the top bar like the chat tab as seen here:

call in whatsapp

You can access your contact list by tapping the call icon on the bottom right corner and starting a call. The same contact list should appear here and if the person does not have an account, the same green “Invite” button will show next to their name on the right, as was shown above.

3. No WhatsApp Option in the Person’s Contactoption in the person’s contact:

If you have WhatsApp downloaded on your phone, you can view your contacts from your phone’s default contact list, without having to go into the app. When you are viewing your contact, you can tap on your friend’s phone number and you will see “call or message by phone number” or “call or message with WhatsApp” option.

call or message with whatsapp in contact list

If it does not give you the option to “call or message with WhatsApp”, then that means they do not have a WhatsApp account, or they deleted it

Not call or message with whatsapp in contact list

4. Check The Person’s Account Info

You can also guess that your friend deleted their WhatsApp account by looking at the account information shown below. Keep in mind these are just guesses though, and do not necessarily confirm the account is deleted as well as the steps above do.

1) The Profile Picture is Missing:

Users will set their profile pictures right when they first open their account, and if they are active users of the app, they may even change it often. If someone’s account has no profile picture, it likely means it is still in the default mode and the account was deleted and is not active. Of course, maybe they just never set a profile picture to begin with, so this is just a way to guess.

For example, the user below did not show on the “Invite to WhatsApp” list, which means they may possibly have an account, but they do not have a profile picture. This could mean they previously had an account at some point and likely deactivated or deleted their account.  

profile picture is missing in whatsapp

2) Last Seen and Online Statuses Are Missing:seen and online statuses are missing

When someone is using their WhatsApp account regularly, their status changes to green to show that they are online, and if they are offline, it shows what date and time they were last active on the app. The screenshot below shows an example of a user’s status saying they were on recently.

last seen in whatsapp

Users will also sometimes put a status update like you would on other social media apps. If you are viewing an account and it does not show that information, it likely means that the account is not active and no longer exists. However, it could mean that the user went into their settings and turned off this WhatsApp feature, or maybe they haven’t been on for several days, so there would be no “recent” status to show.

3) Cannot Find The Person in the Group:

What many users love about WhatsApp is that you can create group chats between yourself and friends. If your friend was in your group chat and suddenly is not shown as a member, it could mean they simply left the chat, or that they deleted their account. When a WhatsApp account is deleted, it deletes the user’s data and all their previous conversations and chat history. There would be no sign of the user in the group chat anymore.  

4) The Sent Message is in One Tick for a Long Time:

If your sent message to your friend is on one tick for too long, it could mean you did not have good service when sending it, or the message was never received by the account. If the account was active the message should go through quickly. When the person you are messaging receives your message and opens it, it goes to 2 tick check marks. If the message is on one tick for a long, it is probably because that account is not there anymore to receive the message.

5) The Call Cannot Go Through:

If the call is not going through, this generally means the account on the other end is no longer valid and the contact cannot be reached, just like when a normal phone call doesn’t go through via your phone service provider. If the account were still active, the call would ring and connect. Your friend may have just had a phone number change or their phone service is weak, but if they had their WhatsApp account active, the call will generally still ring and connect.

Part 3. FAQS Related to How to Know If Someone Deleted Their WhatsApp Account

Q1. What Happens When a WhatsApp Account is Deleted?

When your WhatsApp account is deleted, all your account profile information and message history are erased. Your contacts can no longer reach you from WhatsApp.

Q2. Will Others Know When You Delete a WhatsApp Account?

When your account is deleted on WhatsApp, your contact list will not be notified. The only way they will know is by the steps explained above, and when they can no longer reach you.

Q3. Do I Lose Everything When I delete WhatsApp?

If you have not backed up your WhatsApp account, then it is likely you will lose all your WhatsApp account data, However, if you previously backed up the account and are downloading the app again and signing in with the same information, the chats can be restored.

Q4. Can I Deactivate My WhatsApp Account Without Deleting It?

Yes, you can! Some users might choose to deactivate their account temporarily. When this is done, the user still keeps all their data and they can log back in and activate any time. You just won’t receive any notifications.

Final Words

Many people rely on WhatsApp and other messaging apps to keep them connected to others on a daily. When suddenly we are having difficulty contacting someone, it can be frustrating not knowing how else to reach them. As explained here, there are several effective ways for how to know if someone deleted their WhatsApp account with or without you having to ask. 

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