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How to Know If Someone Deleted Your Number on WhatsApp? (6 Proven Ways)

How to know if someone deleted your number on WhatsApp? Find out the 6 most effective ways here.
how to know if someone deleted your number on whatsapp

WhatsApp is an online messaging platform where people can communicate even without saving each other’s contact. However, when both parties save each other’s numbers, they get access to a lot of features, including access to specific information like status, about, updates, display pictures, etc. Sometimes, the person you are communicating will delete your number. You may want to figure out how to know if someone deleted your number on WhatsApp. So, in this article, we will explore 6 ways that 100% work for finding out whether your number is deleted by someone on WhatsApp or not.

Part 1.  How to Know If Someone Deleted You on WhatsApp? (6 Effective Ways)

Here are the 6 effective ways for how to know if someone deleted you on WhatsApp. Remember that if one method does not give you a clear answer, then you can combine results from multiple methods to get an exact understanding of what’s happening.

1. Messaging The Person

The first option you can try is messaging them. When you send someone a text message on WhatsApp, their reply will tell you if they have your number deleted or not. If your number and chat were deleted, your chat history in the person´s WhatsApp is deleted, then they will most probably ask you who you are.

Steps: Open WhatsApp and tap chat with the person. Send them any text message that seems relevant to the situation or your relationship with that person. Now, you can check if they read your messages and reply to you.

2. Calling The Person

A much quicker way to tell this is by calling them. When they deleted your number on their device, and you call them over WhatsApp, they will only see your number.

Now, if they attend your call, you two can communicate, and the way they communicate will tell you if they have deleted it.

Remember that this method won’t work if the other person has memorized your contact number.

Steps: Open WhatsApp chat with that person and tap the “Call” option from the top right. Wait as the call gets connected, and they accept your call on their device. And the person may ask who you are  if they deleted your number in their WhatsApp.

3. Inviting The Person to One Group

When you add the person to one group, and they text you back to enquire about who you are, it will be the only way to know if the person deleted your number.

Steps: In the WhatsApp interface, tap the “Three Dots”  button from the top right, select “New Group,” and then choose that contact. Tapping continue icon will give you the option to enter the group name. When the group is created, the person will receive the notification. And the person may ask who you are and why to invite him/her to the group. Then, you know they deleted your numbers in their WhatsApp.

4. Checking the Person’s Profile

Checking that person’s profile on your device will tell you if your number is still saved on their device. If that person didn’t use a default WhatsApp avatar display picture before, but now you can only see the defasult WhatsApp avatar display. It means that your number is deleted in their WhatsApp.

Remember that this method does not necessarily mean this since you would get a similar result if they removed their display picture or block you.

Steps: Open chat with that person on WhatsApp by tapping it, then tap their contact’s picture from the top to open the profile. Inspect their profile picture to see if it is the default avatar or not.

5. Checking the Person’s Status

Checking the person’s status on WhatsApp is much like checking their display picture. However, it provides additional assurance when the person removes their display picture since most people don’t remove their status as well.

Steps: Open their chat with you. Now, if you see the last seen info, then it means that they still have your contact saved. However, if you don’t see this section, then your number has been deleted from your device or they may set privacy for it.

6. Checking The Person’s Updates

The last thing you may try is checking their updates on WhatsApp. You can post an update and check the views to find their name or see if their recent updates are visible to you. Both these cases tell you if they  deleted your contact or not.

Steps: Tap the “Updates” section in WhatsApp and if you cannot find their updates, then, your number may be deleted. Tap your post and swipe it up to find out if they have viewed it or not. If their name is missing, then they most probably deleted your contact.

Part 2. FAQS Related to How to Know if Someone Deleted You on WhatsApp

Q1. If Someone Deletes My Number, Would I Still be Able to See Them on WhatsApp?

Yes, you can still see your chat with them and contact them. However, their privacy settings may affect other information you see, like online status, updates, profile pictures, etc.

Q2. If Someone is Not on My Contact List, Can They See Me if I Am Online on WhatsApp?

Yes, if you have set the privacy for “last seen and online” to everyone, then they can see; otherwise, they cannot see if you are online or not.

Q3. How Do I Know if Someone Saved My Number in WhatsApp?

When someone saves your number, their display picture, about, and updates start showing.

Q4. Can Someone Contact Me on WhatsApp if They Are Not in My Contacts List?

Yes, WhatsApp allows people to contact each other even when they are not in their contacts list,

Q5. What Happens in WhatsApp When I Delete a Contact from My Phone?

When you delete someone’s contact from your phone, you will stop seeing their name and updates on WhatsApp. Instead, their number will appear.

Q6. I Can Still See the Person’s “Online” on WhatsApp, But His Status and Profile Pic Disappeared in One Moment. Did I Get Blocked or Not?

If you can see their online status, then you are not blocked by them. However, if the profile pic and status disappeared in a moment, it means that they may have changed their privacy settings or deleted your contact.

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Final Words

With different methods on how to know if someone deleted your number on WhatsApp, you can easily learn the status of your number with a certain contact. Whether it is an old friend, a colleague, a relative, or anyone else, you can use the methods discussed in this guide to learn if they still have your number saved or not.

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