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How to Make and Share Discord Profile Link? The Ultimate Guide

Do not know how to generate your discord profile link to share with your friends or on social media? No worry, follow these two ways, and it can be generated easily.
discord profile link

Generally, if you need to share your social media account link with someone, you can easily copy it from the address on the computer or use the share button if using the mobile app. However, this isn’t the case with Discord – a popular gamers’ communication platform. You need to put in the manual effort to generate the link and then share it.

Finding someone on discord via a link is relatively easier than with a discord user Id. So it is better for you to know how to make and share the discord profile link.

In order to share your discord profile link, first, you’ll need to generate it manually. However, once you generate your discord profile link, you can use it forever and share it with anyone. Here’s how you can make and share discord profile links on a P via User ID and Discords.com

Firstly, you’ll need to copy your user ID, and for that, you need to enable developer mode on your account. Once the developer mode is enabled, you can easily copy your discord User Id and proceed with the further steps to link.

Enable Developer Mode

  • On a Discord desktop or web, go to the settings by clicking on the gear icon on the bottom of the screen close to the microphone icon.
Discord settings
  • Once you’re in the settings, locate the Advanced tab and click on it.
  • Click on the Developer Mode toggle in the advanced settings to enable it.
developer mode in discord

Once you enable the developer mode on your discord account, you can copy the User ID you’ll use to generate your discord profile link.

Copy the User ID

You can copy your user ID by navigating to settings >> My account >> three dots and copying your user ID. There’s even a simple way to copy the discord user id. Right-click on your profile and hit on copy user ID, and it’ll be copied to the clipboard.

Make Your Profile Link

  1. Open up the browser, paste the Discordapp.com/users/[UserID] link in the address bar and make sure not to press enter.
  2. Replace UserID with the user id you copied. For instance, if your discord user id is 33333333, the link should be like this discordapp.com/users/33333333.
  3. Now copy this link to share it with the desired person. The link will directly take them to your discord profile.

Another great way to make your discord profile link is through discords.com. The link generated using the method outlined above will be long. If you want to make a short link to your profile, it’s possible with this discords.com. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Click on the profile and Add Profile button.
  • On the next page, select Start Customizing.
  • The site will show you all the information about your discord account; you can customize it if you want to and click on the save changes.
  • Click on the Short Link button in the upper corner. That’s it. Now you generated a short link for your discord profile that you can share with the desired person.
Shorten URL in discords.com

If the computer isn’t accessible, you can also create a link to your discord profile on mobile. Whether you’re on Android or iOS, the method is pretty much the same. This method has two parts.

In the first, you need to copy your user id by enabling the developer mode, and in the second part, you’ll have to modify the link to make it a shareable one. Here’s how to get the discord profile link on mobile.

Enable Developer Mode on Mobile

  1. Go to your profile settings by tapping on your user icon.
  2. Scroll down a bit and tap on the behavior.
  3. Under the chat behavior section, tap on the developer mode toggle to turn it on.

Copy the Discord User ID

  1. Now go to your profile, scroll down, and hit Copy ID to copy it to the clipboard.
  2. Once you have copied your user ID, you’ll need to work in the browser to generate your discord profile link.
copy discord id on mobile

Create your Discord Profile link

  1. Launch the browser on your mobile, visit Discordapp.com/users/[Your ID], and don’t tap on the search button.
  2. Now you’ll need some editing with the link to make it workable; replace Your ID with the user id you copied from the discord profile. Once replaced, it becomes your discord profile link which you can share with anyone asking for your discord profile.


Generating your discord profile link is an easy task. Making it on the computer or mobile devices, both are achievable in a few simple steps. You just need to enable developer mode from the settings and copy your user id to generate your discord profile link. With the created link, you can share it with anyone asking for your discord profile information. Or you can generate it with the help of discords.com. Hopefully, this guide is helpful for you in creating your own discord profile link.  Happy Discording!

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