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How to Mark a Message As Important or Urgent in Teams? (Easily)

We have discussed how to mark a message as important in Teams and turn off this option if you don’t need to mark the messages as urgent here.
how to mark a message as important in teams

Marking the message as important or urgent in Teams can be useful in different ways, such as drawing attention to the important messages, prioritizing tasks, helping make communication better, and more.

But the question is how to mark a message as important or urgent in Teams. If you have just started using Microsoft Teams and don’t know how to mark a message as urgent, don’t worry. In this article, we have discussed all the methods to do it. You can try all these ways and mark your message as urgent and important quickly.

How to Make a Message Important or Urgent in Teams?

When it comes to making a message important in Teams, there are multiple ways that you can try. But if you are looking for effective ones, then here are two different ways to flag Team messages as important. Without wasting any time, let’s see how these work.

Two Ways to Flag Teams Message as Important or Urgent on Computer

Way 1. Via Set Delivery Option

Set Delivery Options is the ideal way to flag Team Message as important or urgent on your PC. So, if you want people to pay attention to your message, then you should definitely try this way. Let’s see how it works.

  • Open your Chat and choose “Set Delivery Options”.
Set delivery options
  • On the screen, you will see two options; Important and Urgent. You can choose any options, and they will add the word important or urgent in the Capitals above your message box.
Important and urgent options in Teams
  • Now, you can add your important messages, files, image, etc. Once done, click the “Send” button to send important or urgent messages. In case of an Urgent message, the application will notify the recipient after every 2 minutes for 20 minutes.
Add important messages to flag teams message as important

That’s it! This is how you can quickly mark a message as Urgent and Important in Teams. You can also use shortcuts to do that. Check out the guide below to see which shortcuts will mark your messages as important.

Way 2. Via Shortcuts

If you don’t want to follow complicated ways to mark your message as important or urgent, then you can use Shortcuts. Before sending the message, press Control + Shift + I and this will mark your message as important or urgent. You will also see a red exclamation mark with your message.

How to Send a Message As Important or Urgent in Teams Mobile Version?

Thankfully, mobile users can also send a message as important or urgent in Teams. However, the method is a bit different compared to the computer. So, if you still want to try, then check the instructions below.

  • Open your app and enter the username and password to log in.
  • Next, open the Chat and click “More options.”
  • Now, choose the “Message Priority” option. On the screen, you will see Important and Urgent options.
  • Select your required option and compose your message.
  • This will add the IMPORTANT! or URGENT! the word above your message.
More options in Microsoft Teams on Mobile

How to Take Important or Urgent Off Teams Message?

Some people don’t appreciate getting Urgent or Important words with the message as they find it a bit annoying. So, if you think that your clients do not like it but you already sent the messages out, you can immediately remove it by following the steps below to take important or urgent off Teams messages. This is the only option to do that.

  • Select the “Chat” option and double-click on the username from where you want to remove important or urgent messages.  
Delete important messages
  • Once you are on the chat, click three dots and choose the “Delete” option
  • The message will no longer be available as important or urgent.
Important messages is deleted.

And if you do not send the messages out, you can follow the below methods to take important or urgent off Team messages.


  • Open your chat and click “Set Delivery Options.”
  • Now, from the menu, choose the “Standard” option.
  • The message will no longer be marked as important or urgent.


  • To undo this option on mobile, go to More options, and from there, turn off the Urgent or Important Messages. That’s it!

Why Can’t I Mark a Message As Important in Teams?

Marking a message as important is a very useful feature and makes your work more productive. But due to some reasons, if your Set  Delivery Options is missing in Teams, then don’t worry. In this section, we will discuss why it is happening to you. Apart from that, we will also share some solutions which will help you resolve this problem.


  • If  Set  Delivery Options is missing, it means you have more than 20 members in your group chat.
  • Your admin didn’t enable the important or urgent messages for you.
  • Set Delivery Options doesn’t appear when you send a message to yourself.
  • You didn’t update your Team application on PC and Mobile.
  • You didn’t turn on the Send urgent messages using the priority notifications option.

These are the possible reasons why you can’t see Set Delivery options in Team. However, to fix it, we recommend not adding more than 20 members to your group chat. In most cases, it is the main reason why people don’t see this option. Apart from that, talk to your admin and ask them to turn on the option. If nothing is working for you, we suggest updating the application regularly to avoid this issue.

Final Words

Marking the message as urgent or important has helped many Teams users. With this option on, there are fewer chances of missing important messages. Moreover, it also helps draw attention to the messages if there are a lot of other messages present in the chat or channel. In this way, readers won’t miss the important messages. If you don’t know how to mark a message as important in Teams, read the methods above and mark your messages important as well as urgent in no time.

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