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How to Record WhatsApp Calls? (Easy Guide)

Looking for effective techniques to record your calls on WhatsApp? Check out this guide to learn how to record WhatsApp calls on your iPhone and Android devices.
how to record whatsapp calls

WhatsApp provides a reliable chatting and audio and video communication platform. With just an internet connection, you can interact with your contacts with free WhatsApp calls. This feature also makes many users wonder how to record WhatsApp calls.

There can be many reasons why users want to record WhatsApp calls. Therefore, this guide is going to thoroughly discuss this point, covering everything you need to know about how to record WhatsApp calls on iPhone and Android. So, let’s get started right away!

Part 1. Can WhatsApp Call Be Recorded?

Yes, WhatsApp calls can be recorded. However, WhatsApp provides no built-in option for recording calls. Therefore, you must use any third-party app or your phone recorder to record those calls.

Most Android devices have a built-in voice recording feature, which can be accessed from the apps. On the other hand, the iPhone has a screen recording feature to capture all user activities taking place on the screen. So, you can smartly use these features to record WhatsApp calls.

Similarly, many third-party apps are also available to record WhatsApp calls. However, not all phones support third-party app recordings. So, you need to check your phone features and verify the settings.

Part 2. How to Record WhatsApp Calls on iPhone?

Recording WhatsApp calls on iPhone is simple and easy if you use the right strategies. You can record calls using a built-in recording feature of the iPhone or some third-party apps. Below are the two ways you can use to record WhatsApp calls on iPhone:

Way 1. Using Built-in Screen Recorder

With iOS 11 and above, iPhone users get a built-in screen recorder. This helpful feature lets you record WhatsApp video calls and all other activities on your iPhone screen. If you learn how to use this method, you don’t need any other apps to record your calls.

Here’s the step-wise guide on how to record WhatsApp calls on iPhone using a built-in screen recorder:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Go to the Control Centre.
control centre in iphone
  • Click Customize Controls and select the Screen Recording option to be added to the active controls list.
add the screen recording to whatsapp calls iphone
  • Now, press the gray Screen Recording icon which will turn red in almost 3 seconds. Exit the Control Centre to begin recording your iPhone screen.
press screen recording iphone
  • Open WhatsApp and call your contact to record all conversations.
  • Once you finish, go to the Control Centre and tap the red recording icon again to stop and save the recording on your phone.

This way, you can use a built-in screen recorder to address how to screen record a WhatsApp video call with sound on iPhone.

Way 2. Using Record it! :: Screen Recorder

Record it! :: Screen Recorder enables recording iPad and iPhone screen activities. You can record your video demos, game guides, and tutorials for different applications with Record it! :: Screen Recorder. Similarly, you can use this app to record your WhatsApp calls on your iPhone.

Follow the steps given below to learn how to record WhatsApp calls on iPhone using Record it! :: Screen Recorder:

  1. Go to the App Store and type Record it! :: Screen Recorder in the search bar.
  2. Hit the Install button next to the app to download it on your iPhone.
  3. After successful installation, launch the Record it! :: Screen Recorder.
  4. Hit the big red button on the screen to start recording your screen.
  5. Select the directory to save your recorded file.
  6. Open WhatsApp and call the contact to record the screen.
  7. Once done, click Stop to end the screen recording process.
start recording whatsapp iphone using record it

Part 3. How to Record WhatsApp Calls in Android?

Just like the iPhone, there are multiple ways to record WhatsApp calls in Android, even if WhatsApp does not offer a built-in feature.

Almost every latest Android smartphone comes with a built-in screen recorder. You can easily record your WhatsApp calls using this feature. Additionally, you can use third-party apps for recording calls. Therefore, below are two ways you can use for how to record WhatsApp calls secretly on Android:

Way 1. Using Built-in Screen Recorder

Built-in screen recorders are common in Android phones and popular among users. It is super simple to record calls using these built-in recorders.

Follow the below steps to learn how to record WhatsApp calls in Android using a built-in screen recorder:

  • Go to the Dashboard or Notification Bar on your Android phone and click Screen Recorder.
tap screen recorder on android
  • Click the Record button to begin recording.
  • Open WhatsApp and call your contact to record the screen.
  • Once you are done, stop the Screen Recorder.

Way 2. Using AZ Screen Recorder

Many third-party apps also help record Android screens. Therefore, you can use any reliable and effective app to record your WhatsApp calls smoothly.  

AZ Screen Recorder lets you record and edit WhatsApp calls on Android. It enables high-quality call recordings on Android smartphones.

Use the following steps to record WhatsApp calls with AZ Screen Recorder:

  • Open Google Play Store and search for AZ Screen Recorder. Install the app on your Android phone.
  • Launch AZ Screen Recorder, and you will get a pop-up widget on your notification panel. Click the Record icon.
  • Give the app permission to record audio. Afterward, it will start recording.
start recording on android with az screen recorder
  • Launch WhatsApp and make the call to your contact.
  • After you are done with the call, stop the recording.

Part 3. FAQS About Recording WhatsApp Calls

Q1. How to Record a WhatsApp Video Call with Sound?

  1. Launch WhatsApp and join or start a video call.
  2. Swipe down the screen to access the Quick Panel.
  3. Click Screen Recorder and set your sound settings (if asked).
  4. Tap the Start Recording button to begin the recording.
  5. Once you finish the call, tap the square Stop Recording button.

Q2. How to Record WhatsApp Calls Secretly?

To record WhatsApp calls secretly, use the following method:

  1. Install the Cube Call app from the Play Store and launch the app.
  2. Grant permission to provide access to your contacts.
  3. Click the Start Recording button.
  4. Open WhatsApp and make or attend a call.
  5. Stop recording by tapping the stop button in the app after you are done.

Q3. How to Record WhatsApp Calls Automatically?

  1. Install the Cube Call app from the Play Store and launch the app.
  2. Open WhatsApp and a widget will appear on your screen when you place or receive a call.
  3. If you don’t get the widget on the screen, launch Cube Call and select the Force VoIP option for voice calls.

This way, the app will automatically record WhatsApp calls and save them in your internal storage.

Final Words

WhatsApp has become an all-rounder communication platform. Its free internet-based calling features have enabled millions of users to interact with each other instantly. However, this also makes users explore how to record WhatsApp calls.

Since WhatsApp does not offer a built-in call recording feature, this guide presented different tips and tricks to still record WhatsApp calls on iPhone and Android. So, follow the methods discussed above and record the calls you want. Furthermore, also install Dr.Fone WhatsApp Transfer to protect your WhatsApp data and seamlessly transfer WhatsApp between iOS and Android.

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