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How to Request And Give Screen Control in Teams?

How to request screen control in Teams? If you have just started using Teams and don't know how to request and give screen control, we got you covered.
how to request screen control in teams

How to request screen control in Teams? Requesting screen control in Microsoft Teams is very helpful during meetings. With this feature, you can do many things, such as assist your Team members, check how the problems happening on customers´ computers, and more. Not only can you request screen control, but you can share your screen as well. In this article, we will guide you on how to request and give screen control in Teams.

How to Share Screen And Give Control in Teams?

In this section, we will guide you on how to share your screen and give control to others in Teams. But before giving the control, remember that your organizer has enabled this option; otherwise, you won’t be able to share the screen and give control. To enable this option check the steps below.

Enable Request Control:

login microsoft Teams
  • Once you are in Microsoft Teams Admin Center dashboard, look for the “Meetings” option.
Meeting in Microsoft Teams admin center
  • From there, look for and click on the “Meetings Policies” option.  
Meeting policies in Microsoft Teams Admin Center
  • Scroll down and turn on the “Allow an external participant to give or request control” option on the meeting policies page.
Turn on the Allow an external participant to give or request control option

After it is enabled, follow the below steps to share the screen and give control in Teams on Windows.

  • Open your Microsoft Teams app and join the Meeting by clicking the “Join” option.
Join meeting in Teams
  • Next, click “Join Now” to start your Meeting.
join now to start meeting
  • After you have joined the Meeting, click the “Shared Desktop” icon.
share button in teams meeting
  • You can now decide whether you want to share the entire screen (Desktop), Windows, or your other tabs (PowerPoint). If you want people to hear the sound, don’t forget to choose the “Include System Audio” option.
select screen to share in teams meeting
  • If you want to share the entire screen, then click the screen available under Desktop, and it will share your screen.
  • Now to give your screen control, move your mouse to the top of the screen and look for the “Give Control” option and click it.
Give control option in teams meeting
  • The give control option will show you the members available in the Meeting. So, choose the users you want to give control to, and the members who have control can do anything on your computer.

How to Request Screen Control in Teams?

The good news is that Microsoft Teams also allows you to request screen control of others. Yes, that is right. With this option, you can control their screen and do the modifications. But for that, you first have to ask their permission. To request screen control in Teams, you can follow the steps below.

  • Open your Microsoft Teams app and click the “Join Now” option to join the Meeting.
  • Once you are in the Meeting and the presenter has shared their screen, click the “Request Control” button on the screen. This option will allow you to control other member screens.  
request control button in teams meeting
  • Wait for the current presenter to allow the screen. Once they click “Allow,” you can control their screen. Remember that if they click Deny, the request will be denied.

Request Control in Teams Not Showing? Fixed with These Methods

Some users complained that they didn’t see the request control option in Teams. Also, they added that other members of their Meetings are not able to see the Allow or Deny options to grant control. If you are facing the same problems, then here are some reasons why Request control is not showing in Teams.

  • Your App is not Updated

 Sometimes you don’t get the request control option because of an outdated app. So, we recommend checking the updates. You can easily update the app from your Teams app by clicking the “Check for Updates” option.

  • Guest Users

If you are a guest user and joining the Meeting via the web app, then you can’t see the request control feature. So, make sure both parties are using Teams on the desktop; otherwise, this option will be grayed out.

  • Request Control Feature is not Enabled

Sometimes this issue appears because your organizer didn’t enable the request control feature from Settings. At the beginning of the article, we discussed how to enable request control via the Admin center.

  • GPU or Hardware Acceleration is Missing

The request control feature doesn’t work properly because of the missing Graphics processing unit (GPU). To fix this issue, you first have to verify if your system has the hardware acceleration or not. You can do it easily by typing chrome://gpu/ in Google Chrome and edge://gpu/ in Microsoft Edge. It will show you a page from where you can verify the hardware acceleration.

Check hardware acceleration
  • Wait for a Few Seconds

Wait for at least a few seconds to get the bar on the screen. Sometimes, the app takes 1-2 minutes to show the request control bar. Once you get the option, click the “PIN” button so you can see it easily.  

  • Restart Teams

If the above methods don’t work for you, we suggest restarting your app. This method works most of the time when you can’t see the Request control feature.

Final Words

 How to request screen control in Teams?   Many people don’t know how to use the share screen and request control feature. But In this article, we have discussed all the ways you can use to share screen and request control in MS Teams. It is important to learn this method, especially during remote work. Also, with this option, you can share your mouse or keyboard, which makes collaboration easier.

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