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How to Scan Discord QR Code to Login on Computer?

Need help logging into your discord account using a QR code? Check out this guide and learn how to scan the QR code with ease.
how to scan discord qr code

Discord is a popular messaging app for gamers that lets you communicate with your friends while you play. While it’s great for gaming, it can also be used for business or general chatting. In order to use such an online platform, we usually need to enter the login details, which take a bit of time and effort – especially when you’re in a hurry to access your account.

QR code is the best alternative to it, making it much easier to login into the discord account without the hassle of typing in the login details. This post will show you how to scan a Discord QR code on your computer.

How to Login with QR Code On Discord?

To log in by scanning the discord QR code, you’ll need a discord app on your phone with a discord account logged in. Once you have the phone ready with a discord account, you can proceed with the steps below to learn how to scan discord QR code on computer.  

  • Launch the Discord app on an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone and tap on the profile at the bottom left corner of the screen. This should bring the User Settings.
Click Discord proile icon on mobile
  • In the user settings, locate the Scan QR code and tap on it. If you haven’t used the camera on the Discord app, a prompt might pop up asking you to grant camera permission. So, grant the camera permissions to the discord.
scan qr code discord android
  • Now, visit Discord.com on your computer’s browser or launch the desktop program to sign in to your account using the QR code. You’ll see the QR code along with the sign-in fields.
discord signin page on computer
  • Point your phone’s camera towards the computer’s screen to scan the QR code on the computer. Once the QR code is scanned, the prompt will appear on the discord phone app asking for login approval. Tap on “Yes, Log me in”.
tap yes log me in on discord android
  • Your discord account will be logged in on the computer instantly. Click on “Continue” to use your Discord.
login with qr code on discord successfully

How to Fix Discord Login with QR Code Not working?

Have you been trying hundreds of times to scan the QR code on the computer but have yet to be successful for a single time? There can be multiple reasons for discord login with QR code not working. Here are the possible reasons why the discord QR code scan is not working.

  • Using the outdated app or the desktop program of discord can cause incompatibility between the different platforms when scanning the QR code.
  • Your monitor isn’t clean, so the phone’s camera couldn’t scan the security information from the QR code.
  • Another possible reason can be your phone’s camera is contaminated with fingerprints or blurry.

The first and foremost thing you should do when facing an issue with the discord QR code is to update both the phone’s app and the desktop version if using. Other than that, make sure the camera of the phone you’re using to scan the QR code is clean and with smudges on it.

Moreover, some who faced a similar issue reported changing the phone’s display resolution from QHD to FHD resolved this issue. Generally and technically, display resolution has nothing to do with the QR code. However, this fix seemed to work for many Android users.

How to Generate a Social Media Discord QR Code?

The future is now with this convenient way that allows people easy access and engagement! To maximize your discord server’s potential for growth, you need to know how best to use the power of QR codes. Follow these steps below to generate a social media QR code to get more followers fast.

  • Firstly, you’ll need a discord QR code generator for your social media QR code. The QRTIGER QR code generator is the best discord QR code generator, with the ultimate convenience and many features.
  • Once you visit the QR generator, click on the social media solution.
social media in qrtiger qr code generator
  • Tap on the Hyperlink icon, paste your Discord server’s link, and hit enter. Other than your social media links, you can add your social media pages to them by playing with the arrows on the left.
  • Once done with adding links and social pages. Hit on Generate dynamic QR code to generate a social media discord QR code.
generate dynamic qr code qrtiger qr generator

Note: Once you generate the QR code, test it at least once before using it for your social media account. Also, the QRTIGER allows you to customize with the QR code. However, it’s preferable to keep the color of the QR code white with the black information.

Final Words

With Discord, we can communicate with friends while gaming, and it’s also great for business or general chatting. Logging in to our account on a computer can be a hassle, especially when in a hurry, but the QR code makes it much easier. All you need is a phone with the discord app logged in, and you’re good to go. In this guide, we showed you “how to scan discord QR code” and suggested some of the best ways to fix if facing any issues. Hope they are helpful to you.

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