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How to Schedule A Message in Microsoft Teams? 4 Effective Ways

If you don’t know how to schedule a message in the Microsoft teams, this guide is for you. You can know all methods to schedule a message in Teams like official method, via outlook, or with the helpf of app. You can also know how to schedule recurring messages.
how to schedule a message in microsoft teams

Today’s users rely on apps like Teams to contact their coworkers and manage a sensible workflow. Sometimes, you may have the requirement to send messages later. Microsoft Teams can meet your requirements. It has a feature to delay your messages. Curious about this feature? Read this article, you can know how to schedule a message in Microsoft Teams with different methods and how to schedule recurring messages here. Let’s have a look.

Can You Schedule A Teams Message?

Yes, you can Schedule a Message with the Schedule send feature in Microsoft Teams. This feature can be very useful if your coworker lives in a different time zone and you want to ensure that your message will be received during normal work hours or if you have some special tasks to assign to someone at a specific time.

But how to do it? Go ahead to try the below methods.

How Does Teams Schedule Message? (Official Method)

Now let’s learn how to schedule a message in Microsoft Teams. Here, we will explain the official method to send a message automatically on Microsoft Teams firstly. Follow the below steps.

  • Open your Microsoft Teams App and then log in with your account.
  • Click on the conversation to which you want to send a scheduled message.
  • Type the message and on the bottom right corner, right-click on the send button.
  • Now it will open the Schedule message menu, select the date and time when you want to send your message, and then press the “send at a scheduled time” button.
send at a scheduled time on Microsoft Teams
  • You will notice that your scheduled time is above the compose box. Just press the send button, and your message will be sent and delivered on the date and time of your choice.
schedule message successfully

Do not want to read texts? You can follow this video guide.

But there is some limitation with the official methods: you can’t send a Schedule message to recipients with whom you have never chatted. But don’t worry for you; we have mentioned more methods you can use to send a scheduled message without any limitations.

We highly recommend you use these methods if you don’t want any limitations.

How to Create Microsoft Teams Scheduled Messages Via Outlook Email?

You can also create a Microsoft Team Schedule message Via Outlook email. Through this method, you will not face any limitations and will easily send messages to any team member.

Here are the steps to send Microsoft Teams scheduled messages via Outlook email.

  • First, go to Microsoft Teams and click on the three-dot option available in front of the chat, and then click on Get Email Address to copy that user’s email address.
get email address in Microsoft Teams
  • Now log in to your Outlook account and then click on the new message.
  • Paste the copy email into the Email field and then type a message you want to send.
  • Now select Options > Delay Delivery. Check “Do Not Deliver Before” and select the date you want to send the message.
delivery delay in outlook
  • Click “Send” and now the message will be sent in the set time.

Still do not know how to use it? Check this video tutorial.

How to Create Teams Scheduled Messages Via App?

If you feel the Outlook method is very difficult to use. You can follow this guide to create a team-scheduled message via App to send automatically.

  • Log in to your Team account and select the recipient to send the scheduled message via App.
  • Now click on the three dots button on the bottom, search for workflow, choose the first option available, and click on Add.
search workflow in teams
  • Then click on create a new action. The list of options will pop up, select the schedule a message option.
Schedule a message in Teams Workflow
  • After that, click on “Add Workflow” and then “Run Flow”, now, the power automate action window appears.
Power Automate Action Window in Teams
  • Now select the date and time to schedule a message, and write the message you want to send. Once you have completed the message, click on submit to send your scheduled message.

How to Schedule Recurring Messages in Teams?

Except for scheduling one-time messages, you may also need to schedule recurring messages to follow up the work process. We also cover you here. Here are the steps to create a schedule of recurring messages for your team.

  • Open Microsoft Flow – Power Automate on your web browser. Log in with your Teams account.
  • Then click on the create option available on the left panel.
Create in Power Automate
  • Now select the Scheduled flow option, click on “Skip” on the pop window, then type recurrence, and select it.
type recurrence in power automate
  • Then you will see two options- Interval and Frequency. Enter the interval and frequency to set your reminder for your team and select the New Step option.
Set Recurrence in Power Automate
  • Select Teams and then select the post-message option from the list as an action.
Select Teams in power automate
  • Then select the team and channel whom you want to set a reminder for and then type the message.
Select Teams channel in the power automate
  • In the last, click on the save option to set your reminder for your team. Now the recurring messages will be sent automatically based on the rules you set.

Final Words

In this guide, you have learned how to schedule a message on Microsoft Teams via the official method, but due to some limitations, many users want a better way to send a scheduled message. That’s why we have mentioned other ways to send a scheduled message without limitations. In case of you need it, we also introduce how to schedule a recurring message in Teams. I hope this guide will help you manage your work more easily in Teams.


Q1. How to schedule out of office messages in teams?

Launch the Team, and then on the top right corner, select the three-dot option and then select the settings. From the drop-down menu, select the schedule option. Then turn on the automatic reply option and enter your scheduled out of office message in the team.

Q2. How to pin messages in the team’s channel?

Go to the message you want to pin and select the ellipses, choose the pin option from the list, and your message will be pinned to the top for everyone to see.

You can also unpin the message you have pined by clicking on the ellipses on the top and then selecting the unpin option.

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