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How to Use Microsoft Teams Milestones App to Manage Your Projects

A step-by-step guide for managers to understand how to use Microsoft Teams Milestones to effectively manage projects and achieve goals.
microsoft teams milestones

Being a team leader or project manager is not an easy job. You have got several responsibilities from managing your team, assigning tasks, and effectively distributing the workload to achieve your set milestones.

When it comes to project management and team collaboration, you can’t find any app better than Microsoft Teams Milestones. It is loaded with powerful features that help team leads stay focused and get real-time actionable insights to make their teams more productive.

Let’s explore Microsoft Teams Milestones and find out different ways team leads can use this app to manage their projects.

What is Microsoft Teams Milestones App? 

Microsoft Teams Milestones is a project management tool available in Microsoft Teams as an app. It helps teams keep track of project milestones, deadlines, and overall project progress.

With Microsoft Teams Milestones, team leads can create and manage milestones, set deadlines, assign tasks, and track progress toward project goals. Besides, the app allows team members to collaborate and communicate in real-time and ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same objectives.

Moreover, the app also increases accountability among team members. Each task has a designated owner, and deadlines are clearly defined. This helps ensure that everyone is responsible for their part of the project.

What Are The Benefits of Using Teams Milestones?

Given below are some of the core benefits of the Microsoft Teams Milestones app:

  1. Centralized Project Management: Microsoft Teams Milestones allows teams to manage all aspects of their project in one central location. You can track important dates, milestones, and deadlines from a single dashboard.
  2. Improved Team Collaboration: The app makes it easy for team members to communicate and collaborate in real time. Improved team collaboration drives innovation and boosts overall team performance for long-term sustainability.
  3. Increased Productivity: With Microsoft Teams Milestones, teams can prioritize tasks and work more efficiently as well as easily assign tasks and responsibilities.
  4. Better Visibility and Transparency: Microsoft Teams Milestones makes project progress visible to everyone on the team. The app keeps project teams aware of the project status and allows them to make informed decisions.
  5. Customizable and Flexible: The app is highly customizable and flexible and empowers teams to set up their project management processes as per their preferences.

How Do You Add Milestones in MS Teams?

Follow these simple and easy steps to add Microsoft Team Milestones app in MS Teams:

To begin with, open the Microsoft Teams app and navigate to the channel where you want to add the Milestones app.Go to channel to add teams milestones
In your desired channel, Click on the “+” button next to the existing tabs in the channel.Add button in channel of Teams
Now, go to the search bar at the top of the screen, type “Milestones,” and hit enter. Select the “Milestones” app from the search results.Search Milestones app in Teams to add milestones app microsoft teams
Click the “Add” button to add the Milestones app to your channel.  Add milestones in channel teams
Wait for a few seconds until the app is installed on this channel. Once added, you can start using it to manage your project milestones, deadlines, and tasks.Install milestones in Teams

How to Create New Projects Using Milestones App in Teams?

Creating new projects and monitoring the overall progress with Milestones App is very easy. Here’s how you can do this:

Open Microsoft Teams and navigate to the “Apps” section on the left column of the screen.Apps in microsoft Teams
Locate the Milestones app and click on it to open it.Open milestones app in Teams
Click on the “New Project” button located at the top right-hand corner of the app.New projects in Teams
Enter the project details such as the project name, description, start date, and end date. Similarly, click on the “Add Milestones” button to add specific milestones to the project. Enter the milestone details such as the milestone name, description, and due date. Add milestones details in Teams
Once you have added all the milestones for the project, click on the “Next” button.Next button after adding milestones detailes in Teams
Lastly, enter the names of project team members and click on the “Create” button to create a new project.Create new project in Teams
The project will now be added to the list of projects in the Milestones app. You can click on the project to view the milestones and their respective due dates. Once the project is completed, mark the milestones as completed and the project as closed. View projects in Milestones app in Teams

How to Add New Item to Project Using Milestones App Microsoft Teams?

Given below are the steps to add a new item to your project via Microsoft Teams Milestones App:

Again, navigate to the Milestones app in Microsoft Teams and Select the project you want to add an item to.Select project in milestones in Teams
Under the project, click on the “+” icon.Add button in projects in teams
Add task details to your desired milestone such as the task name, assignee, milestone, deadline, category, description, priority, and description. Press the Create button after adding the relevant details.Add Task Detailes in Milestones Teams
The task details will now be displayed under each milestone for better tracking.Tasks details displayed in Milestones Teams

How to Filter Tasks in Milestones App in Teams?

Filtering tasks in Milestones App is also very easy. Here’s how you can do this:

Open the Milestones app in Teams. In the Tracking tab, click on the “Filter” button in the top right corner of the screen.Filter in Milestones Teams
Choose the filter criteria you want to use. For example, you can filter by task milestones, categories, priorities, team members, and statuses.Filter criteria in milestones Teams
Once you’ve selected your filter criteria, click on the “Apply” button.Apply filter criteria in Milestones Teams


Microsoft Teams Milestones is an in-built app in Microsoft Teams that can help you manage your projects by breaking them down into smaller, more manageable tasks. You can assign deadlines, track progress, and identify potential roadblocks in the project.

Similarly, the Milestones app allows for real-time collaboration among team members. Team leads can assign tasks to team members, set deadlines, and discuss any issues that arise. This improves communication and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

By using the Milestones app, you can plan your project more effectively, set deadlines, track progress, and adjust your plan as needed. Eventually, the app can streamline workflows by providing a clear overview of the project and reducing the risk of confusion or duplicated efforts.

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