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Why is There Only One Tick on WhatsApp But Not Blocked?

Is the one tick on WhatsApp not changing to two blue ticks even for hours? Keep reading to learn why there is only one tick for WhatsApp even when not blocked.
one tick for whatsapp

With over 2 billion users, WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app worldwide. For every message you send on WhatsApp, it displays ticks to show its status. However, sometimes the situation becomes panicking when the one tick for WhatsApp chat does not change to double ticks even after hours. And you are sure that you are not blocked. So what does that mean?

Let’s discuss in detail the tick for WhatsApp meaning in this guide and clarify your common doubts.

Part 1. What Does One Grey Tick Mean on WhatsApp?

When you send an image, voice, or text message on WhatsApp, a tick symbol appears below your message. This one grey tick is the indication that the message is sent to the recipient successfully.

You will often notice that the one grey tick appearing with your message turns into two grey ticks immediately after sending the message, but sometimes it takes longer.

WhatsApp single tick for a long time often becomes a concern for users. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the recipient has blocked you. However, it might make you wonder why is there only one tick on WhatsApp but not blocked. The reason is that a single tick can indicate many conditions.

You get one grey tick on WhatsApp when your message has been sent successfully but has not been delivered yet. In this case, the recipient may not have a stable internet connection, or their Wi-Fi could have been turned off on their device.

You could also see one tick appear below your message if the recipient has deleted their WhatsApp application or is running their phone in airplane mode. Another reason could be that they have switched off their phones or simply not using their app.

Your message will be delivered to the recipient when they connect to the internet or turn on their devices. Once they receive your message, this one tick for WhatsApp changes into two grey ticks immediately.

Part 2.  What Does One Blue Tick Mean on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp indicates your message status with a couple of different ticks when you send it to a recipient. Blue ticks were introduced by WhatsApp in 2014 to notify the read status of your messages.

Although there was no such feature originally, some users have reported getting one blue tick on WhatsApp. It can possibly be a temporary bug or a technical glitch in the app appearing when your message is opened or read by the recipient.

You can try to refresh the app by closing the app forcefully in the background and opening it again. Also, you can even try to reboot your phone to resolve this issue. But if nothing else works, reinstall your app after removing it from your phone to check if it helps.

Part 3. What Do Two Grey Ticks on WhatsApp?

When you send a message on WhatsApp, you first get a single grey tick, which tells you that your message has been sent from your device to the server but not delivered to the recipient. It turns to two ticks once the message gets delivered to the recipient’s device.

If you get two grey ticks on WhatsApp, it simply means that the recipient has received your message but not seen it. However, in some cases, users may have turned off their “read receipts” to prevent others from knowing that they have read the messages.

If the recipient has turned off read receipts, the two grey ticks will not turn blue even after the chat is opened and read. The only way to notice this change is when you send messages to someone and receive a reply from their side, but the two ticks remain grey instead of turning blue.

Part 4. What Do Two Blue Ticks on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp launched the blue ticks feature to highlight the delivered and read messages better. So, when you see two blue ticks on WhatsApp, it indicates that the recipient has seen and read the message.

In some cases, you may not see the two blue ticks even if the recipient has read your message. It happens when you or the recipient has turned off “read receipts”. Once the read receipts feature is turned off from WhatsApp settings, you are unable to see two blue ticks on messages.

Part 5. FAQS About Ticks on WhatsApp

Q1. Does 1 Grey Tick on WhatsApp Mean I’m Blocked?

No, 1 grey tick on WhatsApp doesn’t necessarily mean that you have been blocked. It simply shows that your message has been sent but not delivered to the recipient. It may be due to the recipient’s poor internet connection, a deactivated app, or a switched-off phone.

Q2. Why Does WhatsApp Show Single Tick But Online?

WhatsApp shows a single tick against your message when it is sent from your device successfully. However, it doesn’t turn to two ticks until the message gets delivered to the recipient. WhatsApp single tick but online can be due to the recipient’s poor internet connection.

Q3. Does One Tick on WhatsApp Mean Phone is Off?

Yes, one tick on WhatsApp may indicate that the recipient’s phone is off. However, there can be other reasons as well behind one tick on WhatsApp, such as airplane mode, low battery, deactivated account, or poor network connection.

Q4. How Many Ticks on WhatsApp if the Phone is Off?

If you send a message to someone whose phone is off, you will get a single tick until the person turns on the phone and internet. In a group chat, you will see one tick if any one of them has turned off the phone.

Q5. How to Turn Off Blue Ticks on WhatsApp on iPhone?

To turn off blue ticks on WhatsApp on iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Click on Privacy.
  3. Toggle off the Read Receipts feature.

Q6. Why Do Some WhatsApp Ticks Not Turn Blue?

Some WhatsApp ticks don’t turn blue if the recipient has disabled the read receipts or blocked you. Alternatively, you will not see blue ticks in any of your conversations if you have turned off the read receipts in WhatsApp Privacy.

Q7. How to Read WhatsApp Messages without Blue Tick?

You can read WhatsApp messages without a blue tick by turning off the read receipts or reading them in airplane mode. To disable read receipts, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to WhatsApp Settings.
  • Go to Account.
  • Tap Privacy.
  • Turn off Read Receipts.

Final Words

WhatsApp messaging is simplified for users with certain ticks to keep them updated. Once you send a message, the color and symbol of these ticks change at each step to indicate its current status. However, if you get one tick for WhatsApp even after a few hours, then don’t panic. There could be many reasons behind the cause other than being blocked, as reflected in this guide. So, keep this guide as your reference when you face any issues while messaging.

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