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Top 6 Ways to Fix Teams Error Code CAA20002

In this article, you will list the top 6 ways to fix Teams error code caa20002. All these solutions are easy to follow and will definitely remove this error from your Windows.
teams error code caa20002

Many people complained about  Teams error code caa20002 when they tried to complete the login process. We understand that this error can be frustrating and stops you from signing into the application. Mostly this error occurs when the application is unable to connect with the server. However, don’t worry; here are 6 different ways that you can use to fix this error.

Why Does Microsoft Teams Error Code – CAA20002 Occur?

Microsoft Teams error code caa20002 is undoubtedly the biggest headache for users and creates issues for them during the sign-in. Apart from the cache issue, there could be several reasons why you see this error on your screen. Want to know the other reasons for Team error code caa20002? Check out the causes mentioned below.

  • This error occurs when you don’t update your Teams app for a longer time.
  • Teams error code caa20002 means that you are using access work or school accounts.
  • Using MS Teams on a VPN is also the main reason why you get it on your screens.
  • Sometimes, your passwords are compromised, which can also stop you from using this application.
  • The last reason could be corrupted files that are creating problems with your application.

How to Fix Microsoft Teams Error Code CAA20002?

Once you have learned about the main reasons why you see this error on your screen, it’s time to try the solutions that will fix MS Teams error code. Some of the top solutions that will resolve this issue are discussed below. Without wasting any time, let’s try these solutions one by one.

1. Delete Microsoft Teams Cache

Clearing your cache is the ideal way to delete all the junk stored in your application. It is a powerful method and will definitely resolve your Teams error code caa20002. If you don’t know how to delete MS Teams cache, we have mentioned the simple steps which you can follow.

  • Before clearing the cache, you have to close your MS Teams application. Make sure it is closed from the background as well. You can go to the Task Manager and close it from there.
  • Once your app is closed, open RUN  (Windows + R) and paste the following command

%appdata%\Microsoft\teams, as shown in the image below. Don’t forget to click the “OK” button.

Run appdata to clear teams cache to fix teams error code caa20002
  • It will open the Teams folder for you, so delete the following folders.

1.application cache\cache

 2. blob_storage

3. Cache

4. databases

5. GPUcache

6. IndexedDB

7. Local Storage

8. Tmp

  • Don’t delete other folders, as it is a waste of time. After you are done, open your MS Teams app, type your login credentials, and enjoy.

2. Reinstall MS Teams

After clearing the cache, you still get this error on the screen; it means the issue could be in your MS Teams application. Hence we suggest reinstalling the application, and for that, you can follow the steps below.

  • First, remove the application from the Settings. To do that, open the Settings app and look for the “Apps” option.
Open Apps in Windows to Reinstall MS Teams to fix microsoft teams error code - caa20002
  • From there, look for your MS Teams app and uninstall it.
  • Next, visit https://www.microsoft.com and click the “Teams” option to download the latest version.
  • Once you have installed the app, try to log in again, and hopefully, this time, you don’t see this error.

3. Add or Reconnect the Account in Access Work or School

Many users suggested that adding and reconnecting the account in Access work or school has helped them fix the Microsoft Teams error code caa20002. That is because if you are using a Microsoft account assigned by the organization, then it can cause some restrictions. So, try to reconnect the account again to fix this issue. Want to know how it is done? Follow the instructions below.

  • Open your Windows Settings application and look for the “Account” option.
accounts in Windows
  • Now, look for the “Access work or school” option.
Add or Reconnect the Account in Access Work or School to fix microsoft teams error code caa20002
  • If there is no account connected, then click the “Connect” button.
  • In the box, type the account which you want to connect to and click the “Next” button.
  • That’s it! Your account will be added.

 In case you have already added an account, then you will see the disconnect option, so click it and reconnect your account again.

4. Update Your Teams Password

There is a high chance that your password has been compromised, and that is why Microsoft is not allowing you to log in to the application. So, it’s time to update your Teams account password so you don’t see the Teams error code caa20002 on your screen.

  • Open your MS Teams application on Windows and click the “Use Another account or sign up” button.
  • Next, enter your email address and click the “Next” option.
  • Now, click the “Forgot my Password” option.
  • Add your email address again and click the “Next” option.
  • In the next step, complete your verification process.
  • Once you have completed the verification process, enter your new password, and you are good to go.
  • After updating the password, open your application and try to sign in again.

5. Set MS Teams to Windows 8 Compatibility Mode

Setting MS Teams to Windows 8 compatibility mode would definitely help to fix Microsoft Teams error code caa20002. Let’s see how you can do it.

  • Go to your MS Teams app, right-click on it, and choose the Properties option.
Properties options of teams
  • A new screen will appear; from there, select the  “Compatibility” tab.
  • Scroll down and turn on Run this program in compatibility mode for and select the Windows 8 option.
Run this program in compatibility mode for
  • After choosing Windows 8, choose the Apply option, and after that, click “OK.”

Hopefully, this will fix your error. If not, then try the last method.

6. Disable VPN and Turn Off Anti-virus software Temporarily

 After trying everything, you still get Teams error code caa20002 during the sign-in, which means you are using your app on VPN, which is blocking your connection between the app and the server. Windows users can follow the steps below to turn off VPN.

  • Search Settings application in Windows and click on it.
Settings in Windows
  • Once you have opened the app, click the “Network & Internet”. 
Network and internet in Windows
  • From the left side menu, choose the “VPN” option.
VPN Option in Windows
  • Now, choose the VPN that you want to disable and click either Disconnect option.
Disconnect and disable VPN on Windows
  • After that, restart your PC, open your MS Teams app, and try to log in again.


There you go, folks; these are some of the top solutions to remove Teams error code caa20002 on your Windows. You can try these ways one by one until you find the right solution. If you face other errors, including Teams error code caa5004b, then we have another article that will help you fix this error in no time.

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