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How to Fix Teams Microphone Not Working? All Cases Are Here!

In this article, we have discussed different ways to fix Teams microphone not working. You can try all these ways and fix your issue easily.
teams microphone not working

Microsoft Teams is one of the ideal apps used for organizing meetings, sharing files, collaborating with others, and more. But this app also has some bugs, such as Teams Microphone not working. So, if your Teams microphone has randomly stopped working and you don’t know how to fix it. Don’t worry; this guide will walk you through everything about how to fix the Teams Microphone not working.  

Why is My Microphone Not Working on Microsoft Teams?

There could be many reasons why your microphone not working on Microsoft Teams. Some of the common ones are discussed below.

  • You didn’t update your audio driver. 
  • Your microphone settings are not adjusted correctly on the PC.
  • You have accidentally turned off the Microphone. 
  • There is an issue with your Microsoft Teams application.
  • Your Microsoft Teams settings are wrong. 
  • It could be a hardware problem. 

These are some of the top reasons why your Microphone has suddenly stopped working. If you want to know the solutions, then continue reading this article.

6 Solutions for Microsoft Teams Microphone Not Working on Local or Remote Desktop

As mentioned above, if your Microphone is not working on Teams, it’s a hardware problem, or you didn’t adjust Microphone settings correctly. Moreover, it can be an issue with your Teams application. But don’t worry because we will guide you through everything about it and how you can fix this problem on Windows.

1. Switch to Correct Microphone

If you have started the meeting and people can’t hear you, it means there is an issue with your Microphone settings. So, we suggest switching to the correct one so you can resolve the problem instantly. To do that, you can follow the steps below.

  • Open the Microsoft Teams app and join a meeting by clicking the “Start Meeting”.
  • Next, click the three-dotted option near the chat box.
  • Now, to adjust the device setting, click the “Show Device Setting” option.
Show device settings in Teams meeting
  • Once you are on the Device Settings option, go to the “Microphone” option and see the list of microphones connected to your PC.
Microphone options in teams meeting
  • Select the right Microphone, and if it is working fine, you will see the blue bar on the screen.

This will resolve your Microphone issue, but if you are still facing the same problem, check the other 5 ways mentioned below.

2. Turn on the Media in App Permissions

If you are using Windows, then you can easily turn on the Media via the App permissions option. This will hopefully fix your Microphone not working problem. To allow apps to access the permission, check the steps below.

  • Open your Microsoft Teams application and choose your profile icon.
  • From there, choose the “Settings” option and click the “Permission” button.
  • Next, go to Media and turn on the option.
permissions in teams settings
  • Once you have completed the steps above, the app will have access to your Microphone.

3. Turn on Microsoft Access for Computer Microphone

If the above method doesn’t work for you, it means the system is blocking the permission. So, it is best to turn on your Microsoft Access for Computer Microphone. You can easily do that from your Windows Settings option. Want to know how? Check the steps below.

  • Click Windows and choose the “Settings” option.
Settings in Windows
  • Once you are on Windows Settings, click the “Privacy” option.
Privacy in windows
  • Now, go to the Microphone section and turn on the “Allow apps to access your microphone” option. Also, check whether Microsoft access for this device is turned on or not. If not, click the “Change” button to turn it on.
Allow apps to access your microphone in Teams
  • You also have to turn on the Allow desktop apps to access the microphone option.
Allow desktop apps to access the microphone option Windows

4. Update Microsoft Teams

If you haven’t updated your Microsoft Teams for a long time, then it’s time to update it. Updating the app will fix many issues, including Teams Microphone not working.  Let’s see how you can update Microsoft Teams.

  • Open your Microsoft Teams application and click your Profile icon.
  • Next, click the “About” option and hit the “Version” button.
About in Teams
  • It will show you the message when you last updated the application. If you want to check new versions released by Microsoft, then click the “Check for Updates” button.
check for updates in teams
  • You will see the message saying, “We will check and install any update while you continue to work.”
We will check and install any update in teams

That’s it! Once the app is updated, restart your app and check if the microphone is working or not. If the issue is still there, check the last two ways.

5. Reinstall Microsoft Teams

If updating the app hasn’t resolved the microphone problem, then reinstall Microsoft Teams. Hopefully, this will fix your issue. To do that, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Before reinstalling the app, you first have to uninstall it from Settings.
  • To do that, open your Settings option and look for “Apps.”
Apps in Windows
  • Now, look for the Microsoft Teams option and click the “Uninstall” button.
Uninstall Microsoft Teams
  • Once the app is removed, open the “Microsoft Store” option and search for the “Microsoft Teams” application.
Install Microsoft Teams Windows
  • Click the “Install” button, and your app is ready to use.

6. Using Web Version

If the above methods don’t work for you, then the only option left is to use the web version of Microsoft Teams. However, remember that you can use it on supported browsers only, as this app doesn’t work on Internet Explorer.

login microsoft Teams
  • Once you are logged in, select the “View site information” button.
  • A pop-box will appear where you will see the “Permission for this Site” option.
  • Next, look for the Microphone option and choose Allow.
Allow microphone in teams
  • Once done, you can check your microphone. Hopefully, this will fix your problem.

How to Fix Microphone Not Working in Teams But Works in Zoom?

Some users complain that their Microphone is not working in Teams but working fine in Zoom. If you are also facing the same problem, then here are the top reasons for it.

  • You didn’t turn off the Noise suppression in your Teams Settings: If this is the case, then go to your app and turn off the Noise suppression from Settings.
  • Check for conflicts with other Apps: If you are running multiple apps, it means they all are using the microphone. So, close those apps and try again.
  • Technical Issues: This could be a technical issue, so we recommend contacting Teams customer support.

Final Words

If your Teams microphone not working, then try the methods we have mentioned above and fix this issue without any technical help. Also, don’t forget to update your app regularly, so you don’t have to face this problem.

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