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How to Use Teams Updates App? The Complete Guide

Never miss a single update on your team and make quick decisions by getting real-time actionable insights. Read this step-by-step guide on how to use Microsoft Teams Updates app to become more productive and efficient.
teams updates app

Over 99% of project managers and team leads have one common question in their minds. How to stay updated on their team activities for real-time performance evaluation?

Well, the answer to this question is very simple. Use robust cloud management software that can give you real-time updates. For this purpose, I recommend Microsoft Teams, which recently released a new application called Updates. This app enables key executives to create update requests for their teams and review updates in the flow of work.

In this article, I will explain in detail how to use Microsoft Teams Updates app to improve your team’s performance and achieve your goals.

So, let’s get started!

What is Microsoft Teams Updates App?

You must be familiar with Microsoft Teams. It is a cloud-based communication and collaboration platform used by millions of users globally. Users can use Microsoft Teams to chat, call, and video conference with colleagues and clients.

But many of you may not have heard about the Teams Updates app. Microsoft Teams Updates is an app inside Microsoft Teams to keep users informed about new updates about projects. It works as a centralized platform to create, analyze, and publish company-wide updates for quick action. Besides, project managers can use the Microsoft Teams Updates app to track organizational activities and review updates submitted by their team members.

So, Microsoft Teams Updates App can be the best tool to get real-time updates and make data-driven decisions for long-term sustainability. Team leads can monitor recurring processes or get temporary updates all in one place.

Why Microsoft Teams Updates App is Essential?

Microsoft Teams Updates App connects managers and supervisors to their frontline workers enabling them to maintain seamless communication. Team leads can ask for new updates on tasks assigned to their subordinates and give feedback for further improvement. Besides, they can use preset templates to monitor recurring processes and save time without compromising on the team’s performance.

On the other hand, frontline workers and teams operating remotely can get instant notifications about updates demanded by their managers. Once the job is finished, staff members can submit updates from their phones and wait for their manager’s feedback.

This two-way communication makes project management very convenient and helps teams work together to deliver impeccable results.

How to Use Teams Updates App on Computer?

Microsoft Teams Updates App is already available in Microsoft Teams. You need not install this app separately on your computer. Here’s how to use this amazing app for better project and team management:

First of all, open Microsoft Teams on your computer and select Apps from the left column.Apps in microsoft Teams
In the apps search bar, enter Updates and tap Microsoft Teams Updates app.Updates app in Microsoft Teams
Launch the Updates app to start performing your operations. Before using, make sure to read the app features and permissions for a better understanding of functionalities.Launch the updates app in microsoft Teams
This is what the app’s dashboard looks like. It gives you an overview of new updates, scheduled updates, general updates, and your submissions. Let’s explore these sections one by one.Updates app dashboard in Teams
Tap the Request an update button on the top-right corner and select the type of update you want to request from preset templates.Request an update in Microsoft Teams
Or, if you want to create a custom template tap Start from blank.Start from blank in Teams
In Basic settings, add information about your update requests like title and description.Basic settings in Teams dashboard
Similarly, add details in the Form Design.Form design in teams
Finally, design the workflow of your update request in Workflow Settings.Workflow Settings
To submit an update, select the type of update from preset templates and fill out the form to provide relevant details.submit an update in microsoft teams
For instance, if you want to share daily work progress, select Daily update and provide the following information: 
Name/email of viewers
Key updates
Summary of work completed on that day
Plans for the next day (tomorrow)
Need for support
Additional details (optional)
Daily Update in Teams
Similarly, you can share the details of weekly work progress by entering the following information: 
Name/email of viewers
Key updatesSummary of work completed on that week
Plans for the next week
Need for support
Additional details (optional)
weekly work progress in teams
This option is used to inform managers about project progress and key challenges involved for timely action. The form contains information, such as: 
Names/emails of viewers
Project name
Project progress in percentages
Key updates
Need for support
Additional details (optional)
project progress in Teams
The incident reporting template is used to log workplace incidents to streamline the incident management process. You can provide these details: 
Names/emails of viewers
Incident name
Incident dateIncident description
Cause of incident
Corrective actions taken
Preventive actions taken
Incident resolution status
Follow-up plansAttachments
incident reporting in Teams update app
To request a quick update, tap Request a quick update from the top-right corner and enter the required details.Request a quick update in Microsoft Teams updates app

How to Use Teams Update App on Mobile?

Given below is the step-by-step guide on how to use Microsoft Teams Update app on your mobile:

Once the manager makes an update request, the team member receives a notification on his/her mobile.Teams updates app notification in teams
The team members open the request and provide the information required. The template contains questions, options, and a description box.Check updates in Microsoft Teams mobile app
Besides, the team member can also upload a picture or video from his/her mobile as evidence.Upload a video in Microsoft Teams Updates app
Once all the data and files have been uploaded, the update request is submitted.Update submitted in Teams updates app
Finally, the manager receives a notification on his/her mobile regarding the update submitted by the team member.Receive information on manager mobile teams Updates app
The manager can open the update, check the details submitted by the employee or team member, and submit feedback before closing.Check updates messages in Microsoft Teams
Besides, the dashboard shows the requests that have been submitted and those that are still pending response.Teams Updates dashboard in mobile
For any new update request or to submit any update, you can access to Update app easily after opening the team’s message board. Click the “+” button near to the message box, and click the “Updates” app to select the template and enter the details. Once all details are done, you can submit and receivers can see your updates.Access updates app in Teams mobile

Final Words

Staying informed of company-wide updates is essential to make quick decisions and remain organized. Being key decision-makers in their organization, project managers and team lead need quick updates to improve operational efficiency and drive growth.

To help managers make data-driven decisions, Microsoft Teams has introduced an amazing app called Teams Updates App. This platform enables executives and supervisors to create update requests to seek information from their team members. Besides, project leads can review the updates submitted by their subordinates and give feedback for further improvement.

This way, Microsoft Teams Updates app allows managers to get real-time actionable insights about their teams and take timely actions. The tool centralizes information sharing in one place and assists team leads in the decision-making process. Eventually, companies can use this tool to stay ahead of their competitors and achieve their desired corporate goals with success.

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