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30 Best Free Teams Virtual Backgrounds (Done Research For You)

Are you tired of the same Microsoft Team's background? Switch things up a little bit by changing it to something more fun and exciting! Explore our collection of epic teams virtual backgrounds and learn how to put them up.
teams virtual backgrounds

One of the most annoying problems you may have when you try to change the Teams Virtual backgrounds is that you cannot find the perfect backgrounds you like. To help you out, we offer you the 30 best free Teams virtual backgrounds with high resolution, so you can use the one you like from the list directly. Moreover, in case you do not know how to add a virtual background to your meetings, we will show you a detailed guide about how to do it.

Let´s start to make your meeting funny and special now.

How to Add Virtual Background in Teams?

Before checking the 20 Best free Teams virtual backgrounds, you need to know how to add virtual backgrounds to your Teams meetings. Follow the below ways with simple steps to change the virtual background in Teams.

How to Set Virtual Background in Teams Via Default Images?

You might ask yourself, “Does Microsoft Teams have a virtual background”? Yes, Microsoft Teams provide you with default images to put as a background. Here’s how you can put them on during a meeting:

Step 1: Install Microsoft Teams. There’s an emphasis on ‘install’ here because the browser one doesn’t offer backgrounds. Once you’ve installed it, start or join a meeting.

Step 2: Click on the three dots, and it will show a menu as shown in the image.

three dots in Teams meeting

Step 3: Click “Show background effects.”

show background effects in teams

Step 4: A side bar will appear on the right of the screen. It will show some images that you can choose to put as a background. Pick your favorite one and click on it.

Select the background images in teams

Step 5: When your background is selected, Click “Apply” to put it as your background.

Apply the images as the meeting background in teams

However, if you want to preview your background before showing it to everybody, click “Preview”. Once you’re satisfied with it, click “Apply”.

How to Change Virtual Background in Teams With Your Own Images?

The best part about Microsoft Teams virtual background is that you can put your own images as a background. All you need to do is install Microsoft Teams and download the image you want to use as a background – the rest only requires a few steps.

Step 1: Start or join a meeting and click on the three dots.

Step 2: Click “Show background effects.”

Step 3:This bar will appear on the right side of the screen. Click “Add New”.

Add new in background settings in Teams

Step 4: Choose the image that you want to put as a background. Click “Open.”

Step 5: Click “Apply” to apply the background directly. However, if you want to see how the background would appear during the meeting, click “Preview.” Once you’re satisfied, click “Apply”.

30 Best Free Teams Virtual Backgrounds

To help you find the images you like. We bring you some free virtual backgrounds for Teams that would make your Teams meetings more fun.

10 Funny Teams Backgrounds

Your Teams’ meetings need a fun touch to keep the conversation light. We have gathered some humorous Teams backgrounds that you can choose based on how professional or casual the meeting is.

  • Cute, Spooky Dog
Cute, Spooky Dog

(Image source: Karsten Winegeart)

This adorable dog is sure to bring smiles to everyone’s faces. Use this background for casual virtual meetings only.

  • Pink Panther Hanging Down the Rope
Pink Panther Hanging Down the Rope

(Image source: Pixabay)

  • Funny Giraffe
Funny Giraffe

(Image source: Gary Bendig)

  • Spider Man on the Road
Spider Man on the Road

(Image source: Judeus Samson)

  • The White Ghost
The White Ghost

(Image source: Arya Dubey)

  • Winter Meetings – Cat Edition
Winter Meetings - Cat Edition

(Image source: Kate Stone Matheson)

Winter season gets us all like this! Get into the season and put this background on your Teams meetings.

  • Taking “Night Owl” Literally
Taking “Night Owl” Literally

(Image source: Pixabay)

  • Gentleman Skeleton
Gentleman Skeleton

(Image source: Artur Tumasjan)

  • Cool Pineapple
Cool Pineapple

(Image source: Elena Cordery)

  • Stormtrooper minifigure
Stormtrooper minifigure

(Image source: Daniel K Cheung)

10 Office Microsoft Teams Virtual Background Images

Give your virtual office meetings a realistic touch with virtual office backgrounds. You could be sitting on your couch and still give everyone a feeling that you’re in an office.

  • Aesthetic Office Setup
Aesthetic Office Setup

(Image source: Annie Spratt)

Please all eyes on this aesthetic office setup. It’s exquisite yet professional; making it perfect for virtual office meetings.

  • Office that Gives the Best View
Office that Gives the Best View

(Image source: Yibei Geng)

  • Minimal Home Office
Minimal Home Office

(Image source: Alexandru Acea)

Working from home sounds luxurious when you have such an organized setup. Use this image for your virtual office meetings as a minimal background.

  • Black Office Setup
Black Office Setup

(Image source: TheStandingDesk)

This one doesn’t need any words to explain how beautiful it looks! As a background, it will show your love for aesthetic office setups.

  • Home Office Offering Serenity
Home Office Offering Serenity

(Image source: Pixabay)

Imagine working from a place that offers such calming greenery so you can unwind after a stressful day! Put this virtual background on your Office’s Teams meeting and create a relaxing environment virtually.

  • Minimal Interior
Minimal Interior

(Image source: Pixabay)

  • Professional Office Setup
Professional Office Setup

(Image source: Jose Losada)

A simple yet appealing background for all your office meetings!

  • Virtual Background Perfect for Office Meetings
Virtual Background Perfect for Office Meetings

(Image source: Benjamin Child)

This minimal office setup with green glass doors is a perfect addition to your virtual background.

  • Dream Workspace
Dream Workspace

(Image source: Andrea Davis)

Put this dreamy workspace as a background in your Office meetings and we’re sure everyone will appreciate it.

  •   Simple Work Setup
Simple Work Setup

(Image source: Slidebean)

10 Education Microsoft Teams Virtual Background Images

Say goodbye to your regular Teams classrooms and make them fun with educational backgrounds. They make learning fun for everyone!

  • Aesthetic Notes
Aesthetic Notes

(Image source: Sixteen Miles Out)

This aesthetic background is going to motivate you to study and make notes. It brings so much comfort to the eyes and would go well with an early morning class.

  •  Library

(Image source: Susan Q Yin)

This is the most appropriate educational virtual background for Teams. Put it up to make up your mind for studying.

  • Vibrant Study Space
Vibrant Study Space

(Image source: Joanna Kosinska)

A cool study space is all you need to make up your mind to study. Create that space in your virtual classes with this background.

  • Assorted- Color Envelopes
Assorted- Color Envelopes

(Image source: Joanna Kosinska)

This background is perfect for your arts and crafts classes. All these pretty colors will surely attract all eyes.

  • Drawing Inspiration
Drawing Inspiration

(Image source: Agence Olloweb)

Put this virtual Teams background for your kids’ drawing class and they will love it.

  • Making Notes
Making Notes

(Image source: David Travis)

This is yet another background to inspire you to make pretty notes during the class.

  • Studying on a Bright and Sunny Day
Studying on a Bright and Sunny Day

(Image source: Toa Heftiba)

Nothing beats studying in a coffee shop on a sunny day! This virtual background is a perfect depiction of that.

  • Minimal Study Desk
Minimal Study Desk

(Image source: Dose Media)

A minimal study desk is all anyone could ask for during offline classes!

  • You Got This!
You Got This!

(Image source: Prateek Katyal)

Some words of motivation for you and your fellows will go a long way!

  •    Dream Big
Dream Big

(Image source: Sorina Bindea)

Final Words

Now you know the secret to making your Teams meetings entertaining using Teams virtual backgrounds. Go on and make your virtual meetings lively and inclusive!

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