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How to Star WhatsApp Message? (Easy Steps)

Want to know how to mark important messages? Check this out to learn more about WhatsApp star messages.

First of all, what is the use of starred messages in WhatsApp? Well, it’s because keeping track of all the important messages can be difficult– especially if you and other users have hundreds of conversations that might be too hard to go through and scroll all the way up the old chats just to find one important message. That’s why it’s less of a hassle because of this new feature – the Whatsapp star message.

This will provide you with a bookmark feature that stores important messages and can be accessed easily. You can star any type of message– may it be images, audio, document files, and others.

Now, we will now go through all the details and the importance of starring messages in WhatsApp.

Part 1. What Does Starring a Message on WhatsApp Mean?

By starring messages WhatsApp, you can see the messages all organized in your list. It is like a bookmark that allows you to get back to specific messages later on. To know the step-by-step process, here’s how!

Part 2. How to Star Messages in WhatsApp?

Now you might be wondering about the process of how to star messages in WhatsApp. Here is the guide. Only three easy steps are required:

  1. Open your conversation of choice in WhatsApp.
open conversation in whatsapp
  1. Hover the message that you want to star.
hover the message in whatsapp
  1. Tap the star icon “☆”.
tap the star icon in whatsapp

Part 3. How to Find Starred Messages on WhatsApp?

To find starred messages WhatsApp, there are two ways: viewing them in one place, while the other shows just one chat.

The first method is finding all starred messages by:

  1. Click the three vertical dots icon “⋮”  or the arrow down icon “˅” above your chat.
click three vertical dots icon in whatsapp
  1. Then, proceed to “Starred messages”.
starred messages in whatsapp

For the second method, view starred messages from a chat by:

  1. Open a chat to which you have starred a message.
open a chat in whatsapp
  1. Look for “Starred Message”by clicking on the profile and you will only see the starred messages you marked for this chat only.
click on the starred message in whatsapp

Now, you’ve learned how to access starred messages on WhatsApp as well as how to check starred messages on WhatsApp. However, what if you want to know how to delete starred messages on Whatsapp? No worries, we get you covered

Part 4. How to Unstar Messages in WhatsApp?

Well, aside from learning how to star messages, let us now proceed on unstarring. There are two ways that you may follow on unstarring messages on WhatsApp.

The first method:

  1. Open a chat and find the message you want to unstar.
  2. Hover on the message.
select the starred message in whatsapp
  1. Then, unstar the message by selecting the unstar icon above.
unstar the message in whatsapp

You can also:

  1. Tap the three vertical dots icon “⋮” or the arrow down icon “˅” above your chatlist.
  2. Go to “Starred Messages”.
  3. Select the message you want to unstar.
select the message to unstar in whatsapp
  1. Tap the unstar icon once again.
tap on the unstar icon in whatsapp
  1. You have successfully unstarred a message!

But if you want to unstar all the messages on your list…

  1. Tap the three vertical dots icon “⋮” or the arrow down icon “˅”.
  2. Tap “Starred messages”.
  3. Click the three vertical dots icon “⋮” or the arrow down icon “˅” by the “Starred messages” menu.
  4. Unstar all.

And voila! Easy-peasy, right? Go ahead now and enjoy the power of being organized by just tapping a star.

Part 5. Why is WhatsApp Star Message Option Not Showing?

Have you ever tried to look for the star icon but can’t find it? If the star icon in your WhatsApp is missing, there are a few things you might consider:

– You are using an older version and may not see this Star Message feature.

– The Star Message feature is not compatible or available with your device’s operating system.

– You may not see it immediately because of its server-side update and the Star Message option is disabled even if you have the latest WhatsApp version.

– This Star Message feature may be restricted in your region for regulatory purposes or other reasons.

– There might be some issues with your account on WhatsApp.

– It could be a bug or glitch in the app.

Part 6. FAQS About WhatsApp Star Message

Q1. Can Someone See If You Star Their Message on WhatsApp?

This is one of the most common concerns when people ask what happens when you star a message on WhatsApp. And the answer is: Of course not. It is not accessible to the other users or the other end of the chat. Starred messages are for personal use– only you and/or someone who has access to your WhatsApp can see these star messages.

Q2. Do Starred Messages Disappear on WhatsApp?

No. It will not disappear in WhatsApp as they are stored on your account and local storage

Q3. Does WhatsApp Notify Starred Messages?

No. Starring someone’s messages on WhatsApp doesn’t notify the other party. Even if you starred messages from a group, neither the sender, admin, nor other group will be notified. Only you and yourself can see them.

Q4. How to Transfer WhatsApp Starred Messages?

You can do this by backuping your starred messages to prevent accidental loss.

  1. Download, install, and run the MobileTrans software on your system.
  2. Choose “Backup & Restore”.
  3. Connect your phone to your PC. It will load the images, videos, and others.
  4. Start backing up the WhatsApp data including its starred messages.
  5. And finally, the backup is complete!

Final Words

And there you have it! If there are moments when you receive tons of important messages and you feel the need to save them, WhatsApp star message enables you to mark and view them later without spending too much time. This is personal to every user– meaning, only the account user will be able to see their starred messages. This feature is a useful tool for organizing and revisiting essential information in conversations with just a few taps.

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