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How to Set Up WhatsApp With Google Voice Number? (In Seconds)

Do you want to use Google Voice number to use WhatsApp? Is it possible in your country? Keep reading to learn everything about how to use WhatsApp with Google Voice number.
WhatsApp with google voice number

Anyone who has your WhatsApp number can contact you on WhatsApp. This looks handy and a free way to interact with others, but you may sometimes not want to use your personal number for WhatsApp. Especially if you are getting frequent international calls, using a personal WhatsApp number raises privacy concerns. This is where Google Voice comes into action.

Google Voice gives Google users dedicated phone numbers for calls, voicemails, and texts. Therefore, Google Voice number seems one possible solution to use WhatsApp. But this might make you wonder: can I use Google Voice number for WhatsApp?

Let’s talk in detail about Google Voice and discuss the entire process of how to set up WhatsApp with Google Voice number.

Part 1. Can I Use Google Voice Number for WhatsApp?

Yes, you can use Google Voice number for WhatsApp if you are located in the United States or Canada. However, you can’t get a Google Voice number outside these regions due to the unavailability of services currently.

Google Voice assigns you a free and permanent phone number that is associated with your Google account. You can send messages or call contacts easily with this number through your mobile phone or PC.

Since a WhatsApp account needs a valid and working phone number to allow in-app messages and calls, Google Voice number can be used as an alternative to text or call through WhatsApp with privacy.

The best thing is that your Google Voice number is eligible for a lifetime. Moreover, it doesn’t replace your original number. Rather, it works as a second line for secure and private international calls. The next part has your answer for how can I use a Google Voice number for WhatsApp.

Part 2. How to Use a Google Voice Number for WhatsApp?

A Google Voice number can be very useful for WhatsApp users. It allows them to send/receive calls and messages on this number without requiring them to show their original contact details.

Using Google Voice number with WhatsApp might initially seem complicated, but the process is quite straightforward. You can easily set up your WhatsApp by linking your original number to a Google Voice number. Besides, you don’t need additional formalities for configuring a Google Voice number with WhatsApp. You only need an existing US-based phone number to get a Google Voice number.

Follow the below steps to learn how to set up WhatsApp using Google Voice number:

Step 1. Get Your Google Voice Number

The first step is to get your Google Voice number and link your actual number with it, as follows:

  • Open the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your phone and search and download the Google Voice app.
  • Select the type of account that suits you based on your requirements. Click either the Personal or Business button and select your OS from the dropdown menu.
google voice website
  • Choose the location you want to get a number accordingly. You can enter the area code or city to get a number. Finally, type your desired number in the box provided and hit Select.
select a google voice number
  • Verify your original number to start using the Google Voice number. Google Voice will prompt you automatically to type your real phone number for verification. Once done, click the Send code button.
link your phone number with google voice number
  • Type the code you have received to complete the verification process.

Once done, you can start using the Google Voice number.

Step 2. Connect WhatsApp & Google Voice Number

The next crucial step is to link WhatsApp with the Google Voice number. Below are the steps to learn how to use a Google Voice number for WhatsApp:

  • In the case your WhatsApp account is already registered with your actual phone number, you must delete the app and reinstall it from the Play/App Store.
  • Once installed, launch WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Set up the WhatsApp account with the newly created Google Voice number.
  • Select the verification through either SMS or Call.
set up whatsapp with google voice number
  • Open your Google Voice dashboard on your mobile phone.
  • Check the notification of SMS or voicemail and enter the code received for verification.

This way, a few minutes process makes you create a WhatsApp account with the Google Voice number.

Part 3. FAQ About WhatsApp with Google Voice Number

Q1. Why Can’t I Open WhatsApp with My Google Voice Number?

One of the main reasons why you are unable to open WhatsApp with your Google Voice number is due to the recent change in WhatsApp policies. Based on the recent updates, WhatsApp has blocked the use of Google Voice numbers with its services. You can contact the WhatsApp support team for more assistance.

Q2. How to Generate a Google Voice Number for WhatsApp?

To generate a Google Voice number for WhatsApp, follow these steps:

  • Download the Google Voice app on your phone.
  • Sign up for Google Voice. Next, select the location to get the Google Voice number and choose the number of your choice.
  • Verify your Google Voice number using your original contact number.
  • Install WhatsApp on your phone and verify it with your Google Voice number.

Final Words

WhatsApp is a hot socializing platform with billions of users globally. Anybody with your original phone number can contact you on WhatsApp, which might be distressing. Therefore, you can link WhatsApp with Google Voice number to protect your identity and boost your privacy.

Configuring Google Voice Number WhatsApp is easy. All you have to do is get your Google Voice number first and then link it with WhatsApp. Therefore, follow the steps mentioned in this guide and set up a WhatsApp with a Google Voice number right away.

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