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Where Are Teams Recordings Stored? All You Want to Know

Where are Teams recordings stored? You can find Teams recording in either OneDrive or SharePoint. Both contain recording folders from where you can easily get your recordings.
where are teams recordings stored

When it comes to recording meetings, what could be better than using MS Teams? We are sure you have heard a lot about the Microsoft video recording feature that allows you to record your meetings. But some users don’t know where are Teams recordings stored. If you have the same questions, we will explain everything in this article. Also, we will discuss how you can check the recording location on MS Teams.

Where Are Microsoft Teams Recordings Stored?

When it comes to finding Teams recording location, there are two different tools that you should look for. The first one is OneDrive and the second is SharePoint. Most of your MS Teams recordings, including non-channel meetings go directly to OneDrive, and the other recordings, such as Channel recordings can be found in SharePoint.

Moreover, the good news is that guests and external attendees can also check MS Teams recordings but for that it is important to get permission from the admin. So, if this recording process is new for you, then continue reading this article as below we have explained how to find Teams recordings via OneDrive and SharePoint.

How to Find Microsoft Teams Recording Location Via OneDrive?

You must be wondering where does Teams save recordings. As mentioned above, there are two places from where you can check your recordings; the first one is OneDrive and the second option is SharePoint. Both the apps have your Teams recordings. Let’s first discuss how you can find recordings via OneDrive.

  • Launch your Teams app and start the Meeting by going to the Calendar option. You can find it in the left menu.
Calendar in ms teams to find teams recording location
  • Next, click the “Meet Now” option and choose the “Start Meeting” option.
meet now in teams
  • In the next step, click the “Join Now” option and start recording your Meetings by clicking the Start Recording option.
  • After that, click the Stop Recording button once your Meeting is over.
Stop recording in Teams to find microsoft teams recording location
  • Now, leave the meeting and go to the Chats option.
  • In the chat box, you can see your Recording. You can click “Open in OneDrive” to get the recordings.
Open in OneDrive option in Teams
  • If you want to use the other method, you can go to your OneDrive and click the “MyFiles” option.
My Files in OneDrive
  • From there, you can see the Recordings folder and get all your recordings.
  • That’s it! In this folder, you can get all your Recordings.

How to Find Teams Recordings Via SharePoint?

If it is a channel meeting, then you can find the recordings in the Recordings folder which can be seen in the Files tab. Remember that, all the channel meeting recordings are found in SharePoint and those who are part of that specific channel can easily view and edit the recordings. So, if you still want to know where to find recordings in SharePoint, follow the steps below.

  • First launch your Teams app and complete the signing process.
  • Next, click the Channel where you want to start the meeting.
  • Now, click the Meet option to start the Meeting.
  • Next, adjust your Audio and Video settings and click the “Join Now” option.
  • Once the Meeting has started, click the “Start Recording” button. In this way, the app will start recording your Meeting.
  • Next, click the “Stop Recording” option to stop the recording.
  • Once your Meeting is over, click the “End Meeting” option.
  • MS Teams will automatically save your recordings in the chat.
  • Now to get this recording which you can find in General and click the three dots available.
Three dots after meeting video
  • A menu will appear so choose the “Open” option.
Click the Open button for Teams meeting video
  • It will open your video recording in SharePoint.
  • After clicking the arrow button it will redirect you to SharePoint.
  • Once you are in SharePoint, click the “Documents” option and open the “General” folder.
General in Sharepoint
  • Next, click the “Recording” folder to see your Teams recording here. That’s it! This is how you can find recordings via SharePoint.

Why Can’t I Find Teams Recording? Fixed!

There can be many reasons why you can’t find Teams recording, but if you want to know the exact causes why it is happening to you, don’t worry below we have discussed some of the top reasons why you can’t see Teams recordings along with the solutions.

  • Your admin has changed the Settings: Sometimes your recordings can’t be seen because of the settings. If for some reason if your admin has changed the Settings, then the recordings will expire soon.
  • You are still using Microsoft Streams: The second and the most common reason why you can’t find Teams recordings is because they are stored in Microsoft Stream. So, you change the permission by following this article.
  • You are not checking the Right folder: Many users mentioned that they were not checking the right folders, so that is why they can’t find Teams recordings. Instead of checking MS Streams go to your OneDrive app and look for the Recordings folder. In this folder, you will find your Teams recordings.
  • Recordings are Expired: After some time your recordings expire, so that is the reason why you are unable to see your recordings.

Wrapping Up

Where are Teams recordings stored? You can either find your recordings in SharePoint or OneDrive. Above we have mentioned all the details regarding recordings and how you can get them.  Also, we have discussed what could be the reasons why you are unable to see your recordings. If you still have any questions, feel free to comment and we will try our best to explain everything.

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