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Airtable VS Monday: 6 Key Differences You Should Know

Airtable VS Monday: Which one is better for you? It does not have a standard answer without knowing your business. But understanding their key differences will be helpful for you to make a correct decision. In this blog, we will list the 6 key differences here.

When you ask people this question “Airtable VS Monday: Which one is better?”, you will get different answers from different people. That is because their answers are based on their experiences and their experiences are generated based on their businesses. So, it is not possible to get a useful answer for your business. 

In this case, you can only fetch the answer on your own. But how? The only way is they understand your business and the software. And the path is the find all the answers to the below questions:

  1. What is your purpose to use the tool?
  2. What is the tool designed for?
  3. What do you want to get from the tool?
  4. How can the tool help you reach your goal?
  5. Does it take a long time to learn how to use them?
  6. What do other customers say about them?
  7. Is it quick to get support?

In this article, we will explain 6 key differences between Airtable and Monday. You will be sure to have answers to these questions after reading. 

Keep on checking. 

Monday vs airtable

Monday VS Airtable: An Overview

To know the first difference, we need to have an overview of these two tools. 

Monday.com is a work operating system where you can manage your projects and tasks, enhance your workflow, and improve your working efficiency. It has 5 different products and it can offer different services for specific teams. For instance, if you are sales, you can use Monday sales CRM to manage your customer contact information and other major works with pre-loaded templates. And to help you understand how to use it for your work, it provides a special guideline to you. 

Monday.com overview
Monday.com overview

Airtable is to work as a database to create, share and store your work data in one place. You can use this database to create different views, reports, and workflow per your requirements. 

The overview of Airtable
The overview of Airtable

Here, we find there is a big difference between Monday and Airtable. They both can work as a task and project management but their directions are different. Monday.com is a working OS and focuses on faster and easier work in different aspects. While Airtable is a spreadsheet-based database and it can help you organize your work with different views, reports, or apps generated with the database. 

Monday.com VS Airtable: Features

Data Importing

When you want to import the data to create one new list or table in Monday.com or Airtable, the ways they support importing have a big difference. 

They both support popular sources like Excel/CSV, Google Sheets, Asana, and Trello. But you will find that Monday.com supports more competitors to help users to switch their data while Airtable provides more sources like Paste Table Data, Apple Numbers, Contacts, XML, and Microsoft Access to help you import the data. 

Import data in Airtable
Import data in Airtable


Monday.com and Airtable offer many templates for your convenient use. Most templates on Monday.com is for the marketer, sales, and project management. And Airtable’s templates focus on content production, planning, life, and HR.

Airtable templates
Airtable templates


Monday.com supports you to connect your tasks or projects with other tools. Most popular apps are supported such as Slack, Facebook Ads, Gmail, Microsoft Teams, etc. 

Monday.com integrations
Monday.com integrations

Airtable does not have this feature separately but you can find it can work with Slack, Twitter, Google Calendar, and Google Docs in the automation. 


When you use the Airtable to set the automation for your projects, you will find you can only customize it on your own. But if you come to Monday.com, it provides almost all the templates you need. You only need to click, then, you can do it. 

Airtable automation
Airtable automation


Airtable provides many useful extensions for you to choose from. You can use Miro to brainstorm with your team members, add a topic timer to vote or count down, a scheduler to make reservations for a meeting, and more. 

Airtable extensions
Airtable extensions

Although Monday.com also has a similar feature called “Apps”, its main tools are for views. And it has much fewer than Airtable. 


Monday.com allows you to comment on the task and communicate with your team. It can not be found in Airtable. 


To help you track your projects at one glance, Monday.com create a dashboard for you. You can add any widgets to the dashboard and have an overview of the projects. This feature is not available in Airtable. 

Monday.com dashboard
Monday.com dashboard

Document Collaboration

You can create one document and share it with your team directly on Monday.com while you are not able to do it with Airtable.  

Monday.com document
Monday.com document

Airtable VS Monday.com: Easy to Use

As not everyone can be an expert in software, it is very important to know if the software is easy to use or not. 

Airtable is a spreadsheet design. If you are familiar with Excel, you will like it. But it is not easy for you to understand the advanced features such as automation setting, extension adding, and formulas setting. 

Monday.com is user-friendly for beginners. There are many prepared project templates, automation templates, and integration setting templates. You can easy to start. 

Airtable VS. Monday: Pricing

The pricing is also one of the important factors you need to consider when you try to buy a tool. 

Here are the Airtable and Monday pricing plans for you to check. 


  1. Free version: Up to 5 creators or editors, 1 extension per base, 1 integration, 1200 records per base, and 2GB of attachments per base.
  2. Plus version: $10 per seat per month.
  3. Pro version: $20 per seat per month.


  1. Free version: Up to 2 seats. 
  2. 14-day free trial: Enjoy all features in 14 days. 
  3. Basic plan: $8 per member per month.
  4. Standard plan: $10 per member per month.
  5. Pro plan:  $16 per member per month. 

Airtable VS Monday: Customer Rating

The customer rating is a great way to judge whether it is a good tool to choose. Many users leave their reviews on different platforms for Airtable and Monday.com. You can check them here. 

G24.6/5 (1403 reviews)4.7/5 (5455 reviews)
TrustRadius8.5/10 (533 reviews)8.6/10 (2543 reviews)
Software Advice4.68/5 (1351 reviews)4.58/5 (2543 reviews)
Capterra4.7/5 (1352 reviews)4.6/5 (2543 reviews)

Airtable VS Monday: Support

Airtable and Monday provide online guides, documents, and video tutorials. If you need help, you can contact me via online form or communities. Different from Airtable, you can get quick help from Monday with 7/24 hours of service. 

FAQS About Airtable and Monday:

  1. Is Airtable the Same As Monday?

Although they can have the same features and can work for project and task management. But they are different in many aspects. Monday.com has many features that Airtable does not have. For instance, dashboard. 

  1. Does Monday.com Integrate with Airtable?

No. Monday doe snot integrates with Airtable at the moment. 

  1. Who are Airtable Competitors?

There are many competitors like ClickUp, Asana, NTask, and more. 

  1. Is Airtable Better than Excel?

Airtable is better than Excel when you need to manage your projects and tasks. You can generate any view you need with ease. Although it is powerful, it cannot replace Excel as excel is much more accessible for each member. 

Airtable VS Monday: Which is the Best?

We are sure you know the differences in the tools’ focus, features, interface, pricing, customer rating, and support. So do you have the answer to this question “Airtable VS Monday: Which is best” now? Leave your answer in the comment. 

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