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Airtable Vs Smartsheet: Compare Them Side By Side

Are you confused between Airtable and Smartsheet? Look no further, this thorough comparison of Airtable Vs Smartsheet will help you decide on the best project management software.
airtable vs smartsheet

If you are a business owner or an individual managing multiple projects simultaneously, then we are sure you acknowledge the importance of a project management tool.

If you are looking for software management, then there are numerous options for you to choose from.

 If you have narrowed down your hunt for the finest project management to Airtable and Smartsheet but are still confused between the two. Don’t worry, this thorough comparison of Airtable vs Smartsheet will help you to decide on the finest project management for you and your business. Keep reading.

Smartsheet Vs Airtable:  A Detailed Comparison Table

Airtable and Smartsheet are both used for project management purposes but there are significant differences between them in terms of features and pricing. After going through this Airtable vs Smartsheet review, we are sure you will be clearheaded about which product to choose.

What it isAirtable is a project management tool founded in 2021 which is a hybrid of both database and spreadsheet. It allows the users to customize the app according to their own requirements.Smartsheet was introduced in 2005 as a project management tool essentially similar to the spreadsheet. It is more like a modified version of a spreadsheet with project management features like charts, calendars, and a Kanban board.
PurposeAirtable allows creating users their own project management app even if they have no experience in coding. It fixes the problem of the companies and individuals who cannot find the project management app according to their requirements.Smartsheet is a project management tool used for project management and team collaboration by offering an interface similar to the spreadsheet to make project management easier.
AudienceAirtable is mostly used by companies and individuals looking to customize their project management apps without any coding experience.Due to its interface similar to the spreadsheet, the Smartsheet is most commonly used by market event planners and project managers.  
Key Features1. Interface designer to customize the app.
2. Advanced Reporting.
3. Automation.
4. Kanban view to analyze the performance and workflow.
5. Calendar view.
6. Integrations with more than 1000 apps and websites 
1. Shared sheets.
2. Shared workspaces.
3. Dashboard to visualize the progress.
4. Automation.
5. Resource management.
6. Portfolio management.
7. Integrations with numerous apps like Slack and Drive
Advantages1. More advanced features for project management.
2. Offer customizations.
3. Offers more integrations   
1. Offers customer support in various languages.
2. Purely a project management software and users don’t need to spend their valuable time in customizing the software.
3. Offers more languages 
Easy to UseAirtable is easy to use as you can customize the app according to your own requirements without any coding experience. The customization takes time but once users are done with customizing it accordingly then it’s easy to run.Smartsheet is a bit difficult to use for beginners. It is easy to use for users having experience in spreadsheet.
ApplicationsAirtable supports the platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Web.Smartsheet supports iOS, Android, and Web.
Languages SupportedAirtable is available in English only.Smartsheet supports multiple languages which are as follows: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.
Free VersionAirtable offers its free version but has many limitations, such as fewer customization options, no priority customer support, and no editing feature.The free trial is available for Smartsheet for 30 days, but the free version isn’t available.
Paid PlansAirtable paid plans come in three tiers
1. Plus plan is available at $10 per user per month if billed annually. It is $12 if billed monthly.
2. The Pro plan comes at $20 per user per month if billed annually and $24 if billed monthly.
3. Contact support to learn more about the Enterprise plan. 
Smartsheet also offers three tiers:
1. Pro comes at $7 per user per month.
2. Business comes at $25 per month per user.
3. Contact support to know more about the Enterprise plan.
Customer SupportAirtable offers the finest customer service through live chat support, email, and guides on its page. It lacks phone and ticket service.Smartsheet has excellent customer service by providing live chat support, phone, ticket, and email. It also provides the answers to your question through the training content bar.
Customer RatingThe average customer rating for the Airtable from G2, GetApp, Trustpilot, and trust radius is 3.9.The average customer rating for the Smartsheet from G2, GetApp, Trustpilot, and trust radius is 3.7.
What Customers Like 1. Allows sync with the data.
2. It offers many integrations.
3. The customization feature is excellent.
4. Easy to use.
5. No price hike for new features 
1. It is flexible to use.
2. Allows easy integrations.
3. Allows visualizing the team performance.
4. Offers more security and notifies in case of unauthorized access 
What Customers Dislike: 1. Customer support doesn’t reply to emails.
2. Problems with the automation feature.
3. There is a problem in keeping track of the changes
1. It has the worst customer service.
2. Interface is complicated.
3. Lacks the advanced features of project management  
When to UseYou can use Airtable if you are looking to customize a project management app according to your own requirement.You can use Smartsheet if you are looking for an upgrade version of the spreadsheet with more management tools.
Microsoft Project Online.
Google Sheet.
Planview Clarizen.
Zoho Projects.

Smartsheet Vs. Airtable: Conclusion

So that’s all about Smartsheet Vs Airtable. Both Airtable and Smartsheet are excellent software for project management. Airtable is more a developing software, so it is better for companies looking to create their own tool according to their own requirements.

On the other hand, Smartsheet is perfect for individuals, marketers, and companies looking for a tool that can serve both as a project management tool and a spreadsheet.

We hope our guide on Airtable vs. Smartsheet will help you to decide on the best product for you and your business.  

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