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Any.do Vs Todoist: Who Wins the Fight?

Looking for the best task management app? Find out the best tool from a detailed Any.do Vs Todoist comparison of features, pricing options, user ratings, pros and cons, and much more. All information is collected from highly credible sources. Check out now!

Effective task management is a major challenge faced by entrepreneurs and celebrities in their hectic routines. Keeping track of the most important tasks and prioritizing them based on their importance is both time-consuming and exhausting.

To address this challenge, you can use task management apps like Any.do or Todoist to manage your to-do lists and stay organized. Given below is a detailed Any.do vs Todoist comparison to help you choose the right tool.

Let’s find out!

Any.do Vs Todoist: Key Features

Any.do Key Features

Magnifying Glass: Search for the specific to-do items from longer task lists to save your time.

Quick Reference Badge: Check all the tasks scheduled for today in a customizable badge with a little red circle.

Completed Tasks: Measure your productivity by revisiting all of your completed tasks.

Any.do Moment: Reset your moments in the evening to review the next day and stay focused in a more meaningful way.

Email Tasks: Add tasks to your to-do list from your email or right from within Gmail.

Super User: Become a super user to get advanced access to new and exciting features before their launch.

any.do vs Todoist: Any.do key features

Todoist Key Features

Quick Overview: Get a detailed overview of your scheduled tasks and stay in control.

Remainders: Stay informed of the most important tasks and get remainders as the time approaches.

Delegate Tasks: Divide your daily tasks among other people to share the workload.

Personalized Views: Choose your unique style and workflow by adding boards, labels, themes, filters, and much more.

Centralization: Integrate Todoist with your calendars and email to simplify your workflow.

Visualize Productivity: Set your goals and see tangible progress through productivity visualizations, completed tasks archive, activity history, and Todoist Karma.

Todoist key features in todoist vs any.do

Any.do Vs Todoist: Apps

Both Any.do and Todoist offers a range of apps for desktops and smartphones.

Any.do Apps

1. Windows2. macOS1. Android2. iPhone1. Chrome Extension2. Website3. Web1. Gmail Extension

Todoist Apps

1. Windows2. macOS1. Android2. iPhone1. Chrome Extension2. Microsoft Edge3. Firefox Extension4. Safari1. Gmail add-on2. Outlook3. Gmail Extension

Any.do Vs Todoist: Pricing

Given below is Todoist vs Any.do price comparison:

 Free VersionProBusiness
Any.do$01. Free trial2. Free account$2.99/month1. Location-based remainders2. Recurring tasks3. Themes4. Integrations5. Tags$5.99/month1. Team-focused features2. Built-in calendar3. Kanban boards
1. One main user
2. 5 active projects
3. 5MB file uploads
4. 3 filters
5. 5 collaborators per project
6. One-week activity history
1. One main user
2. 300 active projects3. 100MB file uploads
4. 150 filters
5. 25 collaborators per project
6. Unlimited activity history
1. Multiple users
2. 500 active projects
3. 100MB file uploads
4. 50 people per project
5. All pro features
6. Team billing & inbox
7. Admin 7 member roles

Any.do Vs Todoist: Customer Rating

The following table compares customers’ ratings for Todoist vs any.do from renowned review platforms:


Any.do Vs Todoist: Customer Reviews


What Customers Like the Most

  • A clean intuitive design that allows users to group their tasks by date in different groups or custom folders.
  • Any.do Moment feature makes it easy for users to check their planned tasks and check off completed items. Users can simplify their scheduling and manage extensive to-do lists without getting exhausted or feeling overwhelmed.
  • The app gives valuable suggestions based on contacts and information. Users get recommendations for meeting spots or interacting with the most important people on their contact list.
  • Any.do allows users to add items through a web interface and create new folders for personalized tasks.
  • A cross-platform app that offers five simple widgets for Android.

What Customers Do Not Like

  • Lacks power features to prioritize tasks or assign labels based on their importance.
  • It keeps charging users despite unsubscribing or notifying the Any.do customer support team.
  • Users have to click multiple times to view subtasks or access data. The absence of the task view makes it difficult to see the task details in simplified form.

Asks for invasive app permissions that may compromise users’ privacy.

  • The data entry process is very complicated and keyboard controls are incomplete.


What Customers Like the Most

  • The app has a 2-column layout of web and desktop interfaces that allows users to easily review tasks assigned, different groups of tasks, deadlines, and projects.
  • Powerful integrations that allow users to structure the most important tasks in nested lists as well as assign labels, set priorities, add color codes, and group tasks into projects.
  • The powerful search and filtering feature makes it easy for users to perform advanced queries, identify tasks with certain labels or tight deadlines, and combine different queries.
  • The pro version of Todoist helps users monitor their productivity in real-time and enables task sharing to distribute the workload.
  • Users can create task templates, send daily digest emails, and integrate the tool with different apps

What Customers Do Not Like

  • Unresponsive to the users’ requests and asks for an annual subscription for attachments and notifications
  • Data entry is awkward, plus there is limited customization offered to the users
  • A task has no metadata or description that makes it easy for us to understand each task or check the tasks assigned to team members
  • There is no advanced task repeating option or support for dependencies
  • Users cannot import data or mark completed tasks as incomplete if required.

Any.do Vs Todoist: Winner

Based on the above Any.do vs Todoist comparison, it can be concluded that Todoist wins this battle. While both these tools are extremely useful, Todoist has a slight edge over Any.do in terms of features, user-friendliness, and program efficiency.

User ratings from all major rating platforms show Todoist has a better reputation among professionals like freelancers and remote workers. On the other hand, Any.do is ideal for individuals who want to manage personal to-do lists and stay organized.

Try any of these two task management tools and share your experience with us.

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