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Asana Vs Slack: A Complete Comparison

Asana and Slack are both user-friendly platforms. Asana is a project management tool, while Slack is a communication tool. Click here for a detailed comparison between Asana vs Slack, and know which one is the better platform.
asana vs slack

Nowadays, the trend of remote workplaces is becoming more and more popular. Thousands of means and tools are available to help people collaborate and stay connected to meet their goals.

Two such tools are Slack and Asana. Where Slack is a powerful communication tool, Asana is a combo of both PM and communication tools.

So, if you are confused about choosing between Asana vs Slack as your easy-to-go platform, jump to the next section.

Slack Vs Asana: Overview

What is Slack?

Slack is a known communication platform that provides a venue to bring people and companies together to share information and collaborate accordingly.

In it, the organization is called Workspace, and each Workspace is further divided into channels for easy and seamless collaboration.

asana vs slack: What is Slack?

Slack Key Features:

The key features of Slack are:

  • Messaging

Slack’s most sought and powerful feature is messaging, which allows users and teams to chat and communicate directly via channels and threads. As a result, you send and receive messages on time, making communication easier and faster.

  • Sharing of File

Where sharing large files on most of the PM and documentation tools is quite a difficult task, Slack makes it an easier option. You can send heavy files up to 1 GB by merely clicking on the paperclip icon.

  • Voice, Video, and Conference Calls

Slack offers both video and voice calls. In the free plan, you only have the option of voice calls and one person at a time.

However, you can do both voice and video calls in other plans. In addition to it, you can enjoy conference calls in its pro and business plan.

  • Integrations

It has integrated with a lot of famous apps and platforms; a few of them are:

  1. Outlook
  2. Gmail
  3. Clerk SMS
  4. Envoy
  5. Jira
  6. RingCentral

Slack Price:

Slack offers various pricing tiers for businesses and companies of all sizes. These are:

  • A free plan for teams and offers access to more than 10,000 users.
  • A pro plan for small companies costs $6.67 per month and includes face-to-face communication, conference calls, and secured collaboration.
  • A business plan for $12.50 per month provides SAML and real-time active directory sync, conference calls, and various other features.
  • An Enterprise gold plan supports more than 500,000 users and can include all the custom features you need.
asana vs slack: Slack price

Slack Pros:

  1. It offers instant communication with real-time updates and connects on mobile too.
  2. It offers a searchable history that keeps all the chat and files saved.
  3. Slack allows users to share heavy files instantly using Slack channels. Moreover, you can comment and share feedback on each file, page, and document.
  4. It keeps the public and private chat separately, allowing users to specify the chat access to a few users or the whole company.

Slack Cons:

  1. If you send and collaborate with too many people simultaneously, the platform gets burdened, and hence it disorganizes the messages. As a result, you are unable to keep track of the messages.
  2. Users claim it to be very addictive at times.
  3. Sometimes, the notifications become too overwhelming.
  4. The chat gets deleted after 14 days.

What is Asana?

Asana is a work and project management tool that allows you to break down complex projects, create different tasks and sub-tasks, and do effectively collaboration to reach your goal. It is highly customizable and has all the features and tools to ensure a successful project.

What is Asana?

Asana Key Features:

The features of Asana that help it stand out from the row are:

  • Project and Task Management

It comes with a detailed section on project and task management. The projects are divided into tasks, which are then further subdivided into sub-tasks. Later, they are given to the task assignees. Moreover, you can set additional columns and sections to aid easy execution.

In addition to that, Asana allows users to follow the pattern of milestones and branching logic while dividing the projects.

  • Task and Project Viewing

It uses various views like Gantt to help you plan your day, prioritize your work, create to-do lists, create and assign tasks, and monitor the progress of different users on assigned tasks. Moreover, there is an Asana Calendar that helps you see the important dates, deadlines, and tasks.

  • Customizable Dashboards

Asana comes with various dashboards like Kanban, Scrum, etc., that are further customized according to the need and nature of different projects. These dashboards provide updates on the progress made by different users on tasks. Moreover, it is used for tracking leads, job applicants, and queries of users and buyers.

  • Real-Time communication

Asana allows users to communicate over projects and tasks in detail. For example, team members can comment during e-meetings, monitor progress, and leave feedback on images, PDFs, files, etc., to ensure real-time and effective collaboration.

  • Integration

Asana has integration with more than 200 apps, the most popular being:

  1. Outlook
  2. Zoom
  3. Dropbox
  4. Google Drive
  5. Salesforce
  6. Tableau

Asana Price:

Asana offers a four-tier pricing plan that includes:

  • A basic plan that is free for users and includes unlimited tasks, projects, messages, and file storage up to 100 MB per file
  • A Premium plan that offers timeliness, workflow builder, advanced search, unlimited projects, real-time reporting, and dashboards for just $10.99
  • A Business plan that includes portfolios, workload, proofing, custom rule builder, and many other features for just $24.99
  • An Enterprise plan which can be customized according to the user’s need.
slack vs asana: Asana price

Asana Pros:

  1. It has an easy-to-walk-through interface with a thoughtful and intuitive design.
  2. It integrates with all the PM platforms and apps, thus providing all the related features.
  3. Asana offers real-time reporting of the project and insights into the progress made by different users.
  4. It has a really good free plan with many premium features that help to spur business growth.

Asana Cons:

  1. You can assign a task to only one person, not a team or group of two. It is one of the biggest pitfalls in terms of collaboration.
  2. There is no time tracker or related option on Asana to keep track of deadlines and progress.

Asana Vs. Slack: Major Similarities

After looking at the comparison, we found that Asana and Slack are very different platforms with quite different functionalities and areas of command, thus, they only have a few basic similarities like:

  1. Both platforms offer custom designs.
  2. The two platforms work very smoothly.
  3. Both provide communication features.
  4. Both are easy to use and assist in making remote work easier and up to mark.

Asana Vs. Slack: Main Differences

The Differences between the two tools are:

  1. Asana is a known project management tool, while Slack is a top-rated communication tool.
  2. Asana allows communication on projects, while Slack offers various communication features for the entire organization, groups, and even between two fellows.
  3. Slack is used by a team, while Asana can be used by individuals.
  4. Asana offers webinars in addition to blogs and documents, while Slack doesn’t.

Slack Vs Asana: Our Verdict

Both Asana and Slack offer power-packed features and pricing plans. However, the two platforms are quite different in terms of functionality. Therefore, there is no clear-cut winner in Asana vs Slack comparison.

If you long for a collaboration and communication tool, Slack should be your first option.

However, if you are looking for a Jack of all trades that rules the world of project management as well as collaboration, Asana gets your back.

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