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Basecamp Vs Monday: Why Do I Switch From Basecamp to Monday?

Not sure if Monday is a better choice than Basecamp or not? No problem! Check out this Basecamp vs Monday comparison and learn more about it.
basecamp vs monday

Are your co-workers shifting to Monday.com, and you want to discover why?

Gone are the days of traditional in-office set-ups when you had to trawl through a number of files and emails. Nowadays, project management software assists us in keeping our workload stream. And when we talk about PM software, Basecamp and Monday are the names we can’t miss out on.

But when comparing Basecamp vs. Monday- the better one, Monday.com owns the crown.

Want to know Why?

Then, break down through the article to find what makes Monday.com a better option to opt for!

Note: If you are tired of reading a long article, you can watch this video tutorial.

What is Basecamp?

With more than 3.3 million users, Basecamp is undoubtedly an internationally successful PM software that makes the quick transition from office to remote work relatively easy, streamlined, and calm.

Some of the exceptional services that basecamp offers are:

  • Break down and track all the projects separately
  • Visualize progress using snapshots
  • Live reporting analytics
  • Facilitate team collaboration by message boards, document sharing, chats, and to-do lists.
basecamp vs monday: What is Basecamp

What is Monday?

Although found only a few years back in 2012, Monday.com has gained a sound name and a good reputation in the global world of PM software. And what can be a better proof that more than 201 industries prefer it as their first choice?

Simple in use and maximum in productivity, Monday is an efficient PM software that allows users to manage workloads by offering various powerful features. A few important ones that let it stand out in the magazine are:

  • Virtual table assistance with multiple boards for each project
  • Checklists that help to split tasks and make a flow
  • Live visualization of progress with Gantt charts

Now that you are up with the basic features of the two project management software, it’s high time to dwell on the main topic: Why is Monday a better option?

basecamp vs monday: What is Monday

Monday Vs. Basecamp: Monday Wins in 5 Aspects

Both Monday and Basecamp offer some powerful features that help the companies and teams liaise and manage workload.

But in comparison between monday.com vs. Basecamp, Monday wins due to various reasons like its easy accessibility, better pricing plans, enhanced security, and many more to find out.

So, let’s dive into them one by one.

1. Monday is More Intuitive Than Basecamp in Interface

The factor that attracts the users to a tool is its easy-to-use interface, and Monday.com hit that right.

Despite having a lot of features, tools, templates, and customizing options, it provides a clean, intuitive, and easily accessible interface. Everything is neat, tidy, and placed in the right spot.

There are separate columns assigned to each task. And yet, you can add more if you want one!

And that is why big names like Lonely Planet and Discover channel couldn’t help falling in love with this software.

monday vs basecamp: Monday interface

However, the interface of Basecamp often turns out to be quite confusing, with no sidebar to switch between projects.

2. Monday is More Powerful than Basecamp in Features

Both Monday and Basecamp are managing software that more or less performs the same task. However, it is the punch of extra features which lets Monday win the race. Here are the details:

Task and Project Management

Where Basecamp provides traditional management tools, Monday.com surpassed that approach. It helps people have a deeper analysis of the different tasks and duties at one time. And for this, there are a couple of features. For example, it includes

  • Task scheduler that enlists all the tasks, the deadline, multiple statuses, and completion records.
  • One shared team calendar where you can add weekly tasks, deadlines, submission days, and other important dates
  • Live tracker to keep an eye on everyone’s progress

And you know what the best part is? Within each project, you can create a virtual table board where you can share details. It has three different boards to opt for according to need.

However, no such feature is found in Basecamp. It doesn’t have a priority list even.

Task Views

One feature that makes Monday better in ”Basecamp vs. Monday.com” is its task viewing options. At Monday.com, you have different ways to analyze your data and tasks like Kanban Layout, calendar, Gantt chart, etc.

It additionally provides you with insights and progresses you might have overlooked. Moreover, there are some unique indicators to help you know whether you are making timely progress or not.


Although both Monday and Basecamp overlap in integrations, the former provides you with a comparatively longer list. It has naive integrations for all the common platforms like

  • Asama
  • Dropbox
  • Gmail
  • Zoom
  • Slack
  • Excel
  • Jira
  • Microsoft teams
  • Facebook Ads
  • Github
  • Mailchimp

However, BaseCamp has integrations for less common ones like Automate.io, Zoho flow, field trip, zitflow, CData software, project buddy, etc.


Although both Monday and Basecamp have automation, Monday offers much more.

To assist you with a streamlined flow, Monday comes with various automation recipes that sort more than half of your headaches. The recipe consists of

  • Notifications where you can add a reminder
  • Status change that informs about the progress
  • Recurring tasks where all the repetitive tasks are listed so that you reassign them with a single click.

Moreover, you can customize the recipe for each task separately.

Team Collaboration

Since team collaboration is one prime requirement in online work mode, Monday.com gets your back here too by incorporating a lot of features for team collaboration like

  • File upload buttons
  • @ mention option and comment section to mention and directly communicate with the targeted person
  • Task Boards and dashboard with multiple widgets to help keep track of each other’s progress
  • Inbox for personal and sensitive data sharing
  • A MONDAY DOCS (details in next section)

Although Basecamp doesn’t include all the above collaboration features, it incorporates a good deal like a comment section, email notification, messaging option, and a pop-up notification whenever a task is changed or updated by any member.

Document Creating and Sharing

Monday features document sharing in each task and board. Moreover, all the members of a specific board receive notifications about new files and changes made. There are four different ways of uploading and sharing documents with your team members according to the need:

  • Update section
  • File gallery
  • File column
  • Status Box

Moreover, there is a unique doc called MONDAY WORD DOCS. It is a shared document that all the team members have equal access to and edit.

But Basecamp only has a single “Docs and Files” section where you can upload and share the document.


Monday.com offers more than 100 prepared templates for different kinds of users, particularly for marketing, sales, CRM, software development, HR department, and project management.

Moreover, you have an option to make custom templates if you want one.

However, in Basecamp, you find one standard template that unfortunately can’t be customized.

3. Monday is Cheaper for Small Teams

On Monday, there are four different plants that you can opt for depending on your needs.

  • The Basic Plan costs you $8 per user per month and offers unlimited free viewers, 5GB of file storage, and dashboards assisted with one board each.
  • The Standard Plan costs $10 per seat per month, and the service includes two boards per dashboard, 50 GB of file storage, and 250 automation.
  • The Pro Plan costs $16 per seat and includes private docs, time tracking, 25000 automation, and each dashboard has ten sub dashboards.
  • Last comes an Enterprise Plan in which the company can build up its customized plan.

So, it provides you with various plans to choose between according to your company’s needs. A basic or standard plan will work best for a small company. And if you have a large business, you can choose a Pro plan.

Monday price

But in Basecamp, you don’t have many options. Whether a small company or a larger one, there is one plan for all. The core plan charges $99 monthly and offers unlimited projects, 500 GB storage, unlimited users, etc.

Basecamp price

Moreover, a detailed survey showed that 67.3% of the Monday buyers were actually small businesses, while those of Basecamp were only 49.3%.

4. Monday is More Secure than Basecamp

Where security is one of the principal concerns that users consider when opting for any PM software, both software offers a sound security system. But again, Monday manages to get the leverage by providing more than Basecamp.

Monday.com makes use of a 256-bit cipher to encrypt data and has FIPS 140-2 certification. Moreover, it integrates with SSO providers and uses granular permission control while sending any information so that the access is restricted to the desired user only.

Basecamp also offers good security. The sensitive data is encrypted and sent using HTTPS security. Moreover, their databases are also encrypted with GPG.

5. Monday Gets Higher Rating Than Basecamp

When comparing the rating and user review, 5936 users gave Monday 4.7 out of 5, while 5052 users gave Basecamp 4.1 out of 5. Below is the side-by-side comparison of the ratings.

 CapterraSoftwareadvice Trustradiusgetapp G2
MONDAY4.6 stars (2678 reviews)4.58 stars (1173 reviews)8.6/10 (2594 reviews)4.6 stars (2.6K reviews)4.7 stars (6052 reviews)
BASECAMP 4.3 stars (13600 reviews)  4.34 stars (13604 reviews)8.3/10 (1173 reviews)4.3 stars (13.6 K reviews)4.1 stars (5053 reviews)

Monday.com Vs. Basecamp: Our Decision

At their core, both Monday.com and Basecamp are competent PM software that more or less helps organize the scattered data. However, the add-on features and services contribute to making one software better than the other. And in those terms, Monday has managed to outlay Basecamp by all means.

So, in the Basecamp vs. Monday comparison, Monday is the victor!

Best Alternatives to Monday and Basecamp

In the present era, where more than half of the office work is done remotely, no one can miscalculate the importance of project management software. So, if you want to learn about some more PM software other than Monday and Basecamp, here are the top 7 alternatives to go for:

  • ProofHub
  • Trello
  • Payment
  • Asana
  • Todoist
  • TeamGantt
  • MeisterTask

So, try the free trial of the enlisted software and figure out which PM software is ideal for your business!

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