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ClickUp Vs Teamwork: Side by Side Comparison

Are you stuck between ClickUp and Teamwork? Don't worry. This ClickUp vs Teamwork thorough comparison will help you decide on the best project management tool for you and your business.
clickup vs teamwork

There is no doubt about the fact that project management tools have made project management a breeze. A survey shows that 69% of project managers use project management tools. With so many project managing software in the market, it isn’t easy to choose the software that suits you. Two of the finest project managing software are ClickUp and Teamwork. If you are stuck between ClickUp and Teamwork, don’t worry.

This thorough comparison of ClickUp Vs Teamwork will help you to invest your money in the best software according to your requirements. Keep reading.

What is ClickUp?

ClickUp is a cloud-based project management tool founded in 2017. It has many advanced management features like docs, chat, task calendar, whiteboard, and dashboard to visualize your overall performance. It allows multiple integrations with numerous apps, which helps you manage all your work on a single platform, leading to increase efficiency.

The best part about ClickUp is that is highly customizable and affordable. There are numerous templates available that can help you to customize the software according to your ease. ClickUp is continuously adding new features which can help people increase their productivity.

clickup vs teamwork: What is ClickUp?

What is Teamwork?

Teamwork is also a project management software founded in 2007. 20,000 companies now trust Teamwork. It has made project management a breeze with its fantastic features like resource management, time tracking, kanban board, Teamwork desk, Teamwork chat, and Teamwork CRM.

Apart from the features mentioned above, Teamwork offers templates, which you can use to customize the software according to your requirements. It allows several integrations with software like Microsoft, Drive, and Dropbox, which has made it a popular project management tool.

ClickUp vs teamwork: What is Teamwork

Teamwork Vs Clickup: A Detailed Comparison

Let’s move to the comparison of Teamwork Vs ClickUp so you can finally buy the suitable project management tool after reading it.


ClickUp and Teamwork have many similarities and differences between them.


  1. Both ClickUp and Teamwork offer custom field and custom task feature
  2. Both offer multiple integrations for numerous apps like Microsoft Office and Microsoft teams.
  3. Both ClickUp and Teamwork offer time tracking feature
  4. Both of them offer customization options.
  5. Both the ClickUp and Teamwork can be used to track the workflow and team members’ progress


  1. Teamwork doesn’t have the dashboard feature, and ClickUp has the dashboard feature
  2. ClickUp has the Kanban board and you cannot find it in Teamwork.
  3. Teamwork has a portfolio management feature while ClickUp lacks this feature
  4. ClickUp offers an automation feature that Teamwork does not have.


The competition is tough when it comes to the interface between ClickUp vs. Teamwork. Both the software have a user-friendly interface, but there is one big difference. Teamwork has simpler features, so it is easier to use than ClickUp. According to the users, ClickUp is difficult to use for beginners as it has to offer many advanced and complicated features. Teamwork lacks these advanced features.

Regarding customization, ClickUp offers more template and customization options than Teamwork, making ClickUp a winner in this aspect.

Interface winner: Teamwork

Customizability winner: ClickUp


Here are the different pricing options offered by the Teamwork

Free VersionDeliveryGrowScale
The free version comes up for free and supports up to 5 users per teamThe ‘deliver’ tier comes at $9.99 per user per monthThe ‘grow’ tier comes at $17.99 per user per monthYou can contact their customer support to know about the prices of the ‘Scale’ tier
Teamwork price

Here are the different pricing options offered by the ClickUp:

Free VersionUnlimitedBusinessBusiness PlusEnterprise
The free version is best to give ClickUp a try and comes at no cost with limited features.The ‘unlimited’ tier comes at $5 per user per month.The’ business’ tier comes at $12 per user per monthThe ‘business plus’ comes at $19 per user per monthYou can contact customer support to learn more about the ‘Enterprise plan.’
clickup vs teamwork: ClickUp Price

Winner: The head-to-head pricing plan makes ClickUp a more affordable option than Teamwork.

Platform Supported:

You and your team members can use both of the software on a variety of devices.

Teamwork supports Web, Android, IOS,  Mac, and Windows. ClickUp, on the other hand, supports Android, IOS and Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome Extension.

ClickUp supports more platforms than Teamwork making it a more versatile tool.

Customer Reviews:

The average rating of ClickUp is 4.56 while that of Teamwork is 4.52 according to the average rating from several different platforms making ClickUp the winner by the slightest margin.

What Customers Like About Teamwork:

  1. It helps to manage the budget along with the workflow
  2. Teamwork helps to prioritize the work
  3. It is simpler to use with a user-friendly interface
  4. Easy communication with the team members
  5. It offers numerous templates to customize

What Customers Do Not Like About Teamwork:

  1. The mobile version is slow to process
  2. The software is a bit expensive
  3. The license renewal takes a long time for corporations

What Customers Like About ClickUp:

  1. The free version includes almost all the features available in the paid version
  2. The reminder feature is extremely reliable
  3. Highly customizable
  4. Excellent customer service
  5. Helps to maintain the portfolio

What Customers Do Not Like About ClickUp:

  1. The app feature should be available
  2. It isn’t easy to use in the beginning

Conclusion for ClickUp Vs Teamwork

So that’s all about the ClickUp Vs Teamwork. Both of them are the best project management tools for project management purposes. But if you are looking for a management tool that is both affordable and offers advanced features, then go for ClickUp. ClickUp also supports more platforms than Teamwork.

If you are looking for a simpler tool with more communication options with your team members, then go for Teamwork. We hope our article has helped you to decide.

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