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Google Chat Vs Slack: Which One is the Ideal Tool for You?

Collaboration tools play a key role in corporate growth and development. Here is a detailed comparison between Google Chat vs Slack to choose the best app that meets your communication needs within your budget. Check out now!
google chat vs slack

Effective team communication is critical to growth in today’s highly competitive business landscape. The paradigm shift to remote or hybrid work in the post-pandemic era has made virtual interaction tools inevitable.

Google Chat and Slack are the world’s two leading team communication tools. Both offer custom features catered to the communication needs of diverse businesses. Given below is a point-by-point Google Chat vs Slack comparison to help our readers make an informed decision.

Check the below comparison to choose the right tool.

Google Chat Vs Slack: Overview

What is Google Chat?

Google Chat is a team communication app built by Google. It allows team members to create chat rooms, collaborate on different projects, and exchange direct messages. Besides, employees can share different types of files, arrange virtual meetings, and integrate Google Chat with Google Calendar to plan their meetings ahead of the schedule.

Google Chat is included in Google Workspace and can be accessed through a browser, progressive web app (PWA), or mobile app. Professionals and individuals can use Google chat by purchasing Google Workspace plans. There is no need to create a separate account for Google Chat.

Google Chat logo

What is Slack?

Slack is called the dinosaur of modern collaboration tools. Launched in August 2013, Slack is the best platform to manage enterprise communications between remote, hybrid, or in-office teams. It allows staff members to make audio or video calls, conduct virtual meetings, and share files including pictures, documents, or videos.

With more than 100 million active users globally, Slack offers 1000+ integrations for improved team communication. Besides, users can access Slack from their smartphone, browser, or desktop app. This cross-platform communication platform works fine across different devices and operating systems.

Slack logo

Google Chat Vs Slack: Interface

Google Chat

Google Chat has a clean and simple interface with basic customization. Its dashboard is similar to that of Gmail and gives a consistent and predictable experience to its users.


  1. Access desired tasks or shared files from tabs
  2. Access Calendar or Maps from a quick access side panel
  3. Gmail users can learn the Google Chat interface very easily


  1. Lacks advanced customization like sidebar themes
  2. Users can choose dark or light modes only


Slack unveiled its redesigned interface in 2020 which is more customizable and simplified. The new design reorganized a variety of historical features to make them prominent and allow users to easily navigate through different features.


  • Clean and intuitive layout with an eye-pleasing design
  • Advanced customization functionality
  • User-friendly interface with commands for shortcuts


  1. Requires a little bit of training
  2. Non-Gmail users might take more time to understand the Slack interface

Winner: Slack

Google Chat Vs Slack: Features

Common Features of Google Chat and Slack:

Screen Sharing: Users can share their computer screens in video calls

Mention: Mention specific team members in groups, chat rooms, or channels

Guests: Add guests to an organization

Conversation Threads: Users can use threads for discussions on different topics

Dark Theme: Users can switch between dark and light modes

Google Chat Features:

Team Communication: A simple messaging app that allows teams to send text messages, or send voicemails.

Integrations: Can be integrated with Google Workspace to access Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Maps, and much more

Chat Rooms: Users can create private chartrooms with exclusive access to selected team members

Message History: Access unlimited message history

Virtual Meetings: Conduct virtual meetings and add up to 250 people

Google chat interface

Slack Features

Channels: Create private or public channels and send private messages to individuals or group members

Reminder: Set reminders or remind team members by mentioning their names in reminders

Search Modifiers: Quickly find important conversations through the advanced search option

Self-Notes: Write self-notes to remain organized and stay informed or important tasks

Pin Messages: Pin the most important messages in direct chat or channel

Channel Permissions: Manage teams through advanced channel permissions

Connect: Send messages outside the organization

Custom Emojis: Add or customize images as emojis

Themes: Add custom themes with different colors

Scheduling: Schedule messages in channels or direct chat with team members

Conference Calls: Arrange conference calls adding up to 15 participants

Integrations: Supports up to 1000+ integrations

Slack interface

Winner: Slack

Slack Vs Google Chat: Platform Supported


ComputerWeb BrowserMobile
1. Windows.
2. Mac OS X.
3. Linux.
1. Chrome.
2. Safari.
3. Firefox.
4. Microsoft Edge.
1. Android.
2. iOS.

Google Chat

ComputerWeb BrowserMobile
1. Windows.
2. Mac OS X.
3. Ubuntu.
4. Chrome.
1. Chrome.
2. Safari 13.
3. Firefox.
4. Microsoft Edge.
1. Android.
2. iOS.

Winner: No Winner here

Slack Vs Google Chat: Pricing


FreeProBusinessEnterprise Grid
1. 10,000 recent messages.
2. 1:1 voice and video calls.
3. 10 Integrations
1. Unlimited messages.
2. Conference calls (up to 15 participants).
3. Unlimited integrations
1. Advanced identity management.
2. Meet compliance requirements.
3. 99.99% uptime.
4. 24/7 support
1. Enterprise-grade security and compliance.
2. Centralized controls.
3. Large-scale collaboration.
4. Tailored support

Google Chat

Google Chat is a part of Google Workspace. Hence, given below are the pricing options available for Google Workspace.

Business StarterBusiness StandardBusiness PlusEnterprise
1. 30 GB storage per user.
2. Security & management controls.
3. Video calls (100 users)
1. 2 TB storage per user.
2. Video call recording.
3. Video calls (150 users) 
1. 5 TB storage per user.
2. Attendance tracking.
3. Video calls (250 users) 
1. Unlimited storage.
2. 3. Video calls (250 users) 

Winner: Slack

Slack Vs Google Chat: A Complete Comparison Table

 Google ChatSlack
Ease of Use4.5/54.5/5
Platforms Supported59
Customer Support4.5/54.5/5
Customer Rating4.4/54.5/5

Winner: Slack

Slack Vs Google Chat: Which One is Better?

Both Google Chat and Slack are very useful team collaboration and instant communication platforms. The world’s leading enterprises use these apps to manage their team communications and discuss project activities.

However, Slack is a slightly better app than Google Chat in terms of interface, features, functionality, pricing, and user rating. Slack offers a wide range of features tailored to the collaboration needs of diverse businesses. Besides, it offers custom pricing plans that are economical for small businesses.

Hence, it can be concluded from this Google Chat vs Slack comparison that Slack is the best tool for team collaboration and communication.

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