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Google Keep VS Evernote: Ultimate Review to Pick the Best

This Google Keep vs Evernote comparison draws a clear line between the two note-taking tools. Which is best suited for your personal and professional use? You are sure to get the answer here.

Note-taking is an important task to lead a productive and sincere day-to-day life. Google keep is a user-friendly note-taking software liked by many users while Evernote is appreciated for its powerful features. Both Google Keep and Evernote are great tools to keep your life organized. And the slight differences in user experience and features act as the catalysts for picking one note-taking software over another. To choose the one you need, you can read this thorough Google Keep VS Evernote comparison. 

Google Keep VS Evernote
Google Keep VS Evernote

Evernote VS Google Keep: Interface

Google keep has a simple interface and does not have complicated functionality. It looks like a digital bulletin board with colorful sticky notes. Any user can instantly use the tool without giving any effort. You can add color to your notes and make them more noticeable with several clicks. 

Google Keep
Google Keep

On the other hand, Evernote has more of a professional look. It supports text formatting and color editing. You can customize the look of the inside and outside of your notes with great details. The interface may seem a bit jam-packed when considered to be note-taking software. But when it comes to the added features, the interface of Evernote has maintained a user-friendly interface. 


Google Keep VS Evernote: Main Features

Google Keep: Key Features

On Google Keep, you can add images, lists, links, and custom tags to the notes. It allows you to attach photos to the notes and record audio notes and drawings. Creating and saving your doodles can help you make your notes more beautiful. 

There are no customizable fonts in Google Keep as it does not support text format editing. You can share your notes with others by simply giving another person access through email. The good thing is that Google Keep integrates with the entire Google ecosystem including Google Docs, Spreadsheet, calendar, Gmail, and many more.  Google Keep offers two categories of entries: notes and reminders. The first one is a normal note. The reminders are set to alert you through real-time notifications. 

Google keep key features
Google Keep key features

Evernote: Key Features

It is sometimes compared with Microsoft Word and Apple Page due to its versatility in adding formatted text, table, list, alignment, color, and attachment. Evernote has a lot of flexibility in creating entries. On Evernote, you can attach voice recordings, presentations, youtube videos, and annotate pdf. It also allows text formatting. So, you have customized text on your notepad. Another important feature is that you can merge notes on Evernote and do not need to go through the hassle of copy-pasting or creating-deleting notes. 

You can sort the notes by both date and title. You may add tags to any note and sort those notes with the same tags as well. It allows you to chat, and share documents with other Evernote users with the in-built chatting option. It provides a lot of third-party integrations. This lets you can enjoy a flexible experience with all of your online data interacting with each other. You may pick the software that you’ll integrate depending on how you want to use the tool personally or professionally. 

Evernote key features
Evernote key features

Google Keep VS Evernote: Pros and Cons

Google Keep: 


  1. Simple, light, and easy to use.
  2. Powerful features. It supports extracting texts from the picture and can work with other Google apps. You can also draw on the software. 
  3. Completely free to use. 
  4. Very secure as it is created by Google.


  1. Not good for organizing the notes. 
  2. Cannot sync the notes from different devices on time. 
  3.  If you give someone access to your notes, they can edit your document. There is no access control



  1. Text formatting is a positive aspect of Evernote. Use various fonts wherever you prefer. 
  2. Evernote shares documents through links. Here, you can control how much access you want to give to the person invited. 
  3. You can save any important text, image, or pdf you see on the web with the ‘web clipper’. Those screenshots will be stored in your Evernote account. 
  4. The ‘scanner’ feature lets you turn any written document into a digital document. 


  1. The various features of Evernote may make it look a bit complicated. Though note-making software is very easy to use, some may need a little time to get used to the tool. 
  2. Basic access comes with a lot of limitations. 

Google Keep VS Evernote: Customer Reviews

Google Keep: 

Customer Rating: 4.7/5

What Do Customers Like Most? 

  1. Very easy to use with a user-friendly interface. 
  2. A perfect note-taking software with simple features.
  3. The light software gives a smooth performance.
  4. Allows making long notes.
  5. You can set reminders for future events.
  6. Get notified through alarms on mobile and email notification

What Do customers not Like?

  1. Not suitable for large group collaboration. It is better for a small group of 3-5 people but not large groups.
  2. Too many entries make Google Keep look messy. 
  3. Difficult to find a specific entry within a large set of entries.
  4. Can’t upload mages over 1MB.
  5. No version control or backup system. If an entry is deleted by accident, that entry can’t be recovered. 


Customer rating: 4.5/5

What Do Customers Like Most? 

  1. Take a screenshot of any data you feel is relevant to your project and store the data directly from the website in Evernote for future use.
  2. Scan any document and store a digital copy of it. It does not need to run for making a photocopy of your important documents.
  3. Share your documents with others via Email.
  4. You can even share documents directly with other Evernote users by giving them access.
  5. Allows controlling access to the shared documents. You can just let him have a look at the document or give editing access.
  6. Supports various types of documents including text, images, audio, pdf, links, etc.

What Do customers not Like?

  1. After storing a good amount of data, Evernote takes more time in showing search results.
  2. Document sharing between Evernote users is a bit difficult.
  3. Comparatively more complex interface.

Google Keep VS Evernote: Pricing

Google Keep is free software. Anyone can use the software with a Gmail account. 

Evernote offers a free version with a maximum of 60 MB monthly usage and a maximum of 25 MB for a single note. 

The personal package costs $7.99 per month with 10 GB monthly usage and a maximum of 200 MB for a single note.

The professional package costs $9.99 per month with 20 GB monthly usage.

Evernote price
Evernote price

Google Keep VS Evernote: Platforms Supported

Google Keep can work on IOS 10 or later versions and Android 4.0 or later versions. On PC you can use Google Keep directly through Google Keep’s website or install it as an extension for Google chrome.

To use Evernote on Windows, you’ll need Windows 10 or later versions. On Mac, you need to have Mac OS Monterey (12.0), Mac OS Catalina (10.15), Mac OS Big Sur (11.0), or Mac OS Mojave (10.14). You can also use Evernote on your iPhone with IOS 13 and later versions. If you are using Android devices, you should have Android 10 or later versions. 

Wrapping Up:

Google Keep is an easy-going software. If all you want is to note some important facts every now and then, this software, along with other Google integrations, will give you satisfactory performance. But if you are looking for a productivity solution for your business, the plentiful features of Evernote will prove to be prominent in fulfilling your note-taking requirements. We’ve tried to draw the lines between these two tools clearly. Hope you’ll be satisfied with one analysis over the Google Keep vs Evernote comparison. 

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