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Monday.com Vs HubSpot: Reviews & Comparison

Monday.com and HubSpot are two leading CRM platforms with a broad consumer base across the globe. Read the following comparison between Monday.com vs HubSpot to learn more about their similarities & differences, pricing, and alternatives. Check out now!

CRM platforms have become an essential component for corporate growth in today’s post-pandemic era. Modern CRM tools help businesses improve their communication through automation, get real-time insights for informed decision-making, and increase their sales and customer retention.

Whenever we talk about popular platforms offering CRM solutions, HubSpot and Monday.com take the lead. These two leading platforms offer a range of custom features for diverse businesses and sectors.

Given below is a detailed Monday.com vs HubSpot comparison in terms of features, pricing, and alternatives. Let’s find out and you can choose one from them for your business!

monday.com vs hubspot

Monday.com Vs HubSpot: Overview


Monday.com is a cloud-based Work OS that allows teams to shape their workflow the way they like. The tool helps organizations maximize productivity, drive business impact, boost their team’s alignment, and achieve their desired goals, faster. Moreover, Monday.com makes it easy to streamline marketing campaigns, assess business growth, develop sales pipelines, track product roadmaps, and effectively manage customer relationships.

monday.com vs hubspot: Monday


HubSpot is a full-service CRM that helps organizations optimize their sales, marketing, and customer service operations. Businesses can use HubSpot CRM to engage with their customers across different channels including live chat, call recording, and email tracking. Besides, the platform is also used to track and manage customer information for corporate growth and development.

monday.com vs hubspot: Hubspot

Monday.com Vs HubSpot: Features

Monday.com and HubSpot have various similarities and differences in their features.  Despite their similarities, both these platforms don’t directly compete with each other.

Given below are the major similarities and differences between the features of Monday.com and HubSpot.

Similarities in Features

  1. Dashboards: Both platforms give their users a visual overview of their tasks and allow them to get real-time insights such as pending deals, overall progress, and deadlines. Business leaders can view their most important tasks in different categories and can make informed decisions.
  2. File Management: Both these platforms allow their users to organize and share their files in a collaborative space, build seamless workflows, and finalize their assets faster.
  3. Task Management: Users of Monday.com and HubSpot can streamline their day-to-day workflow, plan their routine tasks, and track their project progress to stay on top of their follow-up via visual and flexible dashboards.
  4. Automation: Automation is a key feature of both Monday.com and HubSpot. Businesses can automate email notifications, progress updates, deadline alerts, and automated workflows with these two platforms.
  5. Integrations: Companies can integrate both Monday.com and HubSpot with their favorite tools including Gmail and Outlook.
  6. Customization: Both Monday.com and HubSpot are fully customizable platforms and allow their users to make changes according to their preferences.

Differences in Features

  1. Tool Type: Monday.com and HubSpot are a bit different from each other. The former platform is a Work OS to organize work while the latter one is a full-service CRM for lead generation and customer support.
  2. Cross-team Functionality: Unlike HubSpot which mainly focuses on marketing, sales, and customer support teams, Monday.com offers cross-team functionality. It enables entrepreneurs to scale their businesses by providing them with different building blocks across all functions.
  3. Digital Marketing: HubSpot stands out as the best tool for digital marketing and offers features like social media monitoring & publishing, social media analytics, blog analytics, SEO, and blog SEO recommendations. However, no such features are available with Monday.com
  4. Employee Management Systems: With Monday.com, you can create a robust employee management system. For instance, HR managers can track candidates and promote team collaboration with the recruitment pipeline. Similarly, the HR dashboard can be used to assess recruitment performance against specific KPIs. HubSpot, on the other hand, does not have any of these functionalities.
  5. Project Management: While HubSpot allows users to manage their to-do lists, set deadlines, or assign tasks, it lacks core functionalities like Gantt charts, dependency management, and project timeline view. For these features, you have to choose Monday.com, which offers 8 different ways to view confidential data along with powerful Gantt charts to track progress, monitor real-time performance, and control your baseline throughout the project lifecycle.
  6. ROI Analytics: HubSpot enables businesses to assess the performance of their business strategy and calculate their ROIs in real-time. However, Monday.com does not offer this feature.

Monday.com Vs HubSpot: Price

As far as the pricing is concerned, Monday.com beats HubSpot. This is because HubSpot has a complicated pricing mechanism that varies for team functions and sectors.


$0$8/user per month$10/user per month$16/user per monthContact Sales
monday.com vs hubspot: Monday price


Sales$45/month $800/month $3,200/month $0/month 
Marketing$45/month $800/month $3,200/month 
Customer Service$45/month$450/month$1,200/month
monday.com vs hubspot: HubSpot price

HubSpot Vs Monday.com: Major Alternatives

While both Monday.com and HubSpot are excellent platforms, they also have some limitations. For instance, task tracking is difficult with Monday.com and dedicated support is unavailable on all plans. Likewise, HubSpot is expensive, offers a steep learning curve, and has a complex interface. Hence, we bring you a few alternatives meeting your custom needs:

Monday.com Alternatives:


HubSpot Alternatives:

Zoho CRM$14-$52/month

Monday.com CRM Vs HubSpot: Conclusion

The above discussion shows that Monday.com is a cost-effective, user-friendly, and efficient CRM tool. It allows teams to customize their workflows and stay organized to increase their productivity and efficiency.

On the other hand, HubSpot is a bit expensive CRM platform with a complicated interface that makes it difficult for beginners to use it without extensive training. Besides, most of its features are customized for sales, marketing, and customer services roles only.

Hence, it can be concluded from the above Monday.com vs HubSpot comparison that Monday.com is a better CRM tool and ideal for multiple roles and organizations.

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