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Monday.com Vs Teams: Five Differences You Should Know

Monday.com Vs Teams comparison: What are the differences? You can figure out all its differences in purposes, features, platforms supported, pricing, and customer reviews.

Monday.com and Teams are two pieces of software that are used primarily for organizing work teams properly. While this is true, both have very different purposes and features. Some may wonder which comes out on top when comparing Monday vs Microsoft Teams, the reality is that both tools have their own purposes, and can even be used simultaneously with each other. We’ll be breaking down some of their features to make them easier to understand.

monday.com vs teams

Monday.com Vs Microsoft Teams: Differences in Purposes

Monday.com is a powerful piece of software, designed to be used straight from your browser. It’s a project and task management tool. It helps project leaders break down their projects and properly assign them to different team members. Meanwhile, employees and team members will appreciate having Monday logging their portfolios and streamlining their work experience.

monday.com vs teams: Monday.com purposes

Microsoft Teams on the other hand is a collaborative workspace, allowing project teams and leaders to interface with each other seamlessly. It also provides users with features like virtual whiteboards and file sharing to make things easier for users. It exploded in popularity with the rise of COVID-19 and continues to be used heavily today.

So, like Monday, Microsoft Teams has a vast target audience that matches the same business-savvy organizations. Where it differs is in its purpose and features. Teams is all about enabling more accessible communication between team members.

For most businesses and organizations, making proper use of Monday and Microsoft Teams strengths is essential to success. Both are powerful tools that have features for making your business successful, and any company, business or organization that uses these tools will find their productivity skyrocket.

Monday.com Vs Microsoft Teams: Differences in Key Features

Monday has many key features making project management easier on a large scale. Its main selling point is its powerful suite of team management tools, which are new spins on familiar concepts like Kanban boards and charts. These are designed to make work on projects run more efficiently at all times.

Monday also has phenomenal portfolio and timeline tracking tools that are built in without needing third-party integrations. For users who need to keep track of their work portfolios, it’s a feature we couldn’t imagine leaving behind. The same goes for workers who are paid based on work hours, where timeline tracking makes life a lot easier.

On top of that, Monday’s robust set of collaboration tools is also impressive, allowing teams to communicate about projects and share thoughts in a fast and conducive manner. With the ability to share thoughts, offer changes and give comments on other projects from its default overlay, its collaboration tools are great. If you get stuck at any point, Monday’s excellent and well-renowned customer service can help you through any technical issues.

Monday.com Vs Microsoft Teams: Monday features

When it comes to Microsoft Teams, on the other hand, its best feature is the powerful video chat interface, which in itself comes with many features. Being able to interact with your team wherever you are is an indelible asset to any organization, and with features like Powerpoint Gridview,  Virtual Whiteboards, and Breakout Rooms, there’s a lot to like here.

Video chatting

You also get some pretty great file-sharing options thrown into the mix with Teams, which further makes it an impressive video chatting platform for businesses and organizations.

Outside of its video features though, Microsoft Teams is a part of the Office 365 ecosystem, which means it integrates seamlessly with the rest of Microsoft’s Office Suite.

For companies and users already integrated into the Office 365 ecosystem and using its tools on a daily basis, this means that you’re essentially getting Microsoft Teams at no extra cost. Not only that, it’ll work alongside all your other Microsoft-based utilities effortlessly, which can be quite useful for a lot of people. It’s also possible to record meetings on the paid version, which is excellent.

Microsoft Teams Key Features:

1. Powerful Video Chatting Client

2. Communication Tools For Video Clients

3. Expanded Virtual Whiteboard

4. Microsoft Integration

5. Recording Meetings

Monday.com Key Features:

1. Powerful Project Management Tools

2. Innovative Design Choices For Smoother Workflow

3. Portfolio and Timeline Tracking Tools

4. Effective Feedback And Collaboration Features

5. Fantastic Customer Support

Monday.com Vs Microsoft Teams: Differences in Platform Supported

Both Monday and Microsoft Teams feature widespread support for the most popular platforms. In the case of Monday, there’s an iOS and Android application, which works in tandem with their main app. While Monday has native desktop apps for Windows and Mac that can be downloaded off their website, the functionality you get is the same as the web app, which is available on any device with an internet connection.

With Microsoft Teams, we find a slightly wider range of supported platforms. It has the essential iOS and Android applications that allow users to use Teams on mobile, but desktop support is where it differs. Of course, there’s Windows and Mac support, but there’s also support for various Linux distributions, including Debian, Ubuntu, and Arch. On top of this, it also has a web app, though it doesn’t work as well as the application itself.

Monday.com Vs Microsoft Teams: Differences in Pricing

Monday.com has a free option with limited features. If a user is planning to use any of the powerful features Monday offers, they’ll want to invest in a better package. Packages begin at $8 for the Basic, going up to $10 for the Standard, $16 for the Pro, and Enterprise packages will need you to contact Monday for details.

It’s also important to remember that most of these packages (not including Enterprise) are only for each seat in your organization. If you want more project and team leaders, you’ll need to prepare to pay extra. Considering the features and tools available, it’s not too bad of a trade-off.

Monday price

As for Microsoft Teams, it also has a free version that’s fairly functional. It comes with all the basic features you could want from a business-based video calling platform. In the free version, you don’t get the 99% uptime guarantee that comes with paid subscriptions, only get 5GB worth of file storage, and are unable to record meetings.

Solving this is an easy fix, as getting the lowest $5 tier of Office 365 gives you access to all of paid Microsoft Teams’ tools and functions as expected. While you do need to sign up for Office 365, it’s not too hefty of a price, and for businesses or organizations already invested in the Microsoft ecosystem, it’s basically a non-issue.

Monday.com Vs Microsoft Teams: Differences in Customer Reviews

WebsiteMonday.comMicrosoft Teams
G24.5 Stars ( 5,495 reviews)4.3 Stars (12,536 reviews)
Trustpilot4.2 Stars (2,954 reviews)1.6 Stars (79 reviews)
Software Advice4.58 Stars (2,635 reviews)4.45 Stars (8,000 reviews)
Capterra4.6 Stars (2,630 reviews)4.4 Stars (8,006 reviews)


What Customers Like Most:

1. Unique UI and Design For a Smoother Working Experience

2. Many Powerful Project Management Tools

3. Performs Smoothly And Reliably

4. Automations And Integrations

5. Dark Mode Option

What Customers Do Not Like:

1. Not As Many Integrations As Some Competitors

2. Customizations For Automations Are Too Stiff

3. Unique UI Takes Time To Get Used To


What Customers Like Most:

1. Easy To Use

2. Comprehensive Toolset

3. Free Plan Is Available

4. Best Video And Audio Quality On Paid Version

5. Office 365 Integrations

What Customers Do Not Like:

1. Performance is Not Smooth

2. Free Version Is Gimped With Worse Performance

3. Unable To Delete Old Chats

Monday.com Vs Microsoft Teams: Conclusion

When it comes to comparing Monday.com Vs Microsoft Teams, there isn’t really a conclusion as they’re different tools with different purposes and made for the same people. They’re both designed around business and organization needs, but they don’t exactly fulfill the same market niche.

If your organization or business needs powerful project management tools that allow you to break down and distribute tasks to the small ones, Monday is the tool you’re looking for. It’s powerful, robust, and is top of its class. It has so many extra features and integrations that really make it a strong contender for the best in its industry.

Microsoft Teams is mainly focused on helping you communicate with your team through video.

Any smart project leader will make the best use of both in order to ensure efficient and smooth performance for all their projects.

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