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Notion VS Evernote: The Guide to Pick the Best

There are many apps where you can take notes. Here, we have two big players, Notion and Evernote. We will explore the Notion VS Evernote comparison in detail and check their similarities and differences. Ultimately, we will provide the necessary information that you need to know about Notion Vs Evernote

Notes are part of our everyday life. You will save yourself time and stress if you can write things quickly as you go. The notes could be important dates or something you have just learned. Taking notes becomes very easy with the best note-taking software. And you will find Notion and Evernote are two used by most people. You may also want to use one of them to take your own notes, but when comparing Notion vs Evernote, you may feel difficult to make a decision. To help you pick the one that suits you, we will discuss in detail all you need to know about notion and Evernote in this article. 

Notion vs Evernote
Notion vs Evernote

Notion Vs Evernote: What Are They?

Both are note-taking apps that you can use to take a note or organize your digital files. It can be your daily schedule or a plan for your project. However, there are differences between them that we will explore in detail.

What Is Notion?

The Notion is an app that gives you the platform to write, plan, and organize tasks. It is simply a note-taking app.

 It has a simple interface for users that help them navigate easily through the app. Aside from taking notes, it is also used by project managers to plan small projects and manage the task.

What is Notion?
What is Notion?

Benefits of Using Notion

  • Clarity

 Notion helps you to gain clarity per time of your task and project because you can easily organize, analyze, and schedule.

  • Note Management

The app is designed to allow users to add various kinds of content like images and videos that can be arranged properly with the drag-and-drop feature.

  • Wiki

The Notion has a wiki that consists huge database that can be used to create content. The notion app is highly user-censored

What Is Evernote?

Evernote, just as the name sounds is a note-taking app that serves all your jotting needs. All are organized into notebooks that can be filled with notes. Aside from the note-taking feature, Evernote synchronizes across your devices.

What is Evernote?
What is Evernote?

There are some beautiful things about this app that has made its use beneficial.

Benefits of Evernote

  • You can attach pictures to your note and share them with family, colleagues, and friends. Amazingly, you can also attach audio.
  • Evernote helps you to set a reminder for your various types and projects. You can also create your tax check boxes.
  • It can sync across your devices this simply means you can access your notes everywhere and offline. High flexibility!

Notion.so VS Evernote: Features

Notion and Evernote are great tools that assist users to take notes and manage and organize tasks. When we talk about Notion vs Evernote, there are similarities and key differences between their features. Before we dive into the feature-based differences, we will examine the key features of the apps that make them exceptional.

Notion: Key Features

  • Templates. Notion is a template lord, you will find various templates for note-takers, engineers, or project managers and you can also create a bespoke template that you can share with others. Notion has a good score when it comes to templates.
  • Collaboration. Notion has a collaboration feature that makes it easy to work with your peers and assign tasks to them.
  • Code blocks. Your notion notes can accommodate programming codes. This means you can use the code blocks feature to share your codes with other developers. No doubt, Notion is versatile.
  • Boards. These boards in Notion can help you move your task to the categories that they belong whether completed or in progress.

Evernote: Key Features

  • Web clipper. This feature remains the outstanding feature on Evernote. It is designed to take a screenshot of online content without disturbing ads and headlines
  • Text search in the document. This note-taking app helps you to search deeply into your documents to find words. This app will scan images, notes, and documents for the words you want to look up
  • Document scan. Evernote scans your documents clearly, you can scan your business, identity card, and receipts. This means you can always access your documents on the go.
  • Voice record. You do not need to take endless records of meeting on paper. Evernote has the feature to record audio. It is your go-to when you need to record meetings, seminars, and conferences.

Comparison Table

Now to the real deal! The detailed differences between these two big apps

 Storage Notion wins. The various plans on the app do not have a storage limit, however, there is a file upload limit. It has a storage limit of 60MB uploads a month. That goes for its basic plan. You might need to pay extra if you need more space
 File Size It has a 5MB limit on the free plan which is very little. You will need to make a payment to upgrade or delete items to free space. The former option consumes your money while the latter consumes your time Evernote wins here, the app is generous, and you can include notes up to 25MB for free. To be safe, you should upload notes with plain text only
 Integration Unfortunately, this is Notion’s biggest weakness. It lacks integration with other tools like zoom and Gmail. Everton wins and it is still ahead with integrations. You can integrate your tools effortlessly like your Gmail, Google drive and outlook
 Search You can search notes with the quick find function.  You will type in the words you want to search and sort them according to your preference Evernote delivers an advanced function with search. The app allows you to be specific with your search and allows you to save your search to quickly find it

Notion is pocket-friendly while Evernote is costly. However, if you want a tool that has advanced features of note-taking. You should use Evernote.

If you are on a budget, you can consider Notion. It only has a few limitations when it is compared with Evernote.

Nonetheless, Notion app vs Evernote, who wins? They may be hard to tell as they are apps that offer similar functionalities. You will just need to choose the app that suits what you want to use it for. Let’s dive deeper!

Evernote VS Notion: Who is Designed for?

Evernote and Notion can work well for different persons.


You can use Notion and Evernote to plan your weekly schedules, plan, and applications. It gives you clarity of schedules and these apps can serve as your virtual to-do list.


Notion has a feature for collaboration but it is often for smaller groups. It is somehow similar to google docs, everything is saved automatically and teams can make comments on the work of each other. Evernote on the other hand has sophisticated and advanced organization systems that can accommodate larger teams. It has more advanced features for organizations to categorize their notes into different notebooks and also tag their notes for easy reference

Project Managers

Notion project management and Evernote teams can be used to plan and track projects. They offer a complete package to make your teams coordinated, informed, and organized.

Notion VS Evernote for Students

While Notion and Evernote are suitable for students. Notion offers a simpler interface that can simply be used to plan, and save assignments and tasks. Evernote also helps you to keep your File organized. Ultimately, you can go for any of these apps depending on the bulk of the task.

Evernote VS Notion: Platforms Supported

 Software Evernote and Notion
  Platforms Supported1. Both can work on MAC and Windows
2. They have a Web version. They are a cloud-based app.
3. They both support Android and IOS

Notion App vs Evernote: Pricing

This is the kicker when it comes to purchases, prices can make or mar a deal. Notion and Evernote have different pricing options.

Notion Pricing

The Notion app has 3 pricing options.

  • Personal. This is the free version, you have unlimited pages and share up to 5 guests, you can also synchronize your device
  • Personal pro. It costs $4 per month. You will have unlimited guests and file uploads
  • Team. It costs $8 per user every month, you can have unlimited team members and advanced workspace  

Evernote Pricing

Evernote also offers three pricing options

  • Basic plan. It Is free of charge, it has rich text formatting and web clipper. You can also synchronize 2 devices
  • Premium. Evernote charges $7.99 per month for this. You can create custom templates, offline notes, and other great features to explore
  • Business. It costs $14.99 per month, it has rich collaboration, advanced team management, and activity

Evernote vs Notion: Customer Rating

 Reviews Platform Notion Evernote
 Capterra 4.7 4.4
 Software Advice 4.75 4.41
 G2 4.6 4.3

Notion Vs Evernote: A Comparison Table

 Items Notion Evernote
 Target Customers Small teams and Individuals Big teams and individuals that take note
 Platforms Supported All platforms ranging from windows, mac, web, Android, and iOS All platforms ranging from windows, mac, web, Android, and iOS
 Pricing Relatively Cheaper Expensive
 Customer Rating 4.7 4.4

Frequently Asked Questions About Notion vs Evernote

1.  Can Notion replace Evernote?

Yes. It is more flexible and has functions like Evernote but in note-taking, Evernote outperforms Notion  

2. Which is more secure, Notion or Evernote?

Evernote is more secure, it uses the Google Cloud Platform that protects data AES-256 encryption

3.  How do I move Evernote to Notion

Open the Notion app and select Import from the sidebar, choose Evernote and follow the instructions to set. 


We have discussed in detail all you need to know about the Notion vs Evernote comparison. So you can go ahead and choose what suits you!

Thank you for reading!

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