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Notion Vs Monday: Which Is Right for You?

Your new project management software should fit your needs as best as it possibly can. Two of the top project management programs on the market today are Notion and Monday.com. Let’s take a comprehensive look at Monday.com vs Notion!

When making a decision between two different project management software offerings, it is important to remember that different technology works for different people. Let’s break down Monday Vs Notion into bite-sized pieces so that you can make the decision for yourself which of the two project management programs is best for you and your intended use!

notion vs monday

Monday Vs Notion: Differences in Purposes

At first glance, you may notice that Monday.com and Notion promise to serve many different purposes for their software clients. On one hand, Monday.com advertises itself as a project management tool for work, while Notion promotes itself as the option to choose if you would like to have one program for all of your needs. The crux of the difference between the two is that Notion can be used as a project management tool but is better described as a task management tool. Monday.com is specifically a project management tool and chooses to specialize.

Monday Vs Notion: Differences in Features

1. Monday offers Gantt charts while Notion does not.

Notion offers other tools for organization, such as Kanban boards, but it, unfortunately, does not include Gantt charts. Gantt charts are a specialized project management tool that allows for easier time tracking and improved workflow function. If you do not favor Gantt charts this may not be a dealbreaker for you for Notion. If you prefer Kanban boards, Monday also offers Kanban boards as an option as well.

2.  Notion provides many features specifically geared toward other industries.

While Monday.com is well known for being a project management tool, Notion is actually relatively flexible to other industries. Of note, Notion is popular with high school and college students to track their homework and project progress. Notion is also especially popular in the writing community and is used by many authors. One of the Notion’s many features that writers enjoy is its wiki feature.  

3. Notion and Monday.com integrate different tools within their program.  

Notion allows for many different program integrations, as does Monday.com. The key difference is that they allow different tools for integration. Notion offers Jira, Confluence, Figma, Basecamp, and LambdaTest. Monday.com integrates Slack, Google Drive, Trello, Dropbox, Zapier, and LambdaTest. If your team uses some or most of these tools, this may be a method to help you decide which project planning software you will choose.

4. Monday.com has a robust free project management template.

This template is designed for larger project management projects and was created by Monday.com to be fully customizable. Notion also offers templates of its own, but the templates that Notion offers often require more setup. Keep in mind that while Notion has project management capabilities, Monday really shines for large projects.

5. Monday.com offers additional features that are better for teams.

Unlike Notion, Monday focuses more on the aspect of big team collaborations. Some features that it has in this department that Notion doesn’t are notifications, automation, tons of integration, comment, and chat.  With Notion, you can share boards and collaborate in a limited fashion.

Monday.com Vs Notion: Differences in Platforms Supported

While both Monday.com and Notion have browser versions of their application, they also both have desktop app offerings. Monday.com as an app is offered for Mac and Windows. In addition, there is a mobile Monday.com app available for iOS and Android.

Notion is offered as a Windows app and a Mac app, as well as a mobile app for iOS and Android.

As far as the number of platforms supported goes in the battle of Notion vs Monday.com, this one is a tie!

Notion Vs Monday.com: Differences in Pricing

The difference between Notion and Monday.com may have you declaring that Notion is the winner in the battle of Notion vs. Monday, as Monday.com lacks a free basic subscription without limitations. As far as pricing goes, if you look at the breakdown in cost you will find that Monday.com is far more expensive than Notion is.

Notion offers four main pricing options:

Personal – free

Personal Pro – $4 per month

Team – $8 per user per month

Enterprise – Contact sales for more information

Notion Vs Monday: Notion price

Monday.com offers five main pricing options:

Free – free (with limitations including only three boards)

Basic – $8 per user per month

Standard – $10 per user per month

Pro – $16 per user per month

Enterprise – Contact sales for more information

notion vs Monday: Monday price

Notion Vs Monday.com: Customer Reviews

Below is a table that shows some of the most popular tech review websites and their ratings for both Monday vs Notion. These ratings are based on the reviews that these websites have received for both software programs from customers around the world.

Rating WebsiteNotionMonday

Users of Monday.com found it easier to use and set up for large team projects, while users of Notion found it preferable for its niche and customizable features. As well, Notion won big points for being free for personal use and has become a very successful task management program.  Let’s explore the specifics of what customers liked and disliked about both programs.

What Customers Like Most About Notion:

  1. It is revolutionary for note-taking. Notion offers many different ways to label, color-code, and even add tags and emojis to your notes.
  2. The customization options are (seemingly) endless! Notion users love to make custom templates and share them online for others to use.
  3. Notion allows you to be creative and theme your pages, adding personality to your workspace and workflow.
  4. People love that Notion can be used for personal and professional uses. The program’s ability to be so versatile is attractive to many of its users.
  5. Notion is able to replace many other programs with its all-in-one capabilities. Some programs that people mention they have stopped using in favor of Notion are OneNote, Google Calendar, and Google Docs.

What Customers Do Not Like About Notion:

  1. Reviews on Notion’s customer service are a mixed bag. Some say that the customer service is awful, while other reviews say that Notion’s customer service is their favorite aspect of Notion.
  2. Having to customize it can be difficult for those who are less tech-savvy.
  3. The mobile app version is not as great as the desktop app and web browser version. People complain that the mobile app can be quite slow.
  4. The offline mode is not very effective. You will need to preload your files in order to view them while offline.
  5. Notion is not as good with setting recurring tasks. It seems that many people think that Notion is better used for checking off boxes or tracking items that only occur once.

What Customers Like Most About Monday:

  1. It is great for collaborating with large teams. The ability for teams to all interact with aspects within Monday is very well-liked among Monday customers.
  2. Using Monday for Gantt project planning is a breeze and the interface for it is very pleasant. People like the project planning specific features of Monday.com.
  3. People love that Monday.com can be used for projects big and small!
  4. Above all else, reviewers love that Monday is easy to use and to learn. The training may be necessary for some, but not all users.
  5. Monday requires little setup in order to use it. Unlike Notion, you can customize Monday, but you don’t have to. Instead, you can opt to just jump in and start using it!

What Customers Do Not Like About Monday:

  1. Customer support has received many unpleasant reviews over the last few months especially for being unresponsive.
  2. The sales team can take a while to get back to people about Enterprise pricing information and nonprofit discounts.
  3. People prefer to use Jira. Throughout Monday.com reviews, the project management software Jira is mentioned as a better alternative.
  4. Monday.com appears to have had some issues with being offline or down over the past year. Though this is not complained about very often, it has been a sore spot for Monday.com.
  5. The price can be inaccessible for smaller companies. Many negative reviews complain that while the company loves using Monday.com, they cannot afford its high price per user.

Monday Vs Notion: Which One is Better?

The great battle of Notion vs Monday comes to a conclusion, but which one is better and which one is the right one for your use?

There are some areas where we can confidently say which program is victorious.

By and large, Notion wins this battle for personal users. Not only do they offer a free option, but their many non-project management-specific features allow for a seemingly unlimited amount of personal uses for the program.

For big teams and for large projects, Monday.com takes the cake, with reviews expressing just how easy it is to use and how little training is needed to successfully use the program. Monday.com seems to be especially useful for big business!

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