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Notion Vs Todoist: Which Is Right for You?

Notion and Todoist are the best PM tools that help to organize data. However, Notion is better than Todoist. Click here to learn about the comparison between Notion vs Todoist and what makes Notion a better option.
notion vs todoist

Are you still digging your heels to find the right project management tool for yourself?

PM tools are a great way to unload the work burden. However, choosing the right PM has never been easy.

Notion and Todoist are among the most trusted PM tools with a rich packet of features that help them stand alone. If you are feeling lost in comparing Notion vs Todoist to choose the better software, then move to the next section that sheds light on all the aspects of the two tools.

Todoist Vs Notion: A Detailed Comparison Table

Todoist and Notion are both PM tools that offer more or less the same services with a few differences. So, let’s gain insights from them and find why Notion is considered a better option than Todoist.

SoftwareNotion Todoist
What Are TheyNotion is an all-in-one trusted productivity tool that organizes your work in streamlined order and helps to manage complicated tasks. Moreover, it is used for documentation too. So, in short, you can use it for writing, management, collaboration, and many other things. Todoist is an effective task and project management software that helps you create a to-do list, organize work, and make a custom schedule to help you manage tasks and workload more effectively. Moreover, it allows you to do collaboration tasks too.
Target CustomersNotion provides features for all levels of companies and users. They can be individuals, students, startups, or large established organizations. Big names like Curative Inc. and Point72 use Notion. Todoist is mostly used by medium-sized companies. However, it is equally valuable for freelancers and other companies.
Key Features
1. Task Management and Prioritization

Notion offers various features to make task management easier, like the kanban board, epic calendar, task tracker, and sprint organizer. 

2. Shared Calendar

There is a shared calendar in Notion that all the team members can access, and the calendar shows all the important dates, tasks, and deadlines. 

3. Collaboration

It offers a punch of various collaborative features to users to make task management easier. It includes:
1) Edit and comment
2) File sharing
3) @ mentioning
4) Adding reminders
5) Real-time tracking of work and progress made by other users  

4. Templates

Notion provides its users with dozens of template categories and 300+ templates. Apart from that, it has a template gallery called Notionary, where you get access to third-party templates.

1. Task Manager

It is a highly commendable task manager that provides various managing and task tracking functionalities to the users. For example, it has a
1) Today’s section shows all tasks which need to be done today.
2) Tomorrow section, which lists the task, which needs to be completed by tomorrow.
3) The upcoming tab that shows tasks that need to be done in the near future.

2. Website and Email Integration

One of the most distinguishing features of Todoist is that it can add tasks from Gmail and other emails directly. Similarly, it allows users to copy URLs of articles only and paste them into the “To-do list”. 

3. Template Reusability

One interesting feature of Todoist is that it allows users to reuse the task template also for similar tasks. So, you can save the template, reuse it, and customize it later if you want to.  
ProsSome of the areas where Notion has nailed as a PM tool kit are:
1. The architecture of Notion is very flexible and highly customizable.
2. It is an all-in-one PM tool that provides features for both documentation and management.
3. It works on a number of platforms, making it an easy-to-access option for everyone.
4. Notion integrates and embeds with a number of sites and tools.
5. It is a highly rational and affordable tool that leaves you with no need to spend extra bucks on buying onboarding tools and CRM databases.
Here are some of the advantages and strong points that Todoist provides to its users:
1. It comes with a kit of tasks and gadgets to help users perform complicated tasks.
2. It has various features that aid in time management and tracking.
3. Todoist allows you to view and use it from multiple devices.
4. It offers education profits to students too.
Platforms Notion has support on the following platforms:
The platforms which are supported by Todoist are:
Easy to UseNotion provides its users with a big whiteboard and canvas space to use. However, to walk through the Notion interface, you need to have a grip on its shortcuts. But once you learn them, the tool becomes quite easy to operate. Todoist offers a very easy-to-use interface that is simple yet customizable. You can change the interface and icon arrangement according to your need. 
CustomizableNotion gives a long array of options in customization to its users. They can customize the font style, interface, icons, display page, and even themes. Moreover, you can customize the workspace to make your design look beautiful, trendy, and just the way youThere isn’t much room for customization in Todoist. You can only change the bottom bar of the tod lists and customize the icons present in it. However, you can’t customize the boards, nor can you make custom templates. 
Pricing PlansIt has the following four pricing plans:
1. A free plan for individuals that you can share with five guests.
2. A personal pro plan that costs $4 per month.
3. A team Plan that costs $8 per month.
4. An enterprise plan which is a custom plan
Todoist offers the following 3 tiers of pricing plans:
1. A free plan for individuals and starters.
2. A pro plan that costs $4 per month and includes 25 collaborators.
3. A business plan that costs $8 per month and includes up to 50 collaborators  
Customer RatingGetApp: 4.8 out of 5 by 761 users
G2: 4.6 out of 5 by 769 users
Capterra: 4.8 out of 5 by 761 users
Trustradius: 4.4 out of 5 by 300 users
GetApp: 4.6 out of 5 by 1.6 K users
G2: 4.4 out of 5 by 731 users
Capterra: 4.6 out of 5 by 1674 users
Trustradius: 4.45 out of 5 by 178 users 
Customer Support You can contact Notion Helpline and support in various ways like:
1. Send an email to [email protected].
2. Join the community forum.
3. Live chat on the website by sending a message.
4. Contact on Twitter.
5. Blogs and How To documents are available on
The Todoist provides various customer support services like 1. Sending an email.
2. Live chat on the website.
3. Tutorial videos and blogs are available on the website.
4. Join the community forum
Alternatives The top 5 alternatives of Notion are:
1. ClickUp
2. Coda.
3. NTask.
4. Monday.com
5. Trello
The top 5 alternatives of Todoist are:
1. Google Keep.
2. TickTick
3. Any.do.
4. Evernote.
5. Microsoft To-Do.

Notion Workspace:

todoist vs notion: Notion workspace

Todoist Workspace:

Todoist workspace

Notion Vs. Todoist: Our Verdict

When comparing the above details side by side, Notion far outpaces Todoist in all ways. It offers better features, task managing, tracking, and customization. Moreover, it offers affordable pricing plans, and that is why more users prefer Notion over Todist.

Notion Vs. Todoist: Your Decision

Undoubtedly, both Notion and Todoist are extremely powerful task management and PM software with a packet of rich and well-built-in features. 

However, we can only pick one from the Notion vs Todoist comparison.

Although our verdict is that Notion is better, the most important thing is that you need to make your own decision based on your requirements and analysis. So what is your decision? We want to know your answer. Leave our comment below if you are willing to share with us.

FAQS About Notion and Todoist

Can Notion replace Todoist?


Notion can replace Todoist as a project and documentation tool.

Is Notion good for task management?

Yes, Notion is a good software for task management too. However, you need to do a bit of change and customization for it.

What are the disadvantages of using Todoist?

Although it is a very good task and Project management software, Todoist comes with some pitfalls, too, like

  • Users claim its windows app is not too good
  • A bit slow in function
  • The subtasks option doesn’t work well

The simple interface and real-time tracking make Todoist a popular choice among users.

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