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Quip Vs Google Docs: A Detailed Comparison

Quip Vs Google Docs! Both are juggernauts when it comes to the document editing, sharing, and storing software world, but which one comes out on top?

When it comes to team collaboration software, Quip and Google Docs are two names that are usually thrown into the discussion. Both are powerful pieces of software that can help your business run smoothly while ensuring solid collaboration between your teams. It does beget the question, however, in the comparison between Quip Vs Google Docs, which piece of software comes out on top?

quip vs google docs

What is Quip?

Quip is a team collaboration solution that puts emphasis on being a complete package. Combining document and spreadsheet creation with powerful collaboration tools, allows teams to effectively communicate about projects as they’re being done. With this, team members can efficiently work on a project, break down what needs to be finished and then do it, all in a single application.

It offers a lot of different features, but it comes at a price. The Quip Starter package begins at $10 per user, going up to $25 with Quip Plus and $100 for Quip Advanced. Still, Quip has established itself as a powerful tool in the team collaboration software market, so we’d recommend giving it a look!

quip vs google docs: What is Quip

Key Features:

1. Diffs

Diffs or document edits are a feature exclusive to Quip, and one of the key factors in its rise to fame as a collaborative work tool. Diffs make a record of every time a document has been changed, as well as what the changes are, and visually show it to team members who check the document. With Diffs, it’s incredibly easy to keep track of work progress, as well as roll back to previous versions of a file as needed.

2. Centralized Workspaces

Quip features centralized workspaces that can be built around entire teams or single documents, allowing for easier collaboration on projects. When the entire team can focus on one project without interference from other tasks, it allows for work to be done more efficiently. It also promotes smarter work and teamwork, keeping everyone on the same page at all times.

3. Templates

Templates are incredibly popular in Quip, allowing users to use pre-made document formats in order to get a head-start on any given task. Quip includes a ton of different templates, ranging from the basic and common all the way to more unique options like sales playbacks. Making full use of templates makes getting started on a project a lot more efficient and quick.

4. Project-Based Chat Rooms

Quip gives teams chat rooms based on specific projects, making for smoother and faster communication with your team. Through this chat room, you can talk, send images and documents, make direct document references and receive alerts for specific notifications, even from other teams.

5. All-in-one Toolset

Unlike many of its competitors, Quip builds all of its tools like word document editors, spreadsheet editors, and management charts directly into a single program. For users, this means it’s a lot easier to transfer work and information from one task to another. Every tool works seamlessly in Quip, which allows users to tailor-make their work flowcharts to their liking.

What is Google Docs?

Google Docs is a document creating, sharing, and collaborating application. It allows users to make a plethora of different types of documents through simple templates, with most of its tools being free to use. There are paid versions starting at $6 a month, but Google keeps its prices relatively low, drawing a bigger install base and a lot of fans.

Google docs - quip vs google docs

Key Features:

1. Table of Content

Google Docs offers a table of content that makes sorting through your work quick and efficient. With every single title and header listed on the side, all it takes is a brief scroll to find what you need.

2. Voice Typing

Google Docs’ voice typing feature allows users to eschew their normal style of typing and speak their ideas directly into their work. While it’s a good feature to have, it’s important to note that it only works for Google Docs on Google Chrome, so make sure you have the browser you plan to use this feature.

3. Offline Mode

Google Docs can be used offline by simply enabling the Offline Mode setting in the file options. Go to the file settings for any file and select “Make available offline,” which should trigger Google Docs asking if you wish to enable Offline Mode.

4. In-Document Research

With Google Explore, Google Docs users can do searches for research right from Google Docs itself. It’s available in the tools section and gives the user access to thousands of research, images, and keywords straight from the document itself.

5. Google Workspace Marketplace For Add-Ons

The Google Workspace Marketplace is built into Google Docs, allowing users to search for add-ons or extras to tailor their Google Docs experience. This includes add-ons for grammar checking, easy citation, and word tracking.

Quip Vs Google Docs: Quip Advantages

1. Quip Has A Desktop Client

Unlike Google Docs, Quip has a designated desktop client instead of a simple web app with an online mode. Quip can be run in the background independently as opposed to Google Docs which needs to be used through a browser even in offline mode.

2. Better For Collaboration

When it comes to collaborating with your own team, or other development teams, Quip is the clear winner. Quip carries with its collaboration and teamwork tools such as Diffs, project-specific chat rooms, and the ability to reference everything from documents to single spreadsheet cells in real-time,

3. Better UI Design

Because Quip is a native application and not merely a web application, it has a rich UI with many different features that Google Docs simply can’t hope to match. From the sidebar to the way Quip organizes your documents based on creation, content, and project, it’s simply a no contest.

Quip Vs Google Docs: Google Docs Advantages

1. Much More Affordable

This one is self-explanatory. One of the best things about Google Docs is that it’s mostly a free program to use. Even their premium Enterprise package tops out at a mere $25 per user each month, essentially a quarter of what Quip charges you.

2. Google Integrations

Google’s integrations with their own services are always immaculate, and if you find yourself sending and receiving documents through Gmail a lot, this will be right up your alley. You can seamlessly save documents straight to Google Drive while scheduling Gmail messages all from Google Docs itself.

3. Better Spreadsheets

Despite being cheaper, Google Docs’ Spreadsheet tool is well known for being surprisingly powerful, even compared to its pricier competition. Google Sheets allows you to change background colors, organize columns and rows, add things like Gantt charts and even format singular cells. If you work with spreadsheets a lot, it’s definitely something to consider.

Quip Vs Google Docs: Which One is Better?

In the comparison of Quip Vs Google Docs, we’d have to give the nod to Quip. As a software suite designed to make collaborating easier, it succeeds at its goal with flying colors. In general, it simply does most of the things Google Docs does, just better. For what it’s worth, however, Google Docs puts up a fair fight, and for only a fraction of the price, it’s still a solid choice.

FAQS About Quip and Google Docs

  1. Is Quip better than Google Docs?

Quip is overall better than Google Docs, but Google Docs is still good and also much cheaper.

  • Why do people use Quip?

It’s a comprehensive suite of document creation tools that allow teams to work very efficiently.

  • How do I upload a Google Doc to a Quip?

Simply save a Google Docs file offline and open said file in Quip.

  • Is Quip like Google Docs?

Yes, it is.

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