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Redmine Vs Jira: A Complete Comparison

Are you unable to decide between Redmine and Jira? Don't worry, this comprehensive Redmine Vs Jira comparison will help you to make the best decision!
redmine vs jira

When you look at Redmine vs Jira from the pricing aspect, there is quite a lot of difference between these project management software. Redmine is a free, open-source project software, while Jira is a multi-billion company.

The price may differ, but many of their features are similar when it comes to project management if you are stuck between the Redmine Vs. Jira, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to decide on the best software management software by this easy Redmine Vs. Jira comparison.

Jira Vs. Redmine Comparison Table

Thus Jira Vs. The Redmine comparison table will ensure you get the product for you and your business.

What it isJira is a paid project management tool used mainly by software experts for project management and development. Jira comes in both free and paid versions. The paid version has many advanced features to help big companies with project management.Redmine is one of the market’s few free open-source project management tools. Redmine offers all the services to its customers for free, but you have to put extra effort into customizing it. Once you customize it, Redmine’s project management is a breeze!
PurposeJira was initially designed to track bugs and issues, but now it is used to manage all sorts of projects by professional software teams.The purpose of Redmine is to help the people in project management and manage their team members.
AudienceJira is a billion-dollar company, and the audience is likewise. Large-scale businesses use it with a team of software experts. Some of the big names are Linkedin, eBay, and NASA.Redmine is mainly for small agencies or individuals looking to manage their work.
Key Features1. Drag and drop feature.
2. Integrations with over 3000+ apps and software for increased work efficiency.
3. Kanban and scrum boards.
4. Agile methodology.
5. Agile reporting 
1. Time tracking feature.
2. Multiple project management at the same time.
3. Team management features.
4. Calendars and charts to maintain smooth work flow.
5. Integrations with numerous software
AdvantagesJira has numerous benefits when compared with Redmine: 1. User-friendly interface.
2. More integrations than Redmine.
3. More advanced features than Redmine like Kanban and scrum board  
When compared to Jira, Redmine is not left behind. It has the following advantages over Jira: 1. It is flexible and customizable to use  
Easy to UseJira is simple to use for software experts. It isn’t very easy for beginners.Redmine is easy to use for all project managers.
ApplicationsIt supports all the devices such as IOS, Android, and the web.It also supports all the devices such as IOS, Android, and the web.
Languages SupportedIt supports the following languages:
Redmine also supports multiple languages, which you can set by updating the default settings.
Free VersionJira is available in a free version, too, but it has the following limitations:
1. Limit of only 10 team members.
2. You can attach files of up to 10MB.
3. Allows file storage only up to 2GB
Redmine is free to use.
Paid PlansYou can enjoy all the advanced features of Jira with its paid version. It comes in different tiers mentioned below:
1. Standards come at $7.50 per user a month.
2. Premium comes at $14.50 per user a month.
3. For enterprises, contact their support.
Redmine is free to use, but you may have to pay to install plugins or any integrations.
Customer SupportJira has excellent customer service. You can use their customer support during business hours if you have the standard version. Customer support is available 24/7 for the business and enterprise plan.One of the biggest disadvantages of Redmine is that it lacks a live customer support feature. You have to rely on their guide to find your answers.
Customer RatingThe customer rating of Jira from different customer rating platforms is 4.16.The overall rating of Redmine from the different customer rating platforms is 3.88.
What Customers Like Here is what the people like about the Jira :
1. User-friendly interface.
2. Flexible for project management.
3. Many advanced features.
4. Many integrations.
According to different customer reviews, here is what the customers like about the Redmine: 
1. It is free to use.
2. Easy to use for project management.
3. Many plugin options to customize the software.
What Customers Dislike: Here is what the customers dislike about the Jira:
1. Complicated to use.
2. A bit expensive.
3. No 24/7 customer support for the standard package.
Here is what people dislike about the Redmine:
1. Poor interface.
2. No live support.
3. Slow to process sometimes
When to UseJira is most suitable for use if you are a large-scale business with a strong team of software experts. Jira isn’t recommended for individuals with little experience in software.Redmine is the most suitable for project managers looking for an easy and free tool to manage their business.
AlternativesHere are the 5 alternatives for Jira:
Here are the 5 alternatives  for the Redmine:
Open Project
Focal board
Task Cafe

Jira Vs. Redmine: Final Words

So that’s all about Jira Vs Redmine. Both of them are excellent software for project management in their regard.

If you are a software expert, Jira would be very easy to use, but it isn’t very easy for common people. It is best for large scaled companies. On the other hand, Redmine is simple for everyone but lacks a user-friendly interface. Redmine is best for individuals and small setups. We hope our article about Redmine Vs. Jira has helped to decide on the best project management software.

FAQS About Jira and Redmine

  1. Is Jira good for project management?

Yes, Jira is an excellent tool for project management if you are familiar with the software. Jira is perfect for large businesses and used by many big names like Linkedin, eBay, and NASA.

  • What companies use Redmine?

Redmine is mostly used by small companies and individuals looking for free project management software. It is used by the companies like Lenovo and Red Hat Inc.

  • Is Jira similar to the MS project?

Jira is similar to the MS project in many features but is more advanced than the MS project. If the MS project seems to hinder your project management and workflow, then upgrade to Jira.

  • What are the disadvantages of Jira?

Jira has the following disadvantage:

  • Expensive
  • Customer support on only local business hours for standard package
  • Complicated for the beginners

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