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Scrum Master Vs Product Owner: All You Need to Know

Are you confused between the roles of scrum master and the product owner? Don't worry; this thorough comparison of scrum master vs product owner will explain the differences and similarities between a scrum master and a product owner. Read on to gain clarity!
scrum master vs product owner

Agile methodology has been a huge success in various fields of business and management. This agile methodology in product development gave rise to new roles known as scrum master and product owner. Both roles are interrelated, but there are significant differences between them.

 Most of the time, people get confused between them as they are relatively new terms. To help you with a better understanding of these two terms, we have come up with Scrum Master Vs Product owner. Keep reading to clear your doubts!

What is Scrum Master?

A scrum Master is an important role in the scrum framework. The scrum Master is responsible for ensuring that the team adheres to the scrum values and practices. They also help the team stay focused on the goal and remove any obstacles hindering their progress. The scrum master is not a project manager, but they need to understand project management principles well.

 In addition, the scrum master should have excellent communication and facilitation skills. They need to manage conflict and build consensus within the team effectively. The scrum master is a key player on the team and can help make or break a project. For this reason, it is important to choose someone for this role with the necessary skills and experience.

What is a Product Owner?

A product owner is someone responsible for the development and success of a product. They are responsible for setting the vision and direction for the product and ensuring that it meets the users’ needs.

A product owner must have a good understanding of the market and the users and must be able to communicate this to the team. They must also be able to prioritize the work and make decisions in a fast-paced environment. A product owner is an essential role in any product development team.

Product Owner Vs Scrum Master: Skills

When doing a product owner vs scrum master comparison, it is important to know the skill difference between them.

Here are the skills scum master should possess:

Awareness of Agile Methodology

The core skill the scrum master should have is a clear understanding of the agile methodology. This is because they are supposed to work with the team members based on agile methodology. If the scrum master isn’t clear about this technique, it can lead to many disruptions in product development.

Leadership Qualities

Scrum master should have strong leadership qualities as he leads the agile product development team. He should work closely with the team members and must solve their queries.

Must have Great communication and Organization Skills

Another set of skills the scrum master should have is great communication and organization. Communication skills come in handy in interacting with the team members and discussing their progress.

On the other hand, strong organization and discipline help the scrum master achieve the goals effectively. The organization’s skills must be passed on to the team members to maintain a smooth workflow without disruptions.

communication and Organization Skills for Scrum Master

Clear Understanding of Product Backlog

As a scrum master, one key skill is ensuring that the product backlog is well-maintained. This means having a strong understanding of the product and the features that need to be prioritized.

Here are the skills a product owner should have :

Great Analytical Skills

A product owner should have strong analytical skills as the product owner’s responsibility is to understand the requirements of the investors and stakeholders. They should use their analytical skills to understand better how the stakeholders’ requirements can be put into a useful product.

Great Communication Skills

Like the scrum master, a product owner should have strong communication skills. This is because the product owner must translate the information and requirement from the skate holders with the product development team. If there is any miscommunication anywhere in this cycle, then it can lead to a major loophole.

Deep Understanding of the Customer Requirement

A product is only successful when you clearly understand the customer’s requirements and pain points. So it is a must for the product owner to have this skill. The customer requirements can easily be accessed and analyzed through strong research skills.

Evaluate the Progress

Being a product owner is not an easy task and often requires difficult decisions to ensure the product’s success. One of the most important skills a product owner should possess is the ability to evaluate the product’s progress. This involves being able to track various metrics as well as understanding how the product is performing against its competitors. It is also important to communicate this information effectively to stakeholders to make informed decisions about the future of the product. With this skill, a product owner can help to ensure that the product remains on track and meets its goals.

Scrum Master Vs Product Owner Responsibilities

Here is a review of scrum master vs. product owner responsibilities:

Scrum Master Responsibility

  1. A scrum master should be able to work with the product development team on the agile methodology.
  2. Should be in strong communication with the product owner and must be updated about the product development
  3. He should effectively communicate with the team members
  4. Must be aware of the team’s progress and make sure that the members are working in a timely and organized manner
  5. He should be aware of the product backlog

Product Owner Responsibility

  1. The core responsibility of the product owner is to create the product backlog and maintain the product backlog with regular updates.
  2. Must be in continuous communication with the scrum master to discuss the product backlog and make changes to them
  3. The product owner must communicate strongly with the stakeholders and the product team members.
  4. Evaluate the team’s progress on product development regularly
  5. Must be updated about the changing trends and interest of the customer of the product the team and product owner is working on
  6. Must be able to prioritize the task

Scrum Master Vs. Product Owner Salary

Here is the comparison of scrum master vs. product owner salary:

Scrum Master Salary Product Owner Salary
According to Glassdoor, the average Scrum Master salary is $95,167 annually. However, salaries can vary depending on several factors, including experience, location, and company size. For example, entry-level scrum masters in smaller companies may earn significantly less than experienced Scrum Masters working for larger organizations. In addition, the scrum master’s salary is high in high-cost-of-living areas. As with any job, the best way to maximize earnings potential is to develop a deep understanding of the role and market trends. With an understanding of the relevant Factors affecting salary levels, scrum masters can be better prepared to negotiate for the compensation they deserve.  The average salary for a product owner is $107,353 per year in the United States. Salary estimates are based on 4,378 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Product Owner employees. The salary varies slightly from state to state, but a look at the average income suggests that the salary of a product owner is handsome enough to pursue it as a career.

Product Owner Vs. Scrum Master: Similarities

  1. Both the product owner and scrum master should have strong communication skills.
  2. Both the roles should have strong leadership quality
  3. Both the product owner and scrum master communicate with the team members
  4. They should have strong organizational skill
  5. Both should have a clear understanding of the agile methodology of product development.

Scrum Master Vs. Product Owner: Differences

From the discussion mentioned above, here are the key differences between the scrum master and the scrum master:

  1. The scrum master must have an overall leadership quality, while the product owner should have strategic leadership.
  2. Scrum masters should be aware of the overall progress of the agile development team, while the product owner should focus only on the progress of the product development team.
  3. Scrum masters should communicate effectively with the team members, while the product owner must focus mainly on the product backlog.
  4. Scrum masters should have strong visualization skills, while product owners should have strong analytical skills.
  5. The product owner should be aware of the competitors and the customer requirement. At the same time, the scrum master doesn’t need to have a deep knowledge of competitors’ and customers’ needs.

Final Words

So that’s all about the Scrum Master vs. Product owner. A deep insight into product owner vs. scrum master roles has cleared the difference between these two different roles. Both of these roles work in close association with each other, but their responsibilities and skill set differ.

The scrum master acts as the head of the agile development team while the product owner works as a product development leader.

We hope our article has helped you better understand the two roles and their responsibilities.

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