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Slack Vs Monday: A Detailed Comparison

Slack vs Monday: what are the differences? Read this detailed comparison and you can find all you want to know.

Slack and Monday.com are both popular apps in the professional business world. But they each have their own purpose and unique features that make them stand out from the crowd. This article seeks to give a detailed comparison of Slack vs Monday, so you can have a better understanding of them.

slack vs monday

Slack Vs Monday: What Are Their Differences?

Slack is messaging application for businesses that allow colleagues to chat together and access the data they need. Slack improves how organizations convey information by connecting people to work and associates as one group.

Monday is a customizable web and mobile project management app that assists groups and companies with operational productivity by following project and work processes, picturing information, and group coordinated effort. It incorporates computerization abilities and supports cooperation with other work applications.

Monday Vs Slack: An Overview

What is Monday?

Monday is an enterprise SaaS collaboration platform that allows you to remotely manage an organization’s projects with your team in real-time.

It helps you manage your team’s progress and keeps track of all the records and tasks done, making them easy to find later.

Monday also allows you to set up automated email reminders for meeting deadlines, project milestones, and other tasks.

slack vs monday: What is monday

What is Slack?

As a cloud-based collaboration tool, Slack offers real-time messaging and archiving for business. It was founded by Stewart Butterfield, Eric Costello, and Cal Henderson in 2009.

It is a workplace communication tool synonymous with work culture and collaboration. The platform offers messaging, file sharing, video conferencing, and more for teams ranging from small businesses to large enterprises.

slack vs monday: What is Slack

Monday Vs. Slack: Purposes

Monday was created with the primary purpose of simplifying the management of organization projects. It can also be used as a CRM to manage a company’s sales and marketing. Additionally, it can also track bugs and control video production quality.

Monday’s target customers are companies with a high turnover rate in projects. The companies that Monday target has a lot of employees that all have specific tasks that require collaboration.

Thus it is only logical to target top decision-makers like senior management personnel and Chief Executive Officers in these organizations’ potential clients.

Slack was created with the primary purpose of solving the communication problem in organizations. It provides organizations with a platform that allows individuals and colleagues to access the data and information they need.

Slack’s target market is all company employees and clients, from the most minor organizations to the world’s most prominent organizations. This is according to Stewart Butterfield, the founder of Slack, as stated in a past interview.

Monday Vs. Slack: Major Features

Monday Key Features:

Easily Manages Workloads

Monday.com is a simple, easy-to-use solution that helps you manage your team’s workloads. The interface is clean and uncluttered, with only the most essential information on display.

This way, you don’t have to worry about getting lost in a sea of buttons or complicated graphs and charts; everything you need is there where you can see it.

Intuitive User Interface

The Monday.com interface is intuitive and easy to use, meaning you can quickly get up and run with it.

  • Navigation is quick and straightforward: Icons are clear, the ribbon is visible at the top of each window (and can be customized), and there are no unnecessary toolbars or sidebars that obscure what you’re trying to see.
  • Customization options abound: Themes allow you to choose how your navigation appears in different environments. At the same time, workbooks let you create multiple views on a single project using drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Sharing capabilities make it easy for teams to collaborate in real-time, even if they aren’t working within the same document; this makes them great for virtual teams who need access from their laptops and smartphones.

Comes with Reporting & Analytics

Monday.com provides a wealth of analytics that can help you understand your team and the projects they’re working on.

You can see which employees are working, who’s at risk of being fired, and who needs to be promoted. You’ll also have access to reporting on what is being worked on and where the bottlenecks are for each project.

Prioritizes People Management

Managing people is vital to the success of your project, and if you don’t handle them right, likely, your project won’t succeed.

Monday helps manage your team better by ensuring everyone has the right skills, works on suitable projects, and doesn’t spend too much time on one task.

You can also use it to communicate with employees in real-time, create reports that show how they’re doing, and get feedback from them.

Slack Key Features:


Slack channels are a powerful way to organize the conversations that matter most to your team. They’re perfect for project-based work, like managing an internal design sprint or running an agile development sprint. You can use channels to break up discussions into separate threads by topic.

For example, you could create a “Design Sprint” channel where everyone involved in that project can talk about their progress and get updates on each other’s assignments.

You’ll be able to see all of the activity associated with that channel—including messages and

files shared within it—in one place, so you don’t miss anything important during your project.

Integrations with Third-Party Apps

This feature lets you connect Slack with tools like Jira Software (the leading Agile Project Management software), QuickBooks Online Accounting Software, Salesforce Service Cloud CRM applications, Zendesk Support Desk Platforms, and more.

This means you’ll have access to an enormous library of integrations that will help make doing your job more effortless than ever before.

Lightning-quick Navigation

Slack’s navigation is lightning-quick, so you can get precisely what you want without fuss.

  • Use the mouse to navigate across Slack’s many features.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate around the app quickly.

Streamlining your Sidebar

Slack provides an interface that allows you to track your conversations more efficiently. The sidebar is a column on the left side of the screen where you can access channels, group chats, and other areas of Slack.

You can customize this sidebar by adding or removing tools so that it only includes those features that are useful for you.

Advanced Search Modifiers

You can use specific search modifiers to narrow down your search results. For example:

To search for messages that were sent in the last 24 hours. This will show all messages sent within the previous day. You can also specify a time in different formats, such as 2 days ago or 2h ago.

You can pin messages or links to channels. You can create a message, then drag it into a channel. This is useful for important notes that you want everyone on the team to see every time they open their Slack client.

You might pin an email someone sent you or an article with information relevant to your company’s goals and objectives.

Slack Vs. Monday.com: Platforms Supported.

Slack and Monday.com support all platforms, so you won’t have to worry about compatibility if you work on multiple devices.

In addition to the web apps for both platforms, both apps also have native mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone users.

Monday.com Vs Slack: Pricing

Monday.com Price Plan

Monday.com offers the following subscription plans:

  • Individual (free) – you get unlimited docs and boards, 200+ templates, over 20 column types, and allows for incorporation into Android and iOS applications.
  • Basic ($8/month/user) – gives you access to all features of Monday.com, including unlimited projects, unlimited users in your team, prioritized customer support, and 5 GB storage, create 1 dashboard.
  • Standard ($10/month/user) – gives you a timeline and Gantt views, calendar view, guest access, 250 automation actions, 250 integrations a month, and create a dashboard that combines up to 5 boards.
  • Pro ($16/month/user) – provides private boards and docs, chart review, time tracking, formula and dependency column, 250,000 automation actions, 250,000 integrations a month, and a dashboard that combines up to 10 boards.
  • Enterprise plans are available for giant corporations looking for additional features. However, you will have to contact the sales department on Monday to get more information.
Monday price

Slack Price Plan:

Slack offers its pricing as follows:

  •  Slack offers a free trial, and the freemium plan is available for those who want to try out Slack before committing.
  • The premium plan starts at $6.67 per user per month, with an annual commitment. It includes unlimited channels and message history retention search within messages.
  • Upgrading to the plus plan for $12.50/user/month provides you with features including Advanced identity management through SAML-based SSO and real-time Active Directory sync with OneLogin, Okta, and high-priority teamwork and assistance.
  • Finally, enterprise plans are available for larger companies looking for additional customizations such as SSO integration (single sign-on) across multiple services.
Slack price

Monday.com Vs. Slack: Alternatives

Some alternatives for Monday.com are:


Asana is a task management platform for project teams, and it offers a single place to organize deadlines, milestones, and other relevant information. Asana also has an extensive API that allows you to integrate it with third-party tools like Slack, Jira, and Trello.


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With ProofHub, you can manage your team’s projects, tasks, files, and discussions in one place. It helps you to collaborate with your team, send updates to your clients and monitor performance.



Basecamp is a web-based project management software that provides a simple and easy way to manage projects. Basecamp has grown, becoming one of the most popular project management systems today.


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Trello is another collaboration and project management tool that helps teams organize their ideas, projects, and tasks. It provides simple tools for staying organized, sharing information, and getting work done, which makes it an excellent alternative to Monday.com for your business needs.


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Here are some great options for Slack:

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a business messaging app for teams to communicate, share, and collaborate. It’s available on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and the web.

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s answer to Slack as it’s also a collaboration platform. It comes with Microsoft Office integration and other features, making it an easy choice for businesses using Office 365.

Microsoft teams

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Google Hangouts Chat

Google Hangouts Chat is a free, open-source alternative to Slack that offers many of the same features. You can create chat rooms, invite team members, and use bots to automate tasks and access G Suite apps. The messaging app integrates with Gmail, Calendar, and other Google services.


The twist is a workplace messaging app that integrates with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. It lets you create a private workspace for your team to chat and collaborate in real-time over documents.


Fleep is an alternative to Slack that is specifically designed for teams. It is a messaging app that lets you connect with other users through channels, similar to how Slack works.

On desktops and mobile devices, it has many of the same benefits as Slack, such as letting multiple people in your team view messages simultaneously or get notifications when someone posts something new.


Chanty is another messaging app that offers a lot of features. This messaging software has been gaining popularity lately because it provides more than just the standard messaging platform for teams and businesses.

This tool allows you to schedule meetings, make calls, create polls or surveys, and even share documents with your team members from the same messaging app.


Team communication is made more accessible with Slack, but it’s not for everyone. Monday might be the right choice if you want something more straightforward and flexible in project management. Hopefully, this article helped you decide which product suits your business needs.

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